Where to stay in Busan

Where is the best place to stay in Busan?

Dubbed Korea’s San Francisco, modern and cosmopolitan Busan is Korea’s spirited second city spread out along the coast. You can mingle with locals at the boisterous Jalgachi Fish Market, or get into the swing of things at the glorious Haeundae Beach that caters to everyone’s taste, from the fashionable to laid-back to families. Busan’s most visited temple, Beomeosa Temple, is worth the climb, as is the Youngdusan Park and Tower for spellbinding city vistas, day or night.


While none of the areas with good accommodation are located within walking distance of the main attractions, Seomyeon is the best area to stay in Busan because of its accessibility to the key sights and vibrant atmosphere. Seomyeon embodies the authentic Korean style with its clamorous streets, busy shops and buzzing nightlife, making it a good base to get to grips with all that the city has to offer at high-gear. One of the busiest areas of Buson and a commercial hub, it has numerous hotels and has the closest proximity of all the areas to the sights as well as excellent transport connections to all the main attractions such as Jalgachi Fish Market, Beomeosa Temple, and Haeundae Beach.

Hotel   Price per night
Queens Hotel
515-55, Bujeon2-Dong
65€ - 77$
Hotel   Price per night
Ibis Ambassador Busan
573-7, Bujeon-Dong
91€ - 108$
Residence Mumum
2F 110-5 Bujeon-Dong
101€ - 120$
Busan Business Hotel
65, Bujeon-ro
104€ - 124$
Hound Hotel
10, Jungang-daero 691beonga-gil
101€ - 120$
Arban Hotel
32, Jungang-daero 691beon-gil
114€ - 136$
Hotel   Price per night
Best Western UL Hotel
233-16, Bujeon-Dong
120€ - 143$
Shin Shin Hotel
24, Jungang-daero 743beon-gil
119€ - 142$
Hotel   Price per night
Lotte Hotel Busan
772, Gaya-daero
197€ - 234$

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Seomyeon, the best area to stay in Busan

Due to Buson’s immense size and its hilly terrain, Seomyeon is as central and convenient as you can get, making it the best area to stay Buson. From here, as well as being able to access all the major sights of the city, you will also be able to absorb Busan’s bustling shopping and entertainment scene. Seomyeon is at the point where the city’s two main metro lines meet (Line 1 and Line 2, the orange and green lines) meaning you can visit highlights of the city such as Nampo-dong, Jagalchi, Gwangalli Beach, Shinsegae Dept Store, Haeundae Beach and Dongnae, without even changing lines.


Here, as well as being able to access all the major sights of the city you will also be able to soak up Busan’s bustling shopping and entertainment scene. The chaotic and entertaining streets are awash in shopping malls, food stalls, eateries, cafes and nightlife meaning you will never get bored as you explore all that Seomyeon has to offer.

Other neighbourhoods to stay in Busan


Located in the east of the city, Haeundae is Busan’s glitzy beach area and offers a delightful mix of city and sea, a cosmopolitan atmosphere, lively restaurants and fun-loving nightlife. Accommodation is plentiful around here owing to the fact that it is one of Seoul’s most popular beach resorts. The beach itself is about 2km of soft golden sands that gets very busy in high season. However, thanks to Buson’s sub-tropical climate, year round this beach can be enjoyed to the max. You can also seek out Dongbaekseom Island on foot where you will discover a wooded nature reserve overlooking mesmerising views of Haeundae Beach.


For a taste of local food, head to the Haeundae Market’s Gukbap Alley. A genuine food zoo just a few minutes from Haeundae Beach, it is also the place in Busan to try one of Korea’s most celebrated dishes, gukbap (pork or beef with rice in soup). Nearby you can also fix your coffee buzz by walking up the cherry-blossom tree-lined Dalmaji Road where at the top you will find a multitude of cafes. Haeundae is also packed with most of the city’s best nightlife, and with something for everyone, it kicks on well into the early hours.



Similar to Haeundae, Gwangalli Beach is a heady mix of soft golden sand, water sports, restaurants and nightlife. It is conveniently closer to the city centre and main attractions than Haeundae, and because of this has a more urban feel. There are many accommodation options in this area and at night its local and international restaurants teem with life. Officially opened in 2003, Buson’s famed suspension bridge, the Diamond Bridge, forms a gracious arch that connects Haeundae-gu to Suyeong-gu and is the second longest bridge in the country after the Incheon Bridge. There is also an outdoor concert venue where the Busan Ocean Festival among other yearly events are staged.


Gwanglali Beach is also famous for its pristine waters, with which you can prepare raw fish. For a memorable lunch or dinner of tasty seafood, head to the fish market situated to the north end of the beach. Choose your fish from one of the vendors and then take it to be prepared and sliced for you upstairs in one of the many restaurants.


Gwanglali really comes into its own in the evening, when the promenade becomes alive with couples, groups of friends and families. It is a good place for an evening stroll or a cool beer while the breeze blows off the sea and the reflection in the water is ablaze with the lights from the diamond bridge.


Nampo-Dong Area

Visually exotic and tirelessly energetic, Nampo-Dong is a major draw for visitors and locals alike. A foodie and shoppers’ paradise, its streets are laced with food stalls and shops, from malls selling branded goods to independent boutiques and markets selling jewellery and accessories. Its more central location means you will be well connected by public transport to Busan’s main sights. You can also take a walk down to the frenetic


Jagalchi Fish Market, one of Buson’s top landmarks. You will be surprised at the many different kinds of seafood on display and there are many stands from which you can purchase the seafood of your choice before taking it to be prepared and cooked for you to your liking.


You can also enjoy a walking tour of the Yongdusan Park. It is a steep climb but for those flagging, there are escalators that can whisk you up to the top. It is particularly inviting at sunset for its stunning panoramas of the city.