Where to stay in Bar Harbor Maine

Where is the best place to stay in Bar Harbor Maine?

Bar Harbor is an international tourist hub and a very popular retreat for U.S citizens. Located on Mount Desert Island, Maine, Bar Harbor is a bustling hub with a lively town center and a wonderful promenade. What makes Bar Harbor particularly popular is its close proximity and ideal access to Acadia National Park. This is one of the most-visited national parks in the whole of the United States, with miles and miles of hiking trails, lakeside walks and beautiful nature. For this, Bar Harbor is brilliant, and there are many areas to stay in and around Bar Harbor.


Without question, the Downtown area is the best place to stay! This bustling centre is home to authentic local restaurants, beautifully-colored buildings and a very pleasant waterfront. There are many accommodation options here, including lovely waterfront hotels. You can really enjoy strolling leisurely around Downtown. Or if you want more excitement, Downtown is home to a number of exciting entertainment venues, and you can also take water tours and kayaking adventures from down at the main harbor. What is most ideal about Downtown though is its close proximity to the Acadia National Park. You are right near its most popular attractions!

Hotel   Avg price
Bar Harbor Manor
47 Holland Ave
114€ - 119$
The Inn on Mount Desert
68 Mt Desert St
123€ - 128$
Acadia Hotel - Downtown
20 Mt Desert St
124€ - 129$
Bar Harbor Grand Hotel
269 Main St
133€ - 138$
Hotel   Avg price
Sand Bar Cottage Inn
106 West St
149€ - 155$
Bar Harbor Inn and Spa
1 Newport Dr
152€ - 158$


On the map, which shows the most convenient area to stay in Bar Harbor Maine, you can see a selection of some of the best located hotels.


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Staying near Bar Harbor


Northeast Harbor

Northeast HarborNortheast Harbor is definitely a top choice if you want to stay just outside of Bar Harbor. Located in the municipality of Mount Desert, just 11.7 miles from Bay Harbor itself, Northeast Harbor is a tranquil and scenic setting. Particularly popular during the summer months, you can enjoy a walk by its picturesque harbor full of yachts and sailing boats, just a few blocks from the Main Street.


As well as the pretty waterfront views, there are plenty of excellent restaurants that you can enjoy dining at whilst staying in Northeast Harbor. After a meal out, you can take a look at the boutique shops, explore some local galleries or relax in the gorgeous local gardens, such as Thuya Gardens. Northeast Harbor is also just a short taxi or bus ride from Bar Harbor, and also provides access to Acadia National Park. There are many lovely places to stay here.



Accommodation in Northeast Harbor




Otter Creek

Otter CreekLying between Seal Harbor and Bar Harbor, the pretty little village of Otter Creek is another great place to stay. Located just 5.1 miles from Bar Harbor, it is easy to get to the center of the action; be it by car or the free Island Explorer Bus that drops you in Bar Harbor.


Otter Creek is another tranquil place to stay for travelers who prefer a bit more peace and quiet. There are several hotels and inns to choose from here, great for families, groups and even solo travelers. There are some very popular Acadia National Park hiking trails which begin within walking distance of Otter Creek. Naturally, then, walkers and nature lovers are drawn to staying here rather than beach lovers, as Otter Creek is actually not located on the main waterfront. Nevertheless, it is a historic and interesting village with beautiful nature and a pleasant charm.



Accommodation in Otter Creek




Seal Cove


Seal CoveLying on the south-west of Mount Desert Island in the municipality of Tremont, Seal Cove is another quaint spot just 14.2 miles from Downtown Bar Harbor. Without doubt, Seal Cove is well-suited to relaxed travelers who love walking by the waterfront. It is home to a lovely harbor lined with yachts and boats, which really makes for a picturesque setting.


Staying in Seal Cove is also ideal for those who want to have access to some of the lesser explored parts of the Acadia National Park, such as some pretty lakeside walks. For those interested in history, Seal Cove played an important role in the island’s industrial history, helped largely by its cove. Or if you prefer some indoor entertainment with the family, head to Seal Cove Auto Museum, with its vehicle exhibitions and activities. There are several great places to stay when in Seal Cove with pretty waterfront views.



Accommodation in Seal Cove




Southwest Harbor


Southwest HarborAnother great place to stay on the southwestern side of Mount Desert Island is Southwest Harbor. It is just 14.3 miles from Downtown Bar Harbor, so you can easily make a full day trip during your stay, by direct bus or car.


Known as the business hub of the western part of the island, there is an excellent choice of places to stay when in Southwest Harbor, ranging from hotels to bed and breakfasts and also inns. And there certainly is a lot to do here! You can enjoy some of the best restaurants on Mount Desert Island as well as some of its best shops and galleries. You can also embark upon some exciting boat tours from the harbor, explore various museums and visit some of the hidden gems of the Acadia National Park. Or if you want a nice peaceful stroll, there are some stunning viewpoints to take in.



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