Best place to stay in Mexico City

Where are the best areas to stay in Mexico City?

Mexico City is simply out-of-this-world and is one of the greatest cities on earth, which has thousands of years of culture. It is one of the largest cities in the world and has around 24 million inhabitants that are separated into 16 boroughs that make up 300 neighbourhoods. This huge and sprawling capital has a mix of everything packed into its territory, which is made up of world-class historic buildings from as early as the Aztec era as well as museums, restaurants, hotels, cafes, bars and performing arts.


The best areas to stay in Mexico City are Polanco, Zona Rosa and Condesa, which all surround the huge woodland area of Chapultepec and are all in walking distance of the city centre, Zocalo, which is the largest square in Latin America. Between these neighbourhoods, they offer top quality hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs, shops and lots of entertainment be it in the day time and night time. The Chapultepec Park gives visitors a lovely rest from the manic noises of the city and is a delight for all the family, which features hiking trails, gardens, amusement areas, a zoo, various museums and performances.

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Hotel Villa Condesa
Colima 428
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Marquis Reforma Hotel
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Polanco, Zona Rosa and Condesa, the best areas in Mexico City


Polanco is well known for being the wealthiest neighbourhood in the city and was home to many famous scientists, writers and philosophers with many streets named after them. This part of the city has many luxury and top quality hotels to stay in and all offer outstanding views of the park and surroundings. This area is particularly multi cultural with various communities that have settled in the city for the last century and therefore has an excellent range of cuisine. The majority of the restaurants that line the streets in Polanco are internationally recognised as some of the best in the world and ‘Izote’, ‘Anatol’ and ‘Aguila y Sol’ are the most famous of the lot and are all dedicated to their natural Mexican roots. But it doesn’t end there in terms of cuisine with lots of places that offer Japanese, European and other American dishes.


Another reason for Polanco being so famous is its upscale shopping centres and streets like Avenida Presidente Masaryk, which has been nicknamed the Mexican ‘Champs-Elysees’. This street is one of the trendiest and many popular designer brands can be found here including the likes of Gucci, Chanel, Armani, Zara and many others. This district is very diverse as you can be in the heights of city life one minute and the next you can be in the chilled, elegant and tranquil parks of Lincoln, Uruguay and Chapultepec. Other cultural things in the area to see are the Museum of Natural History, the famous artworks of David Alfaro Siquerios and the National Anthropology Museum, which is one of the most visited and highly praised museums in the city with 10 buildings on Mexican history and culture.


Zona Rosa

Zona Rosa is one of the main touristic areas in Mexico City with the main street of Paseo de la Reforma being at the heart of it. This is one of the most celebrated entertainment and business districts in the city and is the best for nightlife. Bars, clubs and restaurants are dotted all along the street and boasts a popular gay scene with some of the biggest dance floors in the city. Most bars have live music and cocktails are the pick of the menu with restaurants cooking up some of the finest dishes in the area and range from Mexican food to Asian.


Zona Rosa also has some wonderful antique shops as well as shopping centres and markets, where you will be able to buy most things. Some of the most desirable hotels are located in this part of the city with many having spectacular views and great facilities like gyms and pools to try out. From the hotels it is a short walk to the landmarks and cultural sites with the Angel de la Independencia dominating the roundabout that it stands on and is a column that celebrates Mexico’s Independence. Other things in the area include the Statue of Cuauhtemoc (who was an Aztec ruler) and the fountain of Fernando Ola (“The Archer”). A short walk onwards will bring you to the historic centre of Zocalo Square and has many buildings surrounding it that come from the 16th century like the National Palace, Cathedral, Mayor Temple, Santa Teresa and many more.



Condesa is the most relaxed of the districts named, which is south west of the city centre but is in walking distance. The area has had its ups and downs and is certainly on the up these days and is becoming increasingly popular with musicians, artists and other creative personnel and the chilled and hippy atmosphere has stemmed from this. There are some amazing themed restaurants, sidewalk cafes and pretty bars, which surround Parque Mexico. This park marks the centre of Condesa and has various statues and monuments, clothing and handicrafts markets in the week and is where live concerts and festivals are held. There is a good range of shops that sell antiques, books, jewellery and fashion and the OMR gallery has different exhibitions throughout the year. Condesa has a brilliant selection of hotels, which guarantee a great night’s sleep due to your surroundings and is something not all parts of the city can promise.

The St Regis Mexico Hotel
Las Alcobas Mexico Hotel
Marquis Reforma Hotel Mexico

Centro Historico, another recommended area to stay in Mexico City

This area has to be one of the prettiest city centres in the world, which has stunning colonial and European architecture with many crowds visiting it. The Zocalo square is one of the oldest and largest squares in the world and there are huge amounts of historic buildings, museums, art galleries, palaces, temples, towers, churches and cathedrals. There are also many department stores that provide excellent shopping and there is a great selection of hotels, bars and restaurants.