Where to stay in Belgrade

Where is the best area to stay in Belgrade?

By Darija Stojanovic. Aug 07, 2023

Belgrade is among Europe’s most dynamic and fastest-growing cities. The Serbian capital has kept its historical charm but also hasn’t neglected the opportunities for growth. Located at the confluence of two of Europe’s great rivers, Sava and Danube, Belgrade is packed with Insta-perfect landscapes, beautiful sunsets included. Whether you’re into nightlife, sights, history, outdoor activities, or fine dining, the capital of Serbia has it all. The bustling streets, green spaces, 24/7 bars, dazzling cultural scene, and plenty of family-friendly attractions make this city worth visiting all year long. Traditional yet modern, Belgrade is a captivating capital that speaks to travelers of all ages.


If you’re looking for places to stay in this charming city, Stari Grad is the best option. For starters, it’s where all the main tourist attractions like the Kalemegdan Fortress, Knez Mihailova Street, Skadarlija, the National Museum of Serbia, and many others are located. You’ll be staying within walking distance of the city’s palpitating heart, historical buildings, bohemian nightlife, and upscale restaurants. Stari Grad also has some of the most atmospheric, although more expensive accommodation offers. Both party people and families with kids are in for a pleasant and memorable stay.

Hotel   Avg price
Hotel Bohemian Garni - Skadarlija
96€ - 105$
Garni Hotel Le Petit Piaf
138€ - 150$
Hotel   Avg price
Hotel Centar No.1
195€ - 213$
Boutique Hotel Museum
213€ - 232$
Courtyard by Marriott Belgrade City Center
Vase Čarapića
265€ - 289$
Hotel   Avg price
Square Nine Hotel Belgrade
Studentski trg
553€ - 603$

On the map, which shows the most convenient area to stay in Belgrade, you can see a selection of some of the best located hotels.



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Stari Grad, the best area to stay in Belgrade


Best forTop Attractions / Nightlife / Sightseeing



Stari GradStari Grad is undoubtedly the best area to stay in Belgrade, especially if you plan on doing most of the sightseeing during the day. Given that Belgrade’s population is growing faster than the urban designers can follow, the city often has traffic jams where it can take twice as long to get from point A to point B.


When you stay in Stari Grad, you eliminate the commute time given that most sights are easily reachable on foot. Staying in Stari Grad gives visitors a chance to tap into the very soul of Belgrade. Partying all night long to the beats of live Balkan music in Skadarlija or casually sipping beer with friends overlooking the Danube River is an authentic Belgrade experience for those young at heart.


Although the central streets can get noisy at night, quieter areas near the Kalemegdan Fortress secure a good night’s sleep when needed.



Hotels in Stari Grad





Other areas to stay in Belgrade




Best forRelaxed Stay / Outdoor Activities / Old City Vibes



ZemunZemun has some of the largest green areas in Belgrade, making it suitable for anyone who enjoys nature. It’s where the Gardoš Fortress, Zemun embankment, and the Great War Island are located, all of which are notable city attractions.


If you’re into outdoor activities like hiking and kayaking, Zemun is the place to stay. With numerous excursions available along the Danube River, you’re in for a memorable trip, especially if you visit during the summer. Travelers staying in Zemun won’t be missing out on traditional dining options, live music shows, and cultural events either. Zemun is home to some of the most iconic kafanas (Serbian traditional restaurants) as well as the renowned theatre and opera Madlenianum.


Many consider Zemun to be a city within a city, so you’re in for an experience on its own. Plenty of apartments are available overlooking the Danube River, especially around the Donji Grad area.



Hotels in Zemun






Best forNightlife / History / Urban Stay



VracarVračar is a neighborhood with a timeless appeal ideal for history enthusiasts. It’s home to one of the largest Orthodox churches in the world, the Temple of Saint Sava, as well as the Nikola Tesla Museum. Vračar has an urban vibe and many luxury stay options like the Hilton Hotel.


You can expect overall accommodation prices to be higher in Vračar, but the cost is worth it given that you’re staying in one of Belgrade’s most iconic areas. While being packed with excellent dining options and late-night bars, Vračar also gives away a pleasant and family-friendly atmosphere. The area has numerous parks where the locals enjoy taking their pets for walks or getting together to chat. You can experience the everyday Belgrade life and soak into the local culture at every corner of Vračar.


This is the smallest neighborhood in the capital, but it’s also one of its most enchanting ones.



Hotels in Vračar




Savski Venac


Best forClubbing / River Sights / Shopping



Savski VenacIf you’re a young adult looking to have the best of fun in Belgrade, plan your stay around Savski Venac. Savski Venac has grown to become the capital’s business and expat hub as this is where the newly constructed Savamala complex of luxury residences is located. Surrounding the highrise buildings are numerous nightclubs, some of which are located on the river.


The Kalemegdan Fortress and Knez Mihajlova Street are within walking distance it will feel like you’re staying in the city center. If you’re traveling to Belgrade by bus, you’ll appreciate that the central bus station is located in Savski Venac, with plenty of apartments and hotels nearby. Savski Venac has its fair share of restaurants, but for an unforgettable dining experience, it’s best to walk to the nearby Stari Grad.


Those looking for a unique shopping experience can visit the Galerija Mall that’s considered one of the most high-end shopping malls in the country.



Hotels in Savski Venac




Novi Beograd


Best forFamilies / Budget-Friendly Stay / Beaches



Novi BeogradTravelers on a budget will enjoy Novi Beograd. This thoughtfully planned Belgrade neighborhood is home to some of the city’s most important business and hotel complexes. Novi Beograd also has the best Danube beaches.


Visit Ada Ciganlija, a nearby river island ideal for a family outing with activities like swimming, skating, rollerblading, grilling, and more. Novi Beograd is home to one of the city’s most popular aquaparks, in case you need additional recreational activities for the little ones. The best part about Novi Beograd is that it is well connected to the rest of the city and has the lowest amount of traffic jams. Getting around Novi Beograd is fairly easy, meaning you’re always minutes away from traditional Serbian restaurants, green spaces, and bus stations.


Novi Beograd is also the best place to stay if you want to remain closer to the airport.



Hotels in Novi Beograd






Best forCasual Stay / Vicinity to City Center / Sports Activities



PalilulaPalilula is a diverse neighborhood that comprises both the historical and industrial zones of the city, making it ideal for casual stays. This relatively quiet neighborhood is home to the Botanical Garden, the Tašmajdan park, and the Saint Mark’s Church, all of which are notable Belgrade landmarks.


The local Palilula Market is the perfect spot to load up on fresh produce. If you’re into sports, you can enjoy the Tašmajdan Sports and Recreation Center’s open and closed pools, gym, spa, and other facilities. This is also where numerous sports events take place yearlong. If you’re lucky, you may experience the very essence of Serbian culture and mentality here. Watching any type of live sports event with the Serbs is nothing short of fun, and Tašmajdan is just the place for that.


After a day filled with recreational activities, you can take a 20-minute walk to the city center for authentic dining in Skadarlija.



Hotels in Palilula






Best forQuiet Stays / Families / Elderly



VoždovacVoždovac mostly comprises residential buildings, parks, and stores, and it’s the area to stay for those who appreciate its quiet nature. It’s a homey area not far from the Saint Sava Church in Vračar. Here you’ll find the popular recreational park and sports center Banjica with open pools that the locals and visitors tend to flock to in the summer for a quick refreshment.


Voždovac is also where the country’s largest hospital is located along with other notable medical institutions. If you’re coming in for medical treatment, it may make sense to pick Voždovac as your destination. The area is well-connected with the rest of the city with numerous bus, trolley, and tram lines. Plenty of fast food places and restaurants are available as well, so eating out is easy.


If you’re into hiking and birdwatching, you’ll love the Bajford Forest, a long woodland area with sports facilities and trails for visitors of all ages.



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