Where to stay in Hanoi

Where is the best place to stay in Hanoi?

Hanoi is a fast and action-packed city, which is home to lots of narrow alleyways, large green spaces like lakes and parks and many wide and busy streets that are home to many scooters and cars. The capital of Vietnam has a complementing mix of East and West architecture with a strong French-colonial influence put next to traditional Vietnamese buildings. The city boasts an extraordinary amount of museums, temples, parks, theatres and cinemas as well as various wartime sites. The city is rapidly developing into one of the powerhouses of Asia and therefore many neighbourhoods are up and coming, making Hanoi more and more appealing by the day.


The best area to stay in Hanoi is the Old Quarter neighbourhood as this is the main tourist area, which is found in the heart of the city and is the oldest neighbourhood dating back to the 13th century. The Old Quarter is packed with outstanding colonial architecture, ample shopping opportunities like various markets and malls, lakes, important museums, temples and theatres. There are bountiful places to eat at with most of them being very cheap and plenty of bars, clubs and karaoke rooms line the streets, which bring a great mix of cultures together. There are also many hotels and hostels to pick from and are priced reasonably because of the vast amount of places.

Hotel   Price per night
Essence Palace Hotel
27 - 29 Gia Ngu Street
53€ - 63$
Hanoi Elegance Ruby
3 Yen Thai Street
54€ - 64$
Hanoi Meracus Hotel 2
32 Hang Trong st
52€ - 62$
Essence Hanoi Hotel & Spa
22 Ta Hien Street
59€ - 70$
Hotel   Price per night
Boss Legend Hotel
21 Hang Thung Street
70€ - 83$
Hanoi La Siesta Diamond Hotel & Spa
32 Lo Su Str.
78€ - 93$
Hotel   Price per night
Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi
15 Ngo Quyen Street
254€ - 302$

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The Old Quarter, the best area to stay in Hanoi 

Without the Old Quarter, Hanoi would not be Hanoi that you see today, which is where the city was born from, back in the 13th century. Much is like what it was back then with a winding maze of streets with present-day chaos taking over the 13th century-day chaos. The Old Quarter is the perfect place to stay in due to the location with many tourist attractions close by and the amount of beautiful architecture that surrounds you. Just walking along one of the many narrow streets or alleyways off the main strip will take you past many old French-style buildings and villas as well as traditional Vietnamese buildings. You will notice many Communal Houses that are a lot like small temples, which honour the local god called ‘Bach Ma’, who represents the city. As well as the small temples you will also see many Buddhist and Daoist temples with the most popular one being the Bach Ma Temple, which has wonderful gardens, beautiful sculptures and engraved carvings. There are also a fair few museums in the area including the Vietnamese Woman’s Museum, which contains a huge amount of information on many female heroines of Vietnamese history. Another particular museum to note is the Army Museum, which has various exhibitions about Vietnamese military and showcase things like weaponry, armour, tanks, jet fighters, bombs and much more. Another major tourist attraction in the neighbourhood includes the Hoa Lo Prison, which has now been turned into a museum, though bits of the prison can still be seen. The museum displays the barbaric French colonial regime in the early 20th century, who imprisoned and killed many Vietnamese revolutionaries and the prison was also used in the Vietnam War for holding American POW’s. At the centre of the neighbourhood is the Hoan Kiem Lake, which is a lovely park and has a few monuments like the Tortoise Tower that are dedicated to legendary King Le Loi. The park has many spots where you can relax and watch the world go by as well as the many tai chi participants that take their classes here. Nearby the park is the Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre and is a must see as it is where live musicians accompany puppets, which tell legendary stories from Vietnamese history. Another excellent theatre is the Golden Bell Show, which is where you can see many different traditional art performances including dance and music shows. The Old Quarter also holds the largest market, Dong Xuan, which is a maze of little streets that have thousands of stalls that sell everything from school clothes to pets. You will also notice that a lot of streets dedicate themselves to trades, which have been like this for many years and is where you can find anything from various metals, leather, carpets, bamboo and much more.


There are many street food stalls that line the streets and are generally clean and safe to eat and offer that true authentic taste of Vietnam. Otherwise Nguyen Sieu street or the area around the lake as they both have plenty of restaurants as well as pubs. The Old Quarter happens to have lots of accommodation options from small little hostels to 5 star luxury hotels, you are definitely spoilt for choice in this neighbourhood.

Other areas to stay in Hanoi

Rest of the City Centre

There are a few other amazing neighbourhoods that make up the city centre alongside the Old Quarter including Ba Dinh and West Lake. Ba Dinh is Vietnam’s political heartbeat and was where Ho Chi Minh declared independence in 1945 and there are many fine examples of French colonial buildings. There are many historic and important sights in this district, which makes it an excellent place to stay at, like Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum and Museum, One Pillar Pagoda as well as the National Museum of Vietnamese History and the Presidential Palace.


The area has many restaurants that include cuisines like Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese and European and there are plenty of places to stay and party at. The West Lake is a beautiful and tranquil area of the city, which gives tourists an escape from all the chaos and therefore a brilliant place to stay in. The lake has a circumference of 17kms and it is possible to venture out on a boat that you can hire yourself or take a tour boat that offers information on history of the lake and the city. There are also many things to do around the lake like the various temples, shopping streets, parks and gardens as well as having the highest concentration of seafood restaurants as well as floating restaurants. There are lots of places to stay in that are dotted all around the lake and streets off it as well as an adequate number of pubs and clubs.