Where to stay in Alicante Region

Where is the best place to stay in Alicante Region?

Sitting on the rim of the south-eastern coast, the Alicante region is peppered with plentiful possibilities for every type of traveller. Entrenched with an extensive medieval history, awe-worthy architecture, and a rich tapestry of paradisal beaches, this is the ultimate Spanish destination. With a wealth of hidden coves, turquoise waters, and finite golden sand, there’s no doubting why sun-seekers, snorkelers, sailors, and water-enthusiasts flock here year after year.


The Manhattan-like skyline of bustling Benidorm boasts the best opportunities for nightlife-fanatics and self-proclaimed foodies alike. Posing a quirky contrast, the alluring alleyways and rich history of Alicante city dials in those on the hunt for a more quintessential, authentic experience. The southern stretch of the Alicante region proves fit for fervent explorers and those who are after a more activity-fueled holiday. Both charming Calpe and white-washed Altea proffer passionate pursuits aplenty of off-the-grid adventure.


Families and lovers of laid-back living will find rapture in Torrevieja, where modern meets Mediterranean alongside the sea. Romance-seekers and couples can head northward where idyllic beach fronts and untold intimate settings span the ever-so enthralling Javea. Further up the coastline, dynamic Denia dials in a more luxuriant, off-the-radar experience for visitors looking for boutique-style stays.

Hotel   Avg price
Hotel Playas de Torrevieja
42€ - 45$
Hotel Noguera Mar
79€ - 84$
Hotel   Avg price
Hotel Serawa Alicante
103€ - 109$
Suitopía - Sol y Mar Suites Hotel
120€ - 127$
Hotel Don Pancho
126€ - 134$
Nomad Hotel - Xábia Port
223€ - 236$
Hotel   Avg price
Barceló la Nucía Hills
La Nucia
115€ - 122$



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Best places to stay in Alicante Region



BenidormCrowning Spain’s south-eastern coastline, Benidorm fuses breathtaking beaches, ample attractions, and a roaring nightlife all into one. The soaring city skyline provides a point of contrast against the rugged mountain tops, making the experience here all the more unique. As one of the most popular destinations on the Costa Blanca, there are myriad hotels, luxe resorts, Manhattan-like homestays, hostels, and a fair few budget-friendly options.


The buzzing boulevard is lined with restaurants and trendy cafes, so if you’re looking to relish your taste buds, there is no doubt you’ll be satisfied. Boasting a network of nightclubs, theme parks, and watersports opportunities, the city is coined as a mecca for tourism, and it appeals to all age groups. Poniente and Levante are the best areas for beach-lovers, foodies, and partygoers. For families and those who are more history-inclined, check out the Old Town, locally known as El Caste.



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Alicante City

AlicanteHarbouring Medieval gems, modern masterpieces, and everything else in between, the heart of Alicante is a melting pot of both old and new. Marvel at the magnitude of theatres, castles, eateries, and pleasant pursuits that are peppered throughout the city. The labyrinth-like streets of El Centro are the perfect spot to stay for hyper-ambitious historians and architecture-aficionados alike. Illustrated by a classic charm and a dash of present-day pin-points, there’s no doubt this city houses all the highlights.


Nestled in amongst the animated ambience are an array of tapas-based bistros and seafood restaurants that are sure to have food-lovers savouring up every last bite. Accommodation in the city centre offers a more reasonable range of prices in comparison to the surrounding regions. With a veritable expanse of backpacker hostels, boutique stays, Airbnb’s, and international chain hotels, there’s plentiful possibilities for every type of traveller.



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DeniaDenia is a dynamic, portside city that’s untrammelled with a rich history and natural splendour. Coupled with a crashing coastline and the Montgo mountain range, this charming region seems to captivate even the most seasoned of travellers. Although it is ranked as a popular resort destination, there is much more to discover beyond the surface. Denia embraces an inundating inventory of hidden gems that entrench even the most ardent advocates of authentic travel. For those holidaymakers who are seeking a more authentic Spanish getaway, this seaside city is the ideal spot for you. Unifying a unique Old Town, the Costa Blanca, and a delectable restaurant scene, this location is enough to ignite the spark within.


Decked out with deluxe resorts, grandiose villas, traditional homes, condo rentals, and heaps of hotels, Denia is the perfect location for families, couples, budget-conscious visitors, and those who sit on the more affluent end of the scale.



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CalpeSteeped in picture-perfect opportunities aplenty, Calpe is a Spanish destination that you simply shouldn’t miss. Lain in the province of Alicante, the city hosts a colourful historic centre, vivacious beachfronts, and strikingly-pink flamingos that sprawl the spectacular scenery. Renowned for the colossal-sized, rugged rock that shapes the terrain, the idiosyncratic backdrop sets it apart from other typical holiday destinations. With a rich tapestry of rocky coves, hidden bays, and sweeping clifftops, snorkelers and swimmers are spoiled for choice.


On top of the blissful beaches, there’s an array of hiking, cycling, and climbing activities sure to reel in spirited explorers and voracious adventurers. Calpe is brimming with lush resort-style stays, high-rise apartments, top-range hotels, and a very small handful of hostels. For travellers who are looking for an upbeat atmosphere, but something that’s a little off-the-beaten-path, this delightful city is a suitable solution.



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TorreviejaSituated towards the southern tip of the Alicante region, Torrevieja is sure to appease even the most inquisitive of voyagers. Sitting on the nonchalant, low-key end of the tourism spectrum, this coastal town effortlessly integrates metropolitan and Mediterranean living. The contemporary constructs, modern city centre, and sprightly port are tailored to family-orientated visitors, as well as those who are looking to take it nice and easy. Cuisine plays an integral role in Torrevieja’s culture, so self-proclaimed foodies are guaranteed to be fulfilled.


If you’re keen to dive into the spirit of exploration, there are hiking trails, salt lake lagoons, natural parks, theme parks and watersports opportunities spanning the area. Rather than the tourist-targeted, all-inclusive resorts you find in the busier Costa Blanca cities, this is a destination that casts light on local living. In that being said, you’ll typically find more apartments, Airbnb’s, and mid-range holiday rentals, as well as a collection of hotels.



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JaveaAesthetic and alluring in its appearance, Javea is a jewel of the Costa Blanca. With a comprehensive compilation of things to do and see, this is a town that will satisfy just about every type of traveller. Delve into the mystical natural landscape, take a dip in the crystal clear water, grab a bite to eat in a traditional eatery, or relax in the history-filled city centre.


Veiled away from the busier resort towns, Javea poses the perfect retreat for couples and romance-fuelled vacationers. Get swept away in the treasure-trove of idyllic beaches and secluded coves, and enjoy quality time together along the picturesque port area. This is also a stellar option for those who like to shop ‘til they drop. With an abundance of boutique stores, unique finds, and shopping experiences, if you’ve got a proclivity to put together trendy pieces, you’ll be more than pleased here.



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AlteaPinned as the pearl of the Costa Blanca, Altea most certainly lives up to its name. Perched on a steep slope that drops precipitously to the bay, this town is nothing short of a visual haven. Sitting alongside the undulating ridges of the Serra Gelada Natural Park, the region is indisputably ideal for nature enthusiasts and gleeful adventurers. The white-washed Old Town exudes Mediterranean vibes, providing a picture-perfect place to stay for all. From the plant-draped alleyways, to the terrace-lined coastline, the overall ambience is bursting with more tranquil, laid-back energy in comparison to the bigger towns.


This is a perfect spot for those who want to experience the magic, but away from the large international crowds. Altea is home to some perplexing, pebble beaches, making it less of an attractive option for families with younger children. For travellers who are looking to fuse fun in the sun with sightseeing and activities, Altea is a top choice.



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