Where is the best area to stay in Washington DC?

The national downtown park in Washington DC is known as the, “National Mall”. This famous location of Washington DC hosts a lot of special events, both formal and informal. The Washington monument resides here situated from east to west, crowds visit this famous shrine from all over the world. The Congress Library is another prime location that anyone interested in the operation of Government should at least take a quick run through of. Along with these attractions are numerous museums such as the, National Museums of History and Natural History as well as a museum of Air and Pace.


Directly left of this National Mall you will find the, “West Potomac Park, which hosts its own famous memorial for Abraham Lincoln and an additional memorial for Korean War Veterans. Just north of the national mall is the place that is of course the most famous in Washington DC, that of the White House. Everyone wants to visit this famous house at least once when they are in the United States. This fact alone makes the extensive Washington DC Downtown, the best place to stay in Washington DC.

Hotel   Price per night
1310 New Hampshire Ave. NW
113€ - 122$
Hotel   Price per night
1430 Rhode Island Ave. NW
95€ - 103$
1315 16th St. NW
215€ - 232$
1733 N St. NW
119€ - 129$
Embassy Suites Washington
900 10th Street Northwest
128€ - 138$
Carlyle Suites Hotel
1731 New Hampshire Ave NW
118€ - 127$
Hotel   Price per night
The Westin Georgetown
2350 M St. NW
136€ - 147$
Willard Intercontinental Washington
1401 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
209€ - 226$
Sofitel W DC
806 15th Street Northwes
159€ - 172$
Hotel   Price per night
The St. Regis W DC
923 16th Street
256€ - 276$
The Hay-Adams
800 16th Street, NW
222€ - 240$
The Jefferson Washington DC
1200 16th Street NW
258€ - 279$
Park Hyatt Washington
24 And M Streets, Nw
200€ - 216$

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Downtown DC, the best are to stay in Washingthon DC

This is the seat of power of the most powerful country on the planet. And downtown Washington DC is a powerhouse in its own right. The first significant spot to run into is the, “National Mall”. This national park is right in the center of the city and is surrounded by white monumental buildings of the U.S. government, with an extraordinary allotment of memorials, museums, cherry blossoms and of course pigeons. These birds are seen flocking all over the place, just one piece of advice during your trip however, do not feed the birds! These birds will follow you the rest of the day if you start feeding them.


Just east of the National Mall you will find Capitol Hill; this is a facility that plays a crucial role in the political system of the United States. Two Branches of U.S. government rest within this building, the legislative and judicial branches of government sort out their business here. Some fascinating tours can be engaged in exploring government buildings like these, and they are more or less widely available. But sometimes to get the true pulse of this political town you have got to hit the pub! And there are some great ones available in downtown DC.


A local pub called, “The Passenger” is one of the better varieties available in downtown. This spot has great homemade cocktails and beer varieties at an affordable price. The food is also a hit, with favorites like pork cheek nachos, delicious mushroom flatbread and the classic fried chicken sandwich. The atmosphere is laid back and very relxing with speakeasy style lighting. With excellent service and décor you might see famous local representatives like Mitch McConnell sipping on a bourbon cocktail! This is a great spot in downtown DC!


Nearby the Passenger is a great steakhouse called the, “Caucus Room” this place began its life as a jointly owned democratic lobbyist and a former Republican chairman, on such bipartisan foundations the restaurant can not go wrong. The restaurant combines the aesthetics of an American steakhouse with the Franco-American styled cuisine. A local favorite though is always the hefty, “Blue Dog” bacon cheeseburger. Another favorite menu item is the fresh oysters that are served daily.


Washinton DC has some great hotels that are usually rather affordable. The Jefferson is one that is highly recommendable. This hotel is also within walking distance of all of the great sites in downtown DC. The staff is said to always be nice, friendly and accommodating, this hotel generally picks up 4-5 stars. Staying here you get a sense that the staff actually enjoys their jobs, which makes it a very comforting and pleasant experience. The food here is also said to be very good, with favorites such as Lemon Pancakes, and Lobster Benedict. In this hotel you can sit in luxury while viewing the Washington Monument right from your window.


Another great spot that is a bit off the more beaten path, but nevertheless a great treat to see, is that of the DC Waterfront. Just south of the National Mall this is a great spot that a lot of visitors miss. The Waterfront has a lot of great things to see and do. The fish wharf is open to the public and you can come on down anytime of day to get some great fish, and strike up a conversation with the fishermen.


The Main Avenue Fish Market located on 1100 Maine Avenue is an enormous open air fish market that boasts such great selections as chowder, grouper, snapper, catfish, oysters, calms, jumbo shrimp, and even squid. This fish market has a frantic energy about it, and you will get a pleasant kick of surprise at the way the Fish Merchants hout out their products and attempt to sell their items to you.


The Waterfront is a classic spot with a lot of history. In its beginnings it was an immigrant enclave and these classic roots are still visible. Other great site seeing spots are the U.S. Navy Museum which gives a great overview of United States naval power from the revolutionary war to the present day. This spot has a great gift shop as well.


Dupont Circle, the other area to stay

Leaving downtown, take a stop at DuPont Circle, this DC hub was named after a Civil War hero Admiral Samuel F. DuPont, there is a lot of history and fun here as well. DuPont is an energetic district of urban life. There are also a wide variety of places that you can stay at. One of the best hotels in this area is the Residence Inn. This is a remarkable commercial chain, remarkable by the fact that even though it is a chain, each of their hotels seems to offer up a unique and comfortable feeling all their own. This is definitely the case with the Residence Inn Washington DC.


For a reasonable price you have amenities such as a fire place and a fully stocked kitchen. The rooms are also fully furnished with extra furnishings like a sleeper and sofa. There is also an evening reception that provides plenty of complimentary snacks and treats, as well as a breakfast buffet served every morning. For the price this hotel is a great bargain and highly recommended during a stay at DuPont circle in DC.


Dupont Circle has a lot of classic sites and places to see. One favorite spot that always gains traction here at the circle DGS Delicatessen, this place has it all. They have such an eclectic mix of food at this deli don’t be surprised to see combinations like Middle Eastern Harissa Spices with Buckwheat-pasta! This is truly something to experience! Another favorite spot in this lively district of DC! And well worth the visit!





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