Where is the best area to stay in Rome?

The best location to stay in Rome is the historic centre so that you can be close to all that Rome has to offer. History and culture founded thousands of years ago is still alive and genuine in Rome. A credit to this achievement, Rome's historic centre has been on the UNESCO'S World Heritage List since 1980. This part of the famous city plays host to the vast majority of the tourists and sightseers.  The historic centre is home to many world famous and recognisably iconic sights such as The Colosseum, The Roman Forum, The Pantheon, Trevi's Fountain, and the Piazza di Spagna.


The entire centre can be accessed by walking to marvel on its wonders. The city is a rejuvenating place to walk through and become immersed in the historic atmosphere under the delightful Roman sun. You will only have to use the public transportation to visit the Vatican City which is a worthy day trip. For those who anticipate indulging in the Italian style fashion and luxuries, the most sophisticated shops of Italy are located at the Via del Corso, Via Condotti and the surroundings of the Piazza di Spagna.


Hotels in Rome are usually criticized due to their low quality, but Best Location Hotels offers you a choice of the best hotels according to the users' opinion.

Hotel   Price per night
Hotel de Monti
Via Panisperna, 95
131€ - 143$
Hotel   Price per night
Hotel Manfredi Suite in Rome
Via Margutta, 61
263€ - 287$
Albergo del Senato
Piazza della Rotonda
307€ - 335$
Hotel   Price per night
Artemide Hotel
Via Nazionale, 22
275€ - 300$
Barocco Hotel
Piazza Barberini 9
289€ - 315$
Hotel   Price per night
Splendide Royal
Via di Porta Pinciana, 14
394€ - 429$
Portrait Roma
Via Bocca di Leone 23
440€ - 480$
St. Regis Grand Hotel Rome
Via Vittorio E. Orlando, 3
480€ - 523$
Villa Spalletti Trivelli
Via Piacenza, 4
625€ - 681$

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Best areas to stay in Rome

The historic centre is certainly the place to be to feel fully immersed in Rome’s history and culture. However, because of the walkable size of Rome and easy access to the ancient city centre, there are many options for accommodation in other areas. Depending on the experience you are seeking and the budget available for your stay in Rome, the following regions or the historic centre will have something to make your Roman holiday just perfect.


Best Location Hotels recommends staying as close to the historic centre as possible, but these areas will also provide easy access to the very best of Rome.


Piazza Navona

Quite central and an easy walk to the ancient city, the Piazza Navona features stunning Baroque architecture, ornate fountains, delectable cafes and restaurants as well as beautiful views of Rome. There is a wide range of hotels available in these regions that are suitable for all budgets.


Campo de Fiori

Literally meaning the Field of Flowers, this region is absolutely picturesque and has always been a vibrant meeting place. It is recommended to rent an apartment in this area to really immerse yourself in the local culture and the excellent range of bakeries, cafes and restaurants throughout the day.


The Pantheon

An absolute historical architectural gem, staying near the Pantheon will offer unparalleled views of this site in Rome. Accommodation in this area is quite central to the other major sites in Rome and there are many comfortable hotels available. Hotels close to the Pantheon are generally quite pricey but a very worthwhile experience to be so close to such a famous site if you have the budget for it.


Villa Borghese and Via Veneto

Just east to the historic centre, this area is quite exclusive and is an easy ten minute walk to the main historic sites. There are many fancy hotels that will make your time in Rome unforgettable, if you have the budget to afford it. This is a perfect destination for an ideal romantic getaway while in Rome.


The Colosseum

In the southern tip of the ancient city you will find the Colosseum and the Roman Forum. Accommodation here is mostly in small establishments ranging from family run bed and breakfasts to boutique hotels that blend in with the streets. A village like atmosphere can be felt in this area as the streets are lined with small cafes and oriental restaurants.


The Vatican

Generally a must see destination for people traveling to Rome, The Vatican has many hotels and accommodations around it, mostly to the east. This area is generally quieter in the evenings but there are a number of bed and breakfast style accommodation as well as hotels. The Vatican is well connected to the main sites of Rome with buses regularly going to and from the area.



Here you will find more of a neighbourhood feel which makes it a great place to stay. A little way out of the main historical centre, staying in what is closer to a suburb will give a rather non-typical feel to a Roman holiday. The streets are lined with multicultural restaurants, authentic Italian pizza places, churches, museums and shops.



A little further out of the historic centre, Termini is Rome’s main train station which gives perfect access to all parts of the city and country. The western side of the Termini is better for site seeing and shopping. The station gives direct access to a number of historical sites on the train line, including stops at the Colosseum, the Vatican and the Spanish steps. There are many options for accommodation available and somewhat more affordable because of the distance away from the main historic centre.

Coliseum Rome
Piazza Navona Rome
Piazza Di Spagna Rome


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