Where is the best location to stay in Lisbon?

Lisbon’s historic center is by far one of the best areas to stay. This historic district is full of tourist attractions. If you want to take a leisurely kind of vacation it is best to stay as close to the center as possible in order to see some great sites. Among these is Baixa, this is a main attraction for visitors and residents alike.  Baixa is a flat area at the bottom of a hill in a grid at the foot of a castle; a truly majestic site to take in.


This site is now a kind of commercial and tourist hub, the lower streets of Baixa however, even with commercial success, still retain its bohemian vibes. When in Baixa some must sees are the Restauradores Square, Rossio Square La Rua Augusta, The Commerce Square, and the Santa Justa Elevator that leads to the castle of St. George.


Baixa although a great tourist attraction does not have as much choice in hotels so it is recommended that you stay to the north but still in proximity to the historic center, this will give you the best location to stay well exploring Lisbon!

Hotel   Price per night
Pensao Residencial Portuense
Rua Das Portas De Santo Antão, 149-157
50€ - 54$
Hotel   Price per night
Hotel   Price per night
Solar do Castelo
rua das Cozinhas, 2
183€ - 198$
Hotel Vincci Baixa
Rua Do Comercio, 32
150€ - 162$
Britania Hotel
Rua Rodrigues Sampaio, 17
140€ - 151$
Heritage Av Liberdade
Avenida da Liberdade, 28
192€ - 207$
Hotel   Price per night
Sofitel Lisbon Liberdade
Avenida da Liberdade, 127
195€ - 211$
Hotel Avenida Palace
Rua 1º de Desembro, 123
200€ - 216$
Atlis Avenida Hotel
Rua 1º dezembro, 120
250€ - 270$

On the map, which shows the best place to stay in Lisbon, are located a selection of the best hotels according to the opinions of Tripadvisor users. By passing the cursor over the icons, you can see the exact address of the hotel and the link where you can make a booking (BEST PRICE GUARANTEED). Best Location Hotels offers a selection of the best-rated hotels, located in the best area to stay in Lisbon, Portugal, and also provides the link to the hotels for information and booking.


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Baixa, the best area to stay in Lisbon

Most visitors to the district of Baixa begin their exploration from the hill slopes of Alfama. This is the oldest part of the city. After this the next place to visit is the incredible Baroque Basilica. This basilica has a magnificent marble interior that it is quite renowned for. It is also known for the spectacular view of the city that is available from the giant dome that caps off the building.


There is an interesting back story her as well, according to tradition the basilica was built due to a promise to God made by Queen Maria of Portugal. She had been praying for a male son, an heir to the throne, and promised God to build a spectacular monument if her prayers are answered. So it can be said that this whole monument can be a testament to the power of prayer. Either way that you look at it, it is an absolutely beautiful building and it also has a great café where you can sip on some of the best tea and coffee. This site is also convenient transportation wise and can be found on the Metro’s Yellow Line.


After taking in the Basilica a good place to eat nearby is that of, “O’ Churrasco”. This restaurant has a lively and excited atmosphere specializing in traditional Portuguese cuisine. You will find many delicious selections of grilled meat and fish as well as dishes such as, “paella”. A very popular item served here is, “esparregado” served with garlic and olive oil.


Nearby O’ Churrasco is a very popular night club called the. “Ministerium”. This club is located directly on the waterfront. A very scenic place to have a drink, and kick back and relax and the vibe here is pretty mellow. The menu is of the laid back variety as well, with a mom and pop kind of feel menu of hamburgers and hotdogs. The mushroom burger is a favorite after a favorite here, with mushrooms and zucchini. Other favorite items are different varieties of chili dogs. Taking in the mellow mushrooms and atmosphere of the Ministerium is a great way to wrap up a night in Baixa district.


Just a few minutes from the metro you will find a great hotel to stay at. The, “Casa De Sao Mamede” provides comfort at an affordable price. This hotel is set up in an old style house and the prime objective of the staff is to make you feel like guests in their home, it is truly a great experience. This location also has great amenities such as high speed wireless internet and complimentary breakfast. This spot is also in a prime location for sight seeing, being in the middle of everything.


Another nearby site that takes in history from three different cultures is St. George’s Castle. This site had previously been a fortified structure erected by the Romans and then the Visigoths, after this part of the world fell to the conquering Moors it became their outpost and they constructed a new fortress on top of the structure. It is an interesting site to see; tourists enjoy walking along the Pointe 25 de Abril suspension bridge where the whole city lay out of Lisbon can be seen in a stunning panoramic view.

Hotel Vincci Baixa
Atlis Avenida Hotel Lisbon

The Modern City, the other area to stay in Lisbon

Another place of interest during you visit to Lisbon is what has become known as, “The Modern City”, this district has everything a modern cosmopolitan would want. Cetnro Colombo is one of the largest malls in the whole of the Iberian Peninsula. This is one of the major tourist attractions in the Modern City.


Centro Colombo has over 400 stores and restaurants and is a favorite for its multi-screen cinema. There is also convenient transportation at this facility with the use of the Colegio Militar-Luz metro station which exits out right into the shopping mall and runs from 9am to midnight.


Centro Columbo has a lot to choose from, but one more pick from the modern city might be of use to you. The mega design store, “El Corte Ingles” is guaranteed to satisfy the desire for something exclusively created. This store which is part of a large Spanish chain, and has just about everything you could ever want or think of purchasing.


Right in the shadow of these mega stores you can also find one of the best Italian restaurants that you could ever find in the city of Lisbon. The, “Mezzaluna” is known for its fresh vegetables and Italian cheese that go into their elaborate pasta dishes. The fish and meat platters are some of the best around as well. This restaurant always draws a good crowd and conveniently located by the shopping malls it is a good stop to take a break from the stores and get a good bite to eat.






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