Where to stay in Kennebunkport

Where is the best place to stay in Kennebunkport?

Located in York County, Maine, the village of Kennebunkport is a brilliant tourist destination all year-round! With a selection of beautiful beaches, coastal walks and museums, Kennebunkport appeals to a wide range of tourists. It boasts some of the finest restaurants in the whole of Maine, coupled with annual events, festivals and brilliant shopping. Although Kennebunkport is relatively small in itself, just a few days here is not enough. Tourists want to spend at least a week here to get the best out of this historic destination. Whether you like lounging on the beach or strolling downtown, you will love Kennebunkport!


There are some great places to stay when in Kennebunkport, suitable for a range of travelers. For history enthusiasts, there is no better place than the Historic District. Located right in the center of Kennebunkport Village, you can visit museums and admire the traditional architecture whilst being in the heart of the action.  For those who prefer the waterfront, staying along Ocean Avenue is the best option. Ocean Avenue stretches two miles along the river and there are many charming hotels here. Or if you are a beach lover, there are some places to stay on the Atlantic Coast beaches.

Hotel   Avg price
AWOL Kennebunkport
34 Maine St
217€ - 226$
Hotel   Avg price
The Boathouse
21 Ocean Ave
140€ - 146$
The Breakwater Inn & Spa
127 Ocean Ave
158€ - 164$
The Tides Beach Club
930 Kings Hwy
190€ - 198$
Cape Arundel Inn and Resort
208 Ocean Ave
261€ - 271$
Hotel   Avg price
The Nonantum Resort
95 Ocean Ave
218€ - 227$


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Staying near Kennebunkport



KennebunkKennebunk makes for an ideal place to stay for beach and nature lovers. Located just across the river from Kennebunkport, Kennebunk enjoys a strategic location for day trippers wanting to visit Kennebunkport for the day. However, there are many things to do in Kennebunk which makes it a fantastic holiday destination in itself. This village is home to several pretty beautiful beaches, such as Gooches Beach (also known as Kennebunk Beach), full of holidaymakers all year round. It is particularly crowded in summer of course!


As well as the beaches, there are a number of nature trails and country walks to do starting in Kennebunk. You can also visit some of the village’s excellent museums, shop in the many beachfront boutique stores or enjoy a drink and a bite to eat with a coastal breeze. There are a number of accommodation options when in Kennebunk, including seaside hotels and cottages.



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WellsKnown as ‘The Friendliest Town in Maine’, Wells makes for a fantastic place to stay, just 6 miles south of Kennebunkport. Located between Ogunquit and Kennebunkport, this beautiful beach village really does have a warm and friendly vibe, with welcoming locals and an influx of tourists reaching the peak during summer.


Despite being small, there are many things to do in Wells that could keep you occupied for at least a week. The most popular activity is of course lounging on the beach; be it Wells Beach itself or the nearby Crescent Beach. But Wells isn’t just famous for its seaside. In the village, there are many awesome antique stores, and you could easy spend a day shopping for souvenirs here. Wells is also home to a number of great restaurants, historical landmarks and lovely hotels and cottages. You can also enjoy some exciting free outdoor concerts during the summer months.



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OgunquitOgunquit is another pretty little seaside village just 12 miles south of Kennebunkport. With lovely cottages and hotels coupled with free public trolley transport in and around the area, the village is catered to tourists. And despite being another one of Maine’s small seaside villages, there is plenty to see and do!


The standout attraction is of course the beach-namely Ognuquit Beach. This 6 km long-stretching beach is a seaside paradise. Nearby, you can take a delightful coastal walk along Marginal Way, with unparalleled coastal views. Like many of the other villages close to Kennebunkport, Ogunquit is also rich in history, culture and arts. You can visit the impressive Heritage Museum for an in-depth understanding of the local history, or admire the galleries in The Ogunquit Museum of American Art. There is also a rich local gastronomy here. Make sure to try the local specialty: Lobster Rolls.



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Old Orchard Beach

Old Orchard Beach19 miles north of Kennebunkport lies the lively beach town known as Old Orchard Beach. Although a little further out from Kennebunkport, it is still easily reachable in a day trip. However, there is so much to do in Old Orchard Beach that it is difficult to leave; even for a day!


Old Orchard Beach is one of the most popular getaways in Maine, and an even more vibrant destination than Kennebunkport. Famous for its lively nightlife, stunning seafront hotels, inns and long-stretching pier, it is no wonder that this is an international tourist hub. Families in particular will be in their element in Old Orchard Beach. As well as the stunning 7 mile-long beach itself (also known as Old Orchard Beach), the exhilarating amusement park along the pier is perfect for family fun activities. There are also a number of boat trips and fishing tours to be enjoyed here.



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