Where to stay in Copenhagen

Which is the best area to stay in Copenhagen?

Copenhagen is a city like no other with its own unique way of life, which is full of culture and style and makes this place magical. You could spend weeks upon weeks and still find something new to do here, which is big enough to be a metropolis but small enough to easily get around. The world looks to this city for inspiration in terms of architecture, design and fashion with the cuisine up and coming too. The transportation system is second to none and is certainly one of the prettiest cities to visit in Northern Europe.


The best area to stay in Copenhagen is Indre By, which is the historical heart of the city as well as being the general centre of Copenhagen too and is marked by lakes and the harbour. This area is home to the majority of the city’s tourist attractions with much of them displaying iconic medieval architecture as well as fascinating museums, art galleries and fun things to do for the kids like the famous Tivoli. Indre By is the best place for shopping and is also home to the most vibrant nightlife with plenty of choices in terms of restaurants, pubs and hotels.


Other neighborhoods to stay in Copenhagen


This district is just south of Indre By and is an attractive place to visit, which is a lot quieter than the city centre. One of the major sites is the Carlsberg Visitors Centre, which is where the famous Carlsberg beer was brewed, having said that there is still some being brewed there and you can take a tour around it as well as sample. The Museum of Copenhagen is also found here and is an interesting exhibition on the history of the city and the Planetarium is a fun-themed astronomy centre. Other things include the Copencabana, which is an artificial beach with sand, trees, swimming pools and you can also swim in the harbour. There are also theatres and cinemas in the area and decent areas to shop in. Vesterbro is one for foodies as there are 250 restaurants from all around the world and there are many excellent bars and clubs to dance and drink at. There are also plenty of hotels but most of them are in the mid-range category but are perfectly acceptable.

Hotel   Price per night
Wakeup Copenhagen Borgergade
Borgergade 9
134€ - 159$
Hotel   Price per night
Helgolandsgade 4
206€ - 245$
Hotel Alexandra
H.C. Andersens Boulevard 8
200€ - 238$
Peder Skrams Gade 24
217€ - 258$
Hotel   Price per night
Andersen Hotel
12 Helgolandsgade
209€ - 249$
Copenhagen Admiral Hotel
Toldbodgade 24- 28
287€ - 342$
Hotel   Price per night
Nimb Hotel
Bernstorffsgade 5
403€ - 480$
Copenhagen Marriott Hotel
Kalvebod Brygge 5
370€ - 440$
Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Copenhagen
Hammerichsgade 1
295€ - 351$

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Indre By, the best area to stay in Copenhagen 

Indre By’ translates as ‘The Inner City’, which is exactly what it was back in the early 1800s as Copenhagen used to be a fortified town and therefore nothing else was built until later on, when the then King Christian IV decided Copenhagen needed to grow. As a result, Indre By is by far the most fascinating place in the city and is built in the shape of a square with lakes being its boundaries. It is a great place to wander around as most of the area is pedestrianised and there are numerous narrow alleyways and pathways as well as various squares too. One of the most popular attractions is the Amalienborg, which is a royal residence and is made up of four identical mansions and there is a museum all about the royal family. The City Hall is a spectacular building that is found on the Radhuspladsen Square and is open to the public, which lets you explore the place and even houses an art gallery. Another fantastic mansion is the Charlottenborg, which is home to the Royal Danish School of Visual Arts and usually hosts internationally recognised art galleries. If you are interested in Danish design then the best place to check out is the Dansk Design Centre, which showcases excellent exhibitions by Henning Larsen, who is one of the leading architects in the world, let alone the country. Other outstanding iconic tourist attractions include the beautiful Renaissance Rosenborg Castle, which houses the Crown Jewels and other cultural treasures. The Marble Church is one of the most popular churches in the city and has a dominating presence on the skyline like St Paul’s does in London. Other must-sees in the area include the Music Museum, displaying various Danish instruments, the Geologisk Museum, which has various rocks and fossils from all over the world and the Danish Art Gallery, which is home to lots of Western art by world famous artists like Picasso, Rembrandt and Titian.


There are a whole bunch of activities that you can do too with the most in demand attraction being Tivoli, which is a world-famous garden that is full of wild and exotic plants and flowers. In Tivoli, there also happens to be an amusement park, which has a good amount of various rides that you will certainly get you screaming and wet. The Royal Theatre is globally-known for its love of ballet shows and the Cinematheque has three movie theatres that show the works of the Danish film institute. Just before sunset or even sunrise, try and visit the Round Tower as it has some of the most romantic views of the city and is a hotspot for proposals and you may well be a witness to one. If it is shopping that you are after, then you are in the best area as Stroget is a shopping area that is close to the centre of the district, which claims to be the biggest outdoor pedestrian shopping area on the planet and is where you will find lots of fashion, jewellery and food.


The squares and surrounding areas of Grabrode, Radhuspladsen and Stroget are the best places to go for nightlife, whether it is one of the fine restaurants that offer anything from traditional Danish food to world cuisine or one of the famous breweries, where you can take a tour and then help yourself to a beer. There are lots of nightclubs in the area too with many of them having live bands and DJs and regularly stay open to the early hours of the morning. Indre By is the perfect place to stay in as there are millions of hotels to pick from and most are set in beautiful renaissance buildings.