Where to stay in Brac Island

Where is the best place to stay in Brac Island?

By Natali Simic. Oct 16, 2023

When people think of Brac Island, they think of its unique, horn-shaped sandy beach Zlatni rat in contrast with the crystal clear turquoise sea, which became a symbol of holidays in Croatia. Brac is one of the most popular and lively islands to visit on the Croatian coast. It is the third-largest Croatian island with diverse landscapes that include long sandy beaches, hidden coves, the highest peak among the Adriatic islands, and ancient Roman and Glagolitic ruins! This paradise island is easily accessible from the mainland, as you can reach Brac in under an hour by ferry from Split or Makarska.


You will find the most beautiful Croatian beach Zlatni Rat in the south of the island, a 20-minute walk from the centre of Bol, the oldest town on the island. If you travel to Brac without a car, Supetar is a ferry port and the island’s bus hub, perfect for day trips.


Milna on the west coast is a relaxing oasis with hidden coves and stunning sunsets, perfect for couples. Povlja is the best place to base yourself to explore the eastern coast of Brač. History lovers will love many archaeological sites around Postira, and Sutivan is perfect for families.

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Best places to stay in Brac Island




Overall, the best place to stay in Brac



BolThe oldest town on the island, Bol, is one of the most stunning destinations in Croatia. Bol is best known for its unique horn-shaped sandy beach Zlatni rat. What makes this beach so remarkable is that it is never the same. Its distinctive triangular shape continuously changes with the wind and sea currents. Bol is the centre of nightlife during summer, with many bars and nightclubs.


Hiking enthusiasts can hike to the highest point of the Adriatic islands - Vidova Gora, just behind Bol town. You could trek to the viewpoint or drive up for a majestic view of Brac and the neighbouring islands. History lovers will enjoy the remains of Kostilo walls and Dragon’s cave - an ancient temple and residence of the Glagolitic priests from Poljica, who spent their monastic life there. Hermitage Blaca is another reminder of the Glagolitic priests' presence and a UNESCO World Heritage Site candidate!



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Best place to stay in Brac if you don’t have a car



SupetarThe main ferry port connecting the island of Brac and Split on the mainland is located in Supetar. Right next to it, you will find the main bus station, the only public transportation connecting Supetar to other towns on the island. That makes Supetar a perfect place to stay for anyone visiting Brač without a car who wants to explore the rest of the island.


Supetar offers traditional Mediterranean summer holidays. Many beaches to spend your days swimming in the sea, restaurants offering traditional dishes and fresh seafood and lively bars filled with locals to end your day. Beaches in Supetar are within walking distance from the city centre. Babin Laz beach is one of the locals’ favourites, a pebbled beach with a soft entrance. As the largest town in Brač, Supetar is a great spot to enjoy the vibrant island nightlife.



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Best place to stay in Brac to relax



MilnaLocated on the west coast of Brac, 18km from the capital of Supetar, Milna is a tranquil town with a long history as a safe haven for sailors and a port dating back to Roman times. Couples will love a relaxing holiday in this charming old town, as they can stay in an adults-only Osam Milna hotel. The Old town is ideal for romantic sunset walks through cobblestone streets, admiring picturesque stone houses built in a typical Mediterranean style and the baroque seafront Church.


Milna is the local’s favourite for beautiful hidden coves with pebbled beaches and natural shade under lush green pine trees. Most beaches outside Milna town are wild, so bring everything you’ll need for the day and don’t expect any amenities after you leave the city. With many coves easily accessible by car, it is possible to find secluded, almost private beaches along the rugged coast.



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Best place to stay in Brac to explore the quiet eastern coast



PovljaPovlja is a typical island village located in the northeast of the island. This small village is a hidden gem of the island, mainly visited by locals. It is a perfect place to disconnect and relax away from the crowds, swim or try different water activities like snorkelling or kayaking. Povlja is well-known for its delicious seafood, splendid quality wine and local island olive oil. That makes it a perfect location for gourmands who want to taste traditional Dalmatian island cuisine.


Povlja is a perfect place to base yourself to explore the less-visited eastern coast of Brac. Discover hidden coves along the coast or take a day trip to Sumartin, a ferry port connecting the island with Makarska. This village is famous for its long ship-making tradition, and it is possible to visit a shipyard where wooden boats are made.



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Best place to stay in Brac for history and culture



PostiraThe small town of Postira on the north of the island is a perfect place to stay for everyone who wants to learn more about the island’s history while being close to outstanding beaches. History lovers can visit Lovrecina archaeological site and explore the remains of the ancient Roman villa and a 6th-century basilica. Another interesting spot to visit to learn more about the island’s history is The island of Brač Museum and the 16th-century castle Cerineo, both located in Škrip, 8km from Postira.


Brac is well-known for its long stonemason tradition. Take a day trip from Postira to Pučišća and visit the Sculpting Academy. This type of school is a unique establishment not only in Croatia but in this part of Europe generally! Many remarkable buildings around the world, including the White House in Washington and Budapest’s Parliament Building, were built using stone from Brac.



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Best place to stay in Brac for families



SutivanLocated in the southwest of the island, Sutivan is a tranquil small town surrounded by kilometres of old olive groves and vineyards. The historic centre of Sutivan is protected as a cultural monument and offers an authentic experience of island life with traditional architecture. Families with small children will love Sutivan’s pebbled beaches with soft entrances. Over 3km of beaches shaded by lush green pine forest stretches around Sutivan.


Sutivan Nature Park is another great stop for families with children, as there is a small zoo where they can see many local animals and learn more about the wildlife on the island. Sutivan takes great pride in being a bike-friendly destination, so another great family activity is cycling through vineyards on many marked trails in the area. The most unusual spot to visit in Sutivan is the underground Catacombs, built over a hundred years ago to bury the poorest islanders.



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