Where is the best place to stay in Key West?

Key West is an island and a city that is found in the Florida Keys and has the title of being the most southernmost city in the country. Key West is a very picturesque part of the USA, which is beautifully laid out by the Gulf Strait and is also home to many tourist attractions that are sure to make your time here perfect. Museums, parks, wildlife and various types of architecture jam-pack the city and you will definitely leave Key West with a huge smile across your face.


By far and away, the best area to stay in Key West is the downtown area  as this area has the majority of the tourist attractions including museums, parks, monuments, wildlife preserves and even once-in-a-lifetime opportunities like swimming with dolphins. There are numerous tours around the city like boat cruises and pub tours as well top quality shopping with many shopping centres. Unsurprisingly, the downtown area has the biggest concentration of restaurants and hotels with many places to pick and choose from, which are the finest in the city. This part of the city has many pubs and clubs and has a little something for everyone including the biggest dance floors and best live entertainment.

Hotel   Price per night
The Saint Hotel Key West
417 Eaton Street
247€ - 277$
Eden House
1015 Fleming Street
239€ - 268$
Silver Palms Inn
830 Truman Avenue
279€ - 312$
Hotel   Price per night
The Gardens Hotel
526 Angela Street
326€ - 365$
Santa Maria Suites
1401 Simonton Street,
370€ - 414$
Ocean Key Resort & Spa
Zero Duval Street
467€ - 523$
Hyatt Key West Resort and Spa
601 Front Street
457€ - 512$

On the map, which shows the best place to stay in Key West, are located a selection of the best hotels according to the opinions of Tripadvisor users. By passing the cursor over the icons, you can see the exact address of the hotel and the link where you can make a booking (BEST PRICE GUARANTEED). Best Location Hotels offers a selection of the best-rated hotels, located in the best area to stay in Key West, Florida, and also provides the link to the hotels for information and booking.


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Downtown, the best place to stay in Key West 

This area certainly contains the most amount of fun in the city with many splendid things to do and see. One of the first things to do is head to the southernmost point on the island as well having the same title for the whole country. You can find this point by the lovely Butterfly and Nature Conservatory, which has an impressive collection, and the views are absolutely gorgeous where you can look right down to the Caribbean.


One of the most moving memorials in the city is the Key West AIDS Memorial, which is dedicated to the thousand people that have lost their lives to the deadly disease. Another popular landmark is the Key West Lighthouse, which has fabulous views over the ocean and you can climb the lighthouse for a small fee. One of the most celebrated museums is the Shipwreck Museum, which is relatively close to the lighthouse and has interesting and informative exhibitions on the many shipwrecks that have occurred on and by the island. For the animal lovers, the McCoy Indigenous Park is a rescue centre and helps wild animals recover from their traumatic deal and is free though donations are more than welcome. Another place to check out if you are into wildlife is the Key West Nature Preserve, which is a large space and is inhabited by various local animals like snakes, butterflies and lizards. The harbour is a great area to look at architecture and the old town is part of it with other places of interest being the Malloy Square, Duval Street and Hemmingway House. From the harbour, you can arrange various trips including fishing, snorkelling, diving, dolphin watching and many others. Other activities, which can be organised by various tour companies offer rock climbing, seas kayaking, parasailing, jet skiing, cycling and many other things to do. One of the key tourist attractions is the swimming with dolphins, which allows tourists to swim with our great friends of the sea for half an hour. To learn more about the Keys ecosystems, head to the Truman Annex Waterfront, which is a huge complex that contains photos, diagrams, films and information points that focus on the reefs and mangroves as well as being home to an aquarium.


The Harry S. Truman Little White House is an extremely popular place to go to, which was the ex-presidents retreat and still houses government officials and there are guided tours around the house. There are a good number of shops in the city with Duval Street being the main centre and the other streets that surround it have stores that sell clothes, jewellery, tattoos, souvenirs and lots more. One of the best shopping malls is Astro City, which is a big complex and consists of a wide range of shops and has everything that you would need. At night, a great thing to do is a ghost walking tour of the old town, which takes you to the most haunted areas of the city and there are various theatres and cinemas, which are suitable for all the family.


You will find some of the island’s best restaurants by the harbour front as well as on Duvall Street and most of them serve fresh seafood and fish but there are a vast of other cuisines including Italian, Spanish, Israeli and of course traditional American dishes. Again, the same areas have the best bars with many of them have different forms of entertainment as well as sport bars and romantic little places. Most of the hotels are close to perfect, which provide brilliant views and the majority have excellent swimming pools and fantastic spacious rooms.

Santa Maria Suites Key West Resort
Marquesa Hotel Key West

Stock Island, the other place to stay in Key West

Stock Island is just a stone’s throw away and can be accessed by road and is home to lots of attractions. The Bernstein Park is used for recreational sports like football, tennis and basketball and there are some professional teams that use the stadium, so do check out the schedule. The Key West Golf Club is a world-class golf course with some of the best views anywhere in the world to the actual course itself. This and the Botanical Garden pretty much take up the north side of the island and the gardens display exotic plants and flowers as well as a Tropical Forest. From the harbour, you can go on fishing, spear fishing and general boat trips and glass-bottom boats are usually used to make it that bit more extra special. The south part of the island has many restaurants and bars that give Key West a run for its money, though there aren’t as many hotels.






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