Where to stay in Austin

What is the best area to stay in Austin?

If you want to be central, the best area to stay in Austin is Downtown. In this central business district, you’ll be treated to top restaurants and bars, as well as the vibrant shopping district of 2nd Street. You’ll also be within walking distance of major attractions like the State Capitol building, the Bullock State Texas History Museum and the historic building of the Driskill Hotel. This area is great for the arts, with The Paramount Theatre and the Austin Ballet nearby. There are plenty of transport options, too, with the Downtown and Austin train stations serving the area.


Known as the “music capital” of the US, Austin plays host to two world famous music festivals: South by Southwest, and the Austin City Limits Festival. Aside from these festivals, you’ll always find live music on the street of this small but charismatic city. When you’re not enjoying the entertainment, take the time to visit the whispering gallery of the majestic State Capitol building for a free guided tour. In summer, take a refreshing dip in the natural waters of Barton Springs Pool. Or, why not bike or stroll the trails at Lady Bird Lake? Take a paddleboard out on the water and look back on sweeping views of the city.

Hotel   Avg price
Hampton Inn & Suites Austin Downtown
200 San Jacinto Blvd
294€ - 350$
Hyatt Place Austin
211 E 3rd St
341€ - 406$
Hotel   Avg price
InterContinental Hotel Stephen F. Austin
701 Congress Ave
327€ - 389$
JW Marriott Austin
110 E 2nd St,
422€ - 502$
W Austin
200 Lavaca Street
536€ - 638$
Four Seasons Hotel Austin
98 San Jacinto Blvd
848€ - 1,009$
Hotel   Avg price
The Driskill
604 Brazos St
328€ - 390$


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Downtown - The Best Area to Stay in Austin

austin downtownDowntown is perfect for families as it offers a peaceful environment with various entertainment and outdoor activities. The Capital Center in Downtown is a top tourist spot. People visit this place to admire the spectacular architecture of the building that tells about Texas’s History. The Capital Center can be seen from anywhere in Downtown.


Another exciting part about Downtown is Lady Bird Lake located in the South of Downtown. This spot is ideal for families as it offers a lot of entertainment and recreational activities like kayaking, rowing, canoeing, biking, hiking, and much more. This popular picnic spot is a must visit if you are in Downtown.


If you want to enjoy the spectacular nightlife of Downtown, then move to the famous 6th Street. 6th Street is a strip of bars, restaurants, and clubs. There are live music events held almost on a daily basis. If you are interested in karaoke, then this is the place to be.


The Austin Children’s Museum is one of the most fun places for kids to be. The people that are visiting Downtown with family should not miss visiting this place. The museum is a learning place for kids and allows kids to take part in different workshops. All in all, Downtown Austin is a highly recommended place for people visiting Austin.



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Other Areas to Stay in Austin


Northwest Austin

Northwest-Austin.Northwest Austin is a happening place that offers a lot of entertainment and recreation for its residents and visitors. There are several amusement parks, museums, restaurants, historic sites, and much more to enjoy in Northwest Austin.


This place is ideal for families as it provides a lot of entertainment options for them. There are several zoos and fitness centers throughout Northwest Austin. Every spring, there is an Arts and Culture camp for the artistic and creative souls. Children can take part in this break camp and enhance their arts skills. There are several waterways and lakes in Northwest Austin where people can enjoy water activities and sports like paddle boating and much more. Northwest Austin is a refreshing place to live in, especially for families that want their children to grow in a natural environment surrounded by parks and lakes. This side of Austin is also a hub of commercial businesses.



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South Austin

South-Austin.South Austin is a lively place that provides its residents with a lot of activities to indulge in. This part of Austin is perfect for people that love live music, vintage shopping, and outdoor activities. The city is covered with tall oak trees that enhance the beauty of this place.  It offers outdoor recreation activities for people of all ages including cycling, running, jogging, canoeing, paddle-boarding, and much more. South Austin has several parks that are perfect for the people that want to enjoy some fresh air in a natural environment. The Barton Springs pool is one of the most popular spots in South Austin. This place is crowded with people in the summer season when the Sun is up. Moreover, the people living in South Austin can enjoy outdoor recreation such as hiking, fishing, camping, etc.


The McKinney State Park is another famous spot in South Austin that is perfect for families. The park offers a serene environment full of greenery. The visitors can also enjoy sighting wildlife including deer, fish, and different species of birds in South Austin. South Congress Avenue is popular amongst shopaholics as it has several amazing shopping stores. Moreover, the place consists of antique shops, art galleries, food stalls, restaurants, and vintage clothing stores. South Congress gets a lot of crowd including famous celebrities. This laid-back place is fun to stay with a variety of entertainment and recreational activities.



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