Best place to stay in Lima

Where are the best areas to stay in Lima?

Lima is a fascinating city where you’ll find a mix of old and new influences. Once the seat of Spanish colonial rule, the city is filled with beautiful old palaces and churches, juxtaposed between modern skyscrapers and sun drenched beaches. Marvel at Inca artefacts and learn about Peruvian history at the Museo Larco.


Visit the charming ancient library and catacombs of the Iglesia y Convento de San Francisco. Walk, bike or skate the clifftop trails and beautiful gardens at the Miraflores Boardwalk. As night falls, head to the magical fountain displays at the Parque de la Reserva and prepare to be dazzled.


Two of the best areas to stay in Lima are Miraflores and San Isidro. Miraflores is an upscale district with an excellent selection of bars, restaurants and shops. In this area, you’ll be within walking distance of the beach, the parks, and some great shopping at the Larcomar mall. At San Isidro, you’ll be in the central business district where a good range of shops and top class dining options can be found. This is a modern cosmopolitan area where you’ll find it easy to change currency. From here, the historical centre can be accessed easily by taxi or using the Metropolitano bus system

Hotel   Avg price
Casa Suyay
C. Esperanza 144
31€ - 38$
ibis Lima Reducto Miraflores
Av. Reducto 1057
43€ - 52$
ibis Lima Larco Miraflores
Av. José Larco 1140
43€ - 52$
Hotel   Avg price
Costa del Sol Wyndham Lima City
Av. Gral. Salaverry 3060
42€ - 51$
El Golf Hotel Boutique
F. Valle Riesta 576
59€ - 71$
Hotel Boulevard
Av. José Pardo 771
62€ - 75$
Hotel   Avg price
Swissotel Lima
Via Central 150
143€ - 173$


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Miraflores and San Isidro, the best areas to stay in Lima



Miraflores LimaMiraflores has some excellent museum and historic attractions but if you get bored with history and want a little more modern excitement just head down to Pizza Street! “The Calle de las Pizzas” is a hot spot for young adults and has many clubs that fill up every weekend. It is a very exciting spot to start your night.


And if you ever get hungry for some real pizza, don’t look much farther! Because Miraflores has some of the best food Peru can offer. Peru restaurants are a diverse bunch and believe it or not one of the most popular and the most expensive is a Japanese outfit run by famous chef Humberto Sato. Peru has a legendary twist on Japanese and Chinese food, and tourists love sampling the flavors.


The best thing about Peruvian food is the Pacific Ocean, from the pacific a bountiful supply of seafood is extracted every day and there are countless great sea food joints in Mira Flora. One of the best of these establishments is a place called, “Punto Azul”. This restaurant utilizes a very special fish dish called, “palmerita”. The modest prices at this restaurant are definitely something to make you smile too. There is nothing on the menu that is over $8 (6 E). It is definitely worth the trip.



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San Isidro

san isidro LimaIf you decide to venture north of Miraflores into San Isidro the financial hub of Peru a lot of good hotel options will await you there as well. You may have to pay a little more money but the extravagance of the, “Hotel Atton San Isidro” is world renowned. Being one of the main financial centers of Latin America, the San Isidro district has a constant cash flow that is used to renovate and beautify the neighborhood. San Isidro boasts some of the best parks and is filled with major malls and restaurants making it the tourist destination of choice.


San Isidro is a modern cosmopolitan city with a history that only dates back to April of 1931! Early on the land that now covers San Isidro was a hacienda; it was the ownership of the San Isidro Company that turned the hacienda into a city district leading to its official establishment in 1931. Many visitors are surprised at how new everything is, this location certainly is a modern hub of wealth. An amazing transition from a humble hacienda to the Latin American financial giant that it is today.


In addition to the banks, financial institutions and shopping malls San Isidro also lays claim to some of the best art galleries and some of the most beautiful parks in the area. San Isidro’s number one archeological claim is the site of “Huaca Huallamarca”, the site was the home of the Ishma and Incas. The site was first used as a temple, then as a temple and then later as a human settlement. San Isidro is full of modern wealth and ancient archeological wealth as well as classy art venues. San Isidro district is definitely worth the visit.



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Other areas to stay in Lima

Barranco district limaIt is best to begin your adventure in the Barranco district. At the beginning of the 20th century Barranco was known as a haven for writers and artists, to this day it maintains a distinct bohemian vibe. Officially established on October 26th, 1874, Barranco is directly south of Miraflores and right on the pacific coastline. The Barranco district is directly connected to the Miraflores district through the Expresa transportation system.


And a great starting point to begin your search of Peru and if as you begin your search you come across the Puente de Los Suspiros or in English, “The Bridge of Sighs”, just remember to hold your breath.


You superstition buffs are going to love this; this ancient bridge is said to grant wishes! Yes, legend says that if you make a wish and then cross the bridge without taking a breath, that wish is fulfilled. After hearing this I thought it must be the people who couldn’t hold their breath that sighed at the end of it and gave the bridge its name!


Just after passing through the, “Bridge of Sighs” you will come across another fascinating historical site; you will reach the, “Iglesia La Ermita”. This is a church that was founded on another great legend. The story is told like this; one night some fishermen were lost at sea due to impenetrable fog.


Scared to death they cried out to God to save them when out of no where they saw a light, they looked up and to their amazement a giant glowing cross was hovering above them! This cross then led them to the shore and to safety, afterwards the ground became sacred and the church was built to commemorate the event. A truly fantastical folk tale, but whatever you make of it, it is a beautiful and awe inspiring cathedral.



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