Where is the best area to stay in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles is a huge city with a thriving and vibrant atmosphere. It is important to base yourself in the right location to get the most out of your holiday to Los Angeles.


Best Location Hotels recommends Hollywood Boulevard to be the best area to stay in Los Angeles. Here you will be able to enjoy the atmosphere of the Hall of Fame, and obligingly pay a visit to the Kodack Theater which is world renowned for hosting the annual Oscar’s celebrity awards. At only a subway stop is the Universal Studios which is a must-do activity for Hollywood lovers. This theme park has rides and attractions featuring characters and references to all the best Hollywood films. Relatively close you will find Beverly Hills and West Hollywood which have cultural and historical significance in the movie world.


The beaches in Los Angeles are absolutely stunning. Offering scenes of sandy white beaches and tranquil blue oceans, sunbakers and surfers will delight on the Californian shores. The best place to stay if you want to be close to the beach is Santa Monica. This area still has excellent access to the attractions and sights of Los Angeles. Driving a car or taking public transport means you can get the best of both worlds and enjoy the city scene as well as the coastal charm of California.

Hotel   Price per night
Hollywood Orchid Suites
1753 Orchid Ave, Hollywood
183€ - 205$
Hollywood Celebrity Hotel
1775 Orchid Ave
165€ - 185$
Highland Gardens Hotel
7047 Franklin Ave, Hollywood
175€ - 196$
Hotel   Price per night
Holiday Inn Express Hotel and Suites Hollywood
1921 North Highland Ave
266€ - 298$
Magic Castle Hotel
7025 Franklin Ave, Hollywood
235€ - 263$
Mama Shelter Los Angeles
6500 Selma Avenue
202€ - 226$
Hotel   Price per night
W Hollywood
6250 Hollywood Boulevard
461€ - 516$
Hollywood Roosvelt Hotel
7000 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood
345€ - 386$
The Redbury @ Hollywood and Vine
1717 Vine Street
317€ - 355$

On the map, which shows the best place to stay in Los Angeles, are located a selection of the best hotels according to the opinions of Tripadvisor users. By passing the cursor over the icons, you can see the exact address of the hotel and the link where you can make a booking (BEST PRICE GUARANTEED). Best Location Hotels offers a selection of the best-rated hotels, located in the best area to stay in LA, California, and also provides the link to the hotels for information and booking.


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Other areas to stay in LA

There are many beautiful places to stay in the wider Los Angeles region. The public transport system including buses, the subway and trains means that each area has good access to the city centre. While staying on Hollywood Boulevard offers the best access to the famous sights of Los Angeles, these other areas are also worth considering. Depending on your budget and circumstances, Los Angeles will have something for you.


Downtown Los Angeles

This area offers good accommodation options for reasonable prices but it is not in the city centre. While it is the furthest area from the beach, this spot has some great nightlight scenes and some of the city’s best restaurants. The trains, subway system and buses mean that Downtown LA is well connected to the rest of the city.


West Hollywood

This is a very central place in LA and the hotels tend to be primarily along Sunset Boulevard which offers spectacular views of Santa Monica Boulevard and the cityscape. Hotels are generally affordable but can be a bit pricey depending on the room choice. The buses and public transport makes this area well connected to Hollywood Boulevard and the city centre.


Beverly Grove

This neighbourhood has emerged as its own area in the last 10 years. It is located quite close to West Hollywood but has its own features and distinct style. There is an abundance of shopping and dining at the eastern end of the neighbourhood. It is quite a family friendly area and has excellent accommodation options. A positive about this area is that it is pedestrian friendly and there is good walking access to the shopping and dining precincts. Public transport means it is easy to get to surrounding areas of Hollywood, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Santa Monica beach.


Marina Del Rey

Here there are comfortable and affordable hotels that have stunning views of California. It is very close to the LAX which makes it ideal for travellers and people in transit. Venice Beach is also very close by. However it is quite a traffic congested area and takes an hour commute to reach the main sights. For a more peaceful and relaxed Los Angeles holiday, this remote area would be ideal.



This is a university area and the village is located next to UCLA. The student life makes for cheaper prices in terms of eating out and drinking. There is plenty of local shopping and dining as well as good public transport connected this area to Santa Monica and Beverly Hills. There are a lot of movie theatres to catch up on Hollywood films and many restaurant options to dine out.



The convenience of staying near the airport comes with a sizable price tag. Public transport connects the airport well to the main parts of the city and the tourist sights, but the area itself is quite deserted. For a quick stay during a transit period, it is recommended to stay near the airport.


Manhattan Beach

If the sun and sand are the drawcard for a Los Angeles holiday, Manhattan Beach is an ideal location. It is close to the major freeways and the LAX. The main street in the downtown area has many restaurants and cosy shops along the tree lined roads. There is a stunning pier and hands on aquarium at the water front and the paved pathways make for excellent walking, skating or cycling tracks. This is quite a family friendly area with affordable hotel options.


Redondo Beach

The water front of this area has excellent hotel accommodation options at affordable prices. Located at the base of the Palos Verdes hills you will be surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes here. There are plenty of restaurant options to eat out at as well as water based activities. Fresh and delicious sea food is on the menu at many of the restaurants in this area. This is an excellent location for boat rides, fishing and water sports.


Hermosa Beach

This beautiful location offers a perfect place for a beach holiday. The sparkling white sand beaches are adjacent with paved pathways. The Strand is an ideal place for joggers and bike riders to enjoy the Californian sunshine. There are many restaurants and bars located at the Pier Plaza as well as nightclubs. The Comedy and Magic Club feature well known comedic personalities each Sunday night. There are many hotels along the Pier that offer stunning waterfront views.

Magic Castle Hotel Los Angeles
Hollywood Roosvelt Hotel Los Angeles
Reinassance Hollywood Hotel Los Angeles





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