Where is the best place to stay in Milan?

In Northern Italy is a true gem; right at this heart is the city of Milan. A city that is vibrant with its history, hotels, and life. Of great tourist interest and attraction is the fashion center this historical center holds, nestled among the historic buildings this fashion center of Milan is world renowned.


But that is just the beginning; there are a lot of things to see in downtown Milan, both historic and modern, these attractions make downtown the best area to stay in Milan.


Any of these hotels located in downtown Milan give you a walking tour, where you can visit the movie theatres and shops that reside in, “Corso Vittorio Emmanuelle”. Many more shops, cafes, and restaurants await you in Piazza del Duomo, the Cathedral and most importantly his famous statue of the Madonnina. Preference in shopping at this spot will bring you within reach of the most high class shops of, “Quadrilatero d’Oro”, passing through the Corso Buenos Aires and Via della Spiga.


Some other sites to be visited are Via Dante and Via Mercanti, as well as the Museo Nazionale della Scienza e Tecnica and the opera house La Scala where drawings and models of Leonardo da Vinci can be found. These are famous all throughout the earth and are worth a look during your stay in Milan.

Hotel   Price per night
London Hotel
Via Rovello 3
188€ - 203$
Hotel   Price per night
Canada Hotel
Via Santa Sofia 16
216€ - 233$
Hotel   Price per night
Starshotels Rosa Grand
Piazza Fontana, 3
332€ - 359$
Hotel Straf
Via San Raffaele 3
280€ - 302$
Brunelleschi Hotel
Via Baracchini 12
280€ - 302$
Hotel   Price per night
Four Seasons Hotel Milano
Via Gesu 8
575€ - 621$
Grand Hotel et de Milan
Via Manzoni 29
610€ - 659$
Park Hyatt Milano
Via Tommaso Grossi 1
539€ - 582$

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Downtown Milan, the best area to stay in Milan

Downtown Milan is a world class cosmopolitan city, but when you head downtown you are also simultaneously taken back in time. There are so many iconic landmarks from days of the past it is almost hard to keep up with them, but one great stop that shouldn’t be missed is that of, “Basilica Di Saint’ Ambrogio”. This Basilica was consecrated by Saint Ambrose himself in 387 AD. Saint Ambrose one of the original leaders of the first Roman Catholic Church is a revered saint in Milan and the reverence had for him can still be seen to this day. Saint Ambrose himself is actually on display in a crypt below the church. If you don’t mind the idea of staring at dead saints you can still see the founder in his eternal slumber dressed in elegant robes in a glass case.


But for a much more live experience you can get an earful from Milan’s Blue Note. This is the first European outpost of the Jazz Giant that originated in New York. The Blue Note Milan is a favorite stop for Jazz lovers as well as those just wanting to go to a vibrant club with a good atmosphere. This Blue Note is one of only four in that are in the world. The Blue note first opened in 2003 and has seen nothing but an ever rising current of popularity ever since. This club presents live music six days a week. Each night consists of two gigs, one that is held at 9pm and then followed by a late night gig at 11pm. Along with the music Blue Note Milano has some of the best food on the menu you could ever find. The restaurant section of the club is open from 7:30pm to 12am and has some of the best Italian dishes you could ever find, with a constant supply of, grilled meat, pasta, breadsticks and delicious salad. With a marriage of Italian food and American Jazz, this place is simply spectacular.


After taking in some Jazz at the Blue Note head on over to the, “Teatro Alla Scala” to take in a form of music that originated in Italy itself, this is of course, the music of opera. This opera house is set up like a cathedral which only adds to the dynamics of the vocal performers. This place has a charged and magical atmosphere filled with living history. This is the location that saw the likes of Verdi and Maria Callas. This also a chance to take in a bit of history, there is also a museum at this site as well. This museum was founded in 1913 gives a full overview of the history of this magnificent opera house.


Just mere steps away from this famed opera house you will find an excellent place to stay for the night. “Hotel La Madonnina” is a wonderful hotel, with bright and modern rooms, equipped with free wifi and many other amenities at a very reasonable price. Here you can have a nice place to stay on a budget and still be in the midst of rich culture.

Grand Hotel Milan
Park Hyatt Milan Hotel

Other areas to stay in Milan

Just south of the city center you will find the district of Barona. Barona is a charming district on the country side with green gardens and farms that have been attended to for thousands of years. As you take your tour of the countryside you can get around conveniently by taking the Milan Metro Subway, or you can take the tramway or a bus, all of these modes of transportation connect you back to the city.


So what is there to see? Well, the countryside is nice, but there is much more to this district than farmland. This district has some of the best hospitals and universities in all of Milan. As well as having some of the most important monuments and cathedrals. Barona is great for a quick stop over during your trip.


Right next door to Barona is Lorenteggio. You could either ride the metro or walk right over to this historic district. This district is the boundary between Milan and Corsico and was famous for the toll gate building that marked the boundaries between the two. Long ago shut down, the toll gate was of all things turned in a Mcdonalds. Of all the places to put a Mcdonalds right? That alone makes this a weird, quirky little place to visit and get a Big Mac!


A more serious tourist attraction here is that of the, “Church of Saint Prostasius.” This church was built in memorial to and in recognition of the beloved Saint of the same name who was martyred here over a thousand years ago. Barona and Lorenteggio, the districts in the southern countryside are both well worth a try during your stay of Milan.






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