Where is the best area to stay in Boston?

If you travel to Boston, the city has two main areas where to stay which have all the atmosphere and the hotels in Boston: the Downtown, the old Boston, or the Back Bay neighbourhood, located just below the Downtown along the Charles River.


It is interesting to stay near a subway station in Boston (T), to visit both neighbourhoods. If you want to watch a Red Sox match you’d better stay in Back Bay as it is home to Fenway Park.
For a quick sightseeing you’d better stay in the city centre or Boston Downtown where you can enjoy the old Boston walking through its streets and some of its major tourist attractions like the Freedom Trail, the Science Museum or the Aquarium.

Hotel   Price per night
Marriott`s Custom House
3 McKinley Square
300€ - 324$
The Inn At St Botolph
99 Saint Botolph Street
250€ - 270$
Hotel   Price per night
Colonnade Hotel
120 Huntington Avenue
212€ - 229$
XV Beacon
15 Beacon St
301€ - 325$
The Back Bay Hotel
350 Stuart St
246€ - 266$
Hotel Commonwealth
500 Commonwealth Avenue
219€ - 237$
The Lenox Hotel
61 Exeter Street at Boylston
238€ - 257$
Hotel   Price per night
Four Seasons Hotel Boston
200 Boylston St
440€ - 475$
Boston Harbor Hotel
70 Rowes Wharf
429€ - 463$
Mandarin Oriental Boston
776 Boylston St
315€ - 340$

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Downtown and Back Bay; best areas in Boston



The downtown center of Boston has a lot to offer, not only shopping and restaurants but a lot of history. A famous landmark that can not be missed is that of the freedom trail. This is the historic site where slaves from the American south had made their way to the grounds of Boston for freedom. This heroic effort to be free is enshrined in Boston’s Freedom Trail.


Another great memorial just yards away from this important site is that of the, “Irish Memorial”. This memorial stands to remember the Irish immigrants who lost their loves in the great potato famines in Ireland in the 1840’s. It was the bleak circumstances in Ireland that drew waves of Irish immigration at the time. This memorial commemorates those that passed and those that struggled as immigrants in a new land to make a better life for themselves.


Both of these historic landmarks serve well to remind us of the human will to be free and to strive to succeed no matter how bleak the circumstances, a very touching testament to the human spirit and drive.


Another historical area of interest not to miss is that of Boston’s China Town, located downtown on South Washington. An enclave that began in the late 1800’s, this is a culturally rich icon that can not be missed.


If however you wish to skip history and move on to the nightlife you will not be disappointed. Downtown is full of the best nightclubs, restaurants and theatre. Yes, theatre is very big here, downtown Boston is also known as the theatre district. The Boston Opera house was recently restored and is a great place to stop on the trail.


Back Bay


The neighborhood of Back Bay is very relaxed a definite slower pace is maintained in this old world neighborhood than in that of the bustling downtown area. There some are very cozy features that are maintained in this old neighborhood. The old brownstone architecture of the area stands in stark contrast to the jutting edifices of the John Hancock building and Providence Financial center downtown. With real estate right on the river front this classic Boston neighborhood leaves the visitor with a tranquil and peaceful feeling.


Some iconic landmarks in the area are the Boston Public Library, Trinity Church, and the Hatch Shell. Along with all the tranquil and quaint chapters of history to be uncovered Back Bay also hosts one of the biggest malls in the area; “The Prudential Center”. This marketing giant hosts 75 major brands such as Saks Fifth Avenue and Club Monaco.


Of course Back Bay is also home to the one place that you can not miss when visiting Boston and that is the iconic location of Fenway Park. Fenway is the home of the Boston Red Sox and a legend in itself. Visiting this famous ball park is a must, so grab yourself a hot dog and get ready to see the game!

Downtown Boston Massachusettes at Street with Old Buildings

Other neighborhoods where to stay



Originally founded as a separate neighborhood just to the north of Boston, Charlestown began its history in 1629. The settlement would soon thrive and became the fourth busiest port in the New World of America. Much of the historical landmarks before 1775 however were lost when the British burned the town to the ground that very year. Because of this event most of the architecture dates to after the United States gained its independence from England


With such history attached to the Revolutionary war and America’s fight for freedom from Great Britain, like a lot of Boston Charlestown is a very patriotic district. A Charlestown favorite is the USS Constitution or as it is lovingly referred to, “Old Iron Sides”. The ship was built in Boston and its copper sheathing, bolts and fittings were fashioned by Paul Revere himself. The ship gained the name of, “Old Iron Sides” during the war of 1812 with England when British soldier’s reported to see cannon balls bouncing right of the sides of the Constitution’s sturdy wholes. Still parked in the harbor, after several modifications and restorations the USS Constitution is the oldest still commissioned naval vessel in the world.


Charleston has many historic attractions and as you intellectually digest that, just to the west is Cambridge where some of the best minds receive their education. Cambridge is one of the oldest and most extensive educational hubs you could find. The home of both Harvard and MIT, this bastion of knowledge is intriguing to scholar and tourist alike.


Visit the oldest university in the United States; Harvard! And see a boat they used to make fun of as, “Old Iron Sides”! The tradition is so rich you might have to go on a diet! But before you do you may want to check out some restaurants! Here are a few that we have selected.


Charlestown has one of the best Italian restaurant’s you could ever find. The name of the place is, “Olives” The food is cooked the old fashioned way in a wood fire oven and then dishes are smothered in signature sauce and spices making for a delicious occasion with great old world Italian pasta.




But if you grow weary of little Italy head on over to Cambridge and visit a restaurant of a more homey variety; “Mr. and Mrs. Bartley’s Burger Cottage” is a college town favorite. With the kind of mom and pop feel of a 1940’s burger joint, this place is a classic The hamburgers here are famous, many of them even have famous names, like the Bill Clinton burger named often the famed United States president who loved his greasy burgers and fries!


You might be asking how you might get around to all of these locations during your visit. Many routes of transportation are open for the traveler in Boston. Most famous of these is the MBTA, which by the locals is otherwise known as a subway system known as the, “T”. The T runs from 5:30 to 12:30 AM. If you do not want to feel like Cinderella rushing back to the ball after the midnight cut off however; cabs are aways plentiful and available for a later night!

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