Where to stay in Belo Horizonte

Where is the best area to stay in Belo Horizonte?

By Camila Wanderley Mendonca. May 07, 2023

Belo Horizonte, the vibrant capital of Minas Gerais in Brazil, is a city that seamlessly blends natural beauty, cultural heritage, and a thriving urban atmosphere. Everyone knows the Brazilian love and devotion to football, samba, and caipirinhas — but in Belo Horizonte, you will also find the hub of Brazilian comfort food, colonial architecture, and bar culture. Known for its warm hospitality and friendly locals, Belo Horizonte offers visitors a memorable experience filled with delicious cuisine and captivating history. With its diverse neighborhoods and unique charm, deciding on the best area to stay in can be a delightful challenge.


However, despite all the beauty the city has to offer in its entirety, the Savassi neighborhood gathers everything a person can wish to find in Belo Horizonte. Savassi is a melting pot of everything Belo Horizonte has to offer, and here you can find some of the best bars and liveliest nightlife in the city — as a matter of fact, Belo Horizonte is one of the cities with the most bars per square meter in the world. Aside from that, you can also walk around the charming streets and find boutique stores, financial buildings, and delicious restaurants, enchanted by it all.

Hotel   Avg price
Br Hostel
Rua Tomé de Souza
33€ - 36$
Hotel   Avg price
Hotel Vivenzo Savassi Belo Horizonte
Rua Antônio de Albuquerque
78€ - 85$
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eSuites Savassi Toscanini
Rua Arturo Toscanini
84€ - 92$
Novotel BH Savassi
Avenida do Contorno
87€ - 95$
Holiday Inn Belo Horizonte Savassi
Rua Professor Moraes
92€ - 100$
Hotel   Avg price
Radisson Blu Belo Horizonte Savassi
Rua Lavras
104€ - 113$

On the map, which shows the most convenient area to stay in Belo Horizonte, you can see a selection of some of the best located hotels.



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Savassi, the best area to stay in Belo Horizonte


Best for: Nightlife / Drinking & Dining / Shopping  and Culture Seekers.



SavassiClose to the city's center, Savassi is a trendy neighborhood that offers an ideal blend of convenience, entertainment, and cultural attractions. The neighborhood has options for a wide range of budgets, and here you can find upscale hospitality and also budget-friendly options. From butecos (Brazilian budget-friendly street corner bars) to charming coffee shops that become bookstores, public squares filled with people, and sprinkles of colonial architecture, Savassi can embrace your every need while in the city.


The nearby Praça da Liberdade, with its grand architecture and picturesque gardens, is a must-visit for history buffs and leisurely strolls. Additionally, the neighborhood's proximity to the Mercado Central, a bustling market filled with fresh produce, regional delicacies, and souvenirs, provides a glimpse into the local culture and flavors of Belo Horizonte. Whether you're a food enthusiast, a shopaholic, or simply looking to immerse yourself in the city's vibrant energy, Savassi has it all.



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Other areas to stay in Belo Horizonte


Centro de Belo Horizonte


Best for: History Enthusiasts / Cultural Explorers



Centro-de-Belo-Horizonte-Centro de Belo Horizonte, the city's heart and one of its most bustling areas, is a prime location for adventurous travelers and history enthusiasts alike. Its central location makes it convenient for exploring the city's iconic landmarks, such as the beautiful Praça da Liberdade and the impressive Palácio das Artes. With its mix of modern buildings and historical architecture, Centro offers a glimpse into the city's rich past while providing easy access to business centers and government institutions.


Visitors can also indulge in the vibrant street life, sample delicious street food, and immerse themselves in the energetic atmosphere of this thriving urban hub. Visiting the markets is also a must, like the Mercado Central to find local goods and Mercado Novo for some young and bohemian cultural submersion.



Hotels in Centro de Belo Horizonte






Best for: Nature Lovers / Architecture Admirers / Joggers



Pampulha-Nestled around the scenic Pampulha Lagoon, this neighborhood is a haven for nature lovers and architecture admirers. Although it is a bit far from the rest of the city, Pampulha is famous for its stunning architectural gems, including the renowned São Francisco de Assis Church, designed by Oscar Niemeyer. Visitors can enjoy leisurely walks or jogs along the picturesque lagoon and soak up the tranquil atmosphere.


The neighborhood is also home to the beautiful Pampulha Art Museum, which houses a remarkable collection of contemporary art. It is ideal for those who want a relaxing vacation, close to nature and architecture. You can also visit the Mineirão stadium and attend a classic soccer game, a must when visiting Brazil.



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Best for: Luxury Seekers / Gastronomy Enthusiasts / Shopaholics



LourdesLourdes is one of the safest and most upscale neighborhoods of Belo Horizonte. It beckons luxury seekers, gastronomy enthusiasts, and avid shoppers. This elegant district boasts many upscale restaurants serving exquisite cuisine, making it a haven for food lovers. Additionally, Lourdes offers a plethora of high-end boutiques and designer stores, allowing fashionistas to indulge in a world of luxury shopping.


The neighborhood's refined ambiance, characterized by tree-lined streets and charming squares, provides a sophisticated setting for leisurely strolls and people-watching. Whether you're seeking culinary delights, upscale shopping, or simply a taste of the high life, Lourdes will captivate and pamper your senses. Drink a cappuccino at one of the neighborhood's coffee shops and dine at a tasty restaurant. Shop for some fine clothing and enjoy a cocktail at the Fasano Hotel's bar.



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Best for: Families / Peaceful Retreats / Nature Enthusiasts



Belvedere-For those in search of a peaceful retreat surrounded by natural beauty, Belvedere is an ideal choice. Situated atop a hill, this residential neighborhood offers breathtaking views of Belo Horizonte's skyline and the surrounding mountains. Families will appreciate the tranquility and safety that Belvedere provides, along with its proximity to parks and outdoor recreational areas. Nature enthusiasts can explore the nearby Serra do Curral, a mountain range perfect for hiking and enjoying the great outdoors.


There are also plenty of delicious restaurants and bars in the area, which are ideal for refreshing açaí after a jog around Lagoa Seca Park. With its serene atmosphere and close-knit community, Belvedere offers a harmonious blend of suburban living and natural splendor.



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Cidade Nova


Best for: Budget Travelers / Local Experience Seekers



Cidade NovaCidade Nova is a vibrant neighborhood that appeals to budget travelers and those seeking an authentic local experience. This lively district is known for its affordable accommodations, making it an excellent choice for travelers on a budget. Cidade Nova offers a glimpse into the daily lives of the city's residents, with bustling local markets where you can find fresh produce, regional delicacies, and unique souvenirs.


The neighborhood's authentic atmosphere and friendly locals create a warm and welcoming environment. Cidade Nova allows visitors to immerse themselves in the local culture, interact with the community, and discover the hidden gems of Belo Horizonte without breaking the bank. Also, here you can find local bars playing pagode on Sundays, a famous Brazilian music genre — join locals for a beer and test out your dance moves.



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