Where to stay in Dublin

Where is the best place to stay in Dublin?

Ireland’s capital is a feast of history, culture and dining that you won’t want to miss. There’s something for everyone in this lively city, whether you’re sampling the black stuff at the Guinness Storehouse, strolling through the beautiful Trinity College or photographing deer in Phoenix Park. Expect impressive Georgian architecture, rustic Irish pubs with live music and an excellent selection of restaurants. The city is perched on the River Liffey at the point where it meets Dublin Bay, making it ideal for day trips along the stunning Irish coastline as well as trips to the scenic Wicklow mountains.


This is a relatively small city that can be walked on foot. With that in mind, the best area to stay in Dublin is the city centre, where you’ll be within easy walking distance of main attractions like the shopping area of Grafton Street, the cultural quarter of Temple Bar and the historic Trinity College. In this central area, you’ll find ample opportunities for shopping, as well as plenty of bars, cafes and restaurants to suit all budgets. You’ll also be situated near transport hubs such as the Busáras bus station and Pearse and Tara train stations. Buses run regularly between the city centre and Dublin airport.

Hotel   Price per night
Parliament Hotel
23-25 Bachelors Walk
101€ - 120$
Harding Hotel
Copper Alley, Fishamble Street, Christchurch
125€ - 149$
Eliza Lodge
23 / 24 Wellington Quay
114€ - 136$
Buswells Hotel
23-26 Molesworth Street
131€ - 156$
Hotel   Price per night
Radisson SAS Royal Hotel
Golden Lane 8
279€ - 332$
The Morrison Dublin
Ormond Quay
242€ - 288$
Hotel   Price per night
The Westbury Hotel Dublin
Grafton St.
530€ - 631$

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Downtown Dublin, the best area to stay in

As you get situated in downtown Dublin finding a place to stay is easy with all of the great choices. One medium range hotel that is always a tourist favorite is that of the, “Aberdeen Lodge”. The Aberdeen Lodge is a beautiful and spacious hotel for a moderate price. The location is a prime one with neighboring embassies making it an exclusive spot to be in. This hotel has brilliant furnishings and a view of a magnificent garden. Some other amenities included are a complimentary breakfast and teas and fine wines that are served daily in the main drawing rooms and library. Staff here is also known to be very friendly and courteous to visitors here, which of course is a great plus as well.


Another bonus lies just down the street at the F.X. Buckley Steakhouse Crow Street Temple Bar! This place is loaded with good drinks and even better steaks! This is a steakhouse that truly specializes in steaks; they have a superb knowledge of cuts of meat and even show you the raw meat cuts before they cook them. Everything in this steakhouse is catered toward customer satisfaction. Order your steak from medium rare to well done, and if they don’t get it right they are more than happy to do it again. Everything is always well presented and dished out with class. This restaurant has great food and great people to enjoy a good meal.


After you have had your fill at the steakhouse, head on down to the Comedy Crunch to laugh it all off. The comedy crunch is an absolutely fantastic local comedy club in downtown Dublin. This place has it all. From veteran comedians that no the ropes to a few amateurs this comedy club runs the gamut of comedy style and entertainment. Another bonus that often amazes tourists; the comedy club is completely free! And they even dish out free ice cream to the patrons! The comedy show just asks for voluntary donations, but otherwise you are not obligated to pay an entrance fee. This is a great experience and highly recommended to see while you visit downtown.


But of course your trip to downtown Dublin would not be complete without a trip over to the Temple bar. Situated just off of the Liffey, the Temple bar has been a bastion of Irish culture since the late 1700’s. Don’t let the name fool you, although drinks are served, this is no mere bar. The site known as the, “Temple Bar” is an amalgamation of different sites, a kind of mini mall, with historic tributes as well as cafes, restaurants and pubs all within the same plaza.


Some of the main staples of the Temple Bar are the Irish Photography Center, the Ark Children’s Cultural Center and the Irish Film Institute. The Irish Film Institute, also just known as IFI, is a great place to stop to take in pieces about Irish heritage. This place is a stockpile of Irish films and educational material about Irish culture. It is an educational and fun experience to see these films. There is even a mini coffee bar inside, so you can have a nice cup of tea or coffee while you take them in. The IFI is always a cool place to take in some movies.


The Southside of downtown Dublin is extremely rich with history, and if you are wore out from the nightlife scene and would like to take a more sobering view of history then the Southside is a perfect place to do that. The Southside of Dublin is replete with castles, monuments, memorials, and spectacular museums. The history buff will not be disappointed with this location.


The first site that comes to mind when in the Southside of downtown  Dublin is that of Trinity College which is the oldest University in all of Ireland, complete with the old world architecture of the buildings being as classic as the books that books that are housed within its walls. This library is the largest research facility in all of Ireland and is classified as legal deposit library in the United Kingdom.


The number one draw here though that brings history fanatics from miles around is the fascinating, “Book of Kells”. This book is an illuminated manuscript of the gospels written in Latin. Before the printing press was invented, this book was laboriously hand crafted in 800 AD. The written prose is beautiful to read and it is considered a masterwork of western calligraphy. The book is also features stunning illustrations of people, animals, Celtic knots, and mythical beasts interlaced with stunning color and patterns. This piece is an extraordinary and unique find, The Book of Kells is a number one draw, and is rightly considered an official national treasure of Ireland.


In close proximity to Trinity College is the Central Hotel, once of the oldest hotels in Dublin, this is an ideal place to stay while visiting the Southside. This hotel offers up 70 suite bedrooms. The restaurant is known for the great meals served in the dining room that specialize in Irish game, fish and vegetable platters. The hotel also supplies quite an extensive inventory of wine. The hotel’s “library bar” is an absolute favorite and very popular with tourists and for business meetings. The hotel also is in good supply of free coffee, light lunches and pre dinner drinks.


This hotel is in prime location to visit the College. You will also find the Dublin Castle, the National Gallery, Christchurch Cathedral, and even the Guinness Brewery all within close range of this fabulous hotel.

Temple Bar Dublin
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