Where is the best area to stay in Prague?

The shores of the Moldavian river holds up a very special prize; the Czech capital of Prague, a city that is literally known as the city of a, “thousand faces”, the best place to stay here is right in the middle of what is known as the, “historical hull”. This area has been considered a world heritage since the year 1992. This area has quite a blend of modern and historical scenes that make up this are and make it the best place to lodge.


Some of the most celebrated sites in Prague are in this location such as the, “bridge Carlos”, the statue of, “San Juan Nepomuceno”, “Malonstrnska Square” and of course the iconic; “Saint Nicholas” church. From whose belfry can be beheld major sites of Mala Strana and other ideal neighborhoods that offer great lodging in Prague.


How do you get around to all of these great locations? Travel is made easy in the city center by the convenient use of streetcars to travel just about anywhere. Some common destinations are; San Vito’s Cathedral, Golden Lane, and the enclosure of the Castle. This is also the location that the famous writer Kafka used to call home. Key places he frequented have since become tourist attractions in themselves such as Starhov’s monastery and library. Some other fascinating and surprising attention getting sites include that of John Lennon’s, “wall”, the Astronomic Clock of Staremesto’s Square, and the Tower of the Gunpowder.

Hotel   Price per night
Hotel William
Hellichova 5
97€ - 105$
Hotel Residence Bologna
Konviktska 5
116€ - 125$
Hotel & Residence U Tri Bubnu
U Radnice 8, 10
87€ - 94$
Hotel   Price per night
Savic Hotel
Jilska 7
173€ - 187$
Unitas Hotel
Bartolomejska 308
170€ - 184$
Vintage Design Hotel Sax
Jansky Vrsek 328
153€ - 165$
Hotel   Price per night
Golden Well (U Zlate Studne)
U Zlate Studne 166
265€ - 286$
Alchymist Grand Hotel and Spa
Trziste 19
288€ - 311$
Aria Hotel
Trziste 9
257€ - 278$

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Downtown Prague, the best place to stay in Prague

When you first come to downtown Prague you will be struck by the wonder of some of the remnants of old world architecture, most of them fully intact. One of these which was recently brought back from ruins and fully restored is that of Betlemska Kaple, or as it is said in English, “Bethlehem Chapel”, is a church that was first constructed at the end of the 14th century. It was subsequently wrecked by the thirty years war and lay in ruin until it was restored in the 1950’s.


But if you quickly bore from this kind of history and just want to jump into the night scene Prague is more than ready to supply that as well. There is a jumping Jazz club in the area named after a legendary Jazz Album by Miles Davis himself. Called the, “Agharta” this jazz join has big name acts as well as all star locals. This venue is also an integral part of the Prague Jazz festival. This is a great place to unwind, grab a drink and take in some great music.


It seems that Prague offers a bit of everything in its night life seen, as well as jazz clubs, one of Pragues favorite night spots is actually an Irish pub! Yes, “Caffrey’s Irish Bar” has been a hit of downtown Prague for many years now. This is a place where people go to feel good. You feel at home with the excellent Irish dishes and drinks. This place is fun any day of the year, but if you happen to be in Prague during St. Patrick’s day you just can not miss this spot.


If you hunger for a more original Prague flavor head on down tot eh Kavarna Slavia, this is Prague’s best known and most popular café. The coffee is excellent as is the social atmosphere here; people from all walks of life come here to enjoy the menu and the people. This place has some of the best in traditional Czech cuisine such as roast duck with potato dumplings, beef goulash, roast smoked pork with cabbage, and of course sauerkraut! The food here is delicious and takes you back to the heritage of the location, it is a great place to stop and take a break.


And if your break turns into a need for some sleep, downtown Prague has you covered there as well with a wide variety of great hotels. From fairly cheap to luxury, the choice is yours.


One of the hotels on the more affordable end of the spectrum is that of the, “Hastal Hotel” this interested lodging spot is located in what was formerly a brewery. The rooms are spacious, coming supplied with beds desks and chairs and a great view of, “Hastalske Namesti”, where you can see some of the most renowned architecture in all of downtown Prague.


If you are a little more luxury minded however there is an exquisite hotel with all the amenities you could imagine as well as being steeped in history, the hotel I am speaking of is that of the, “Iron Gate”.


The Iron Gate hotel was originally built in the 14th century, the hotel has since undergone major renovation including a 2003 restoration project that brought out original frescoes which had been covered for many years. This place is a luxurious antique, replete with features such as charming sleigh beds. And fluffy terry bathrobes and other hallmarks of la luxurious past will make you feel like you are a Prague aristocrat. If you are able to pay a little more money this hotel is well worth the expense.


Wherever you stay though when you wake up in the morning you should make it a daily priority to take in some of the many artistic venues this district has to offer. If you are looking for classical music performance, check out either the Collegium Marianum, or the Czech Philharmonic and if you would like to see some musical plays look no farther than the Divadlo Broadway which is on one of the busiest tourist and shopping streets. These are all venues that you can’t miss; they hold some of the greatest experiences of any artistic venue in downtown Prague.

Aria Hotel Prague
Santini Residence Hotel Prague
Golden Well Hotel Prague

Vinohrady, where to stay near Prague

This location was the wine producing center of Prague. It was famous for its wine and other beverages. Now it is a tourist hot spot with a lot of exciting action for the wayward traveler in Prague.


First coming to this area the landmark that can’ be missed is situated on the highest point in the city, this is Vitkov Hill, which is topped by the largest equestrian statue in the world, a memorial to the Hussite leader Jan Zizka who is depicted riding on horseback gazing out at the city. This memorial was originally built to honor the war heroes of World War 1. It had also doubled as a memorial for former communist leaders, until the fall of communism in 1989. This site is steeped in historic memory as well as offering a great view from the top of the hill of the rest of the city.


A bit of an expected but pleasant surprise in Prague, just around the corner from this historic memorial is an excellent Indian restaurant. This place has some of the best lamb dishes and curries you could find and they don’t hold back on the portions either. When you order a dish of lamb you will be pleasantly surprised to find that they supply you with three or four generous portions of the meat. The staff here is also extremely friendly and as a bonus their handle on English is excellent. It is definitely worth your time to peak around the corner and find this lovely restaurant waiting for you in Vinohrady district.





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