Best place to stay in Bermuda

Where is the best area to stay in Bermuda?

Eccentric, stunning, pleasing and standing alone in splendor is the island of Bermuda. Situated a few miles above the Caribbean, this blink-and-you'll-miss-it dot is full of Caribbean charm. Still, the island is a vibrant place with an identity of its own. Few places in the world boast the charm of Bermuda. With its curvaceous shoreline, azure lagoons and inland sanctuaries, it’s a colorful and alluring place to visit.


Being such a small island, the question of where to stay is often an important one. Typical issues that arise involve the location and available amenities. In most cases however, larger resorts will be close to beaches and restaurants as well as include a wellness center, indoor swimming pool, spa and tennis court.


Whether you are planning a family vacation, honeymoon or even a weekend holiday in Bermuda, be sure to comb through the wide selection of accommodations within the various areas to suit your personality and planned activities. If you are an avid history buff, then staying close to the town of St. Georges is a great idea; as the town is replete with historical significance.


On the other hand, you can go golfing or horseback riding in Warwrick or go to Southhampton where you can gain a deeper connection to the island’s people and culture or enjoy the variety of offerings in Pembroke, specifically those of the capital Hamilton.

Hotel   Avg price
Grotto Bay Beach Resort
Hamilton Parish
325€ - 319$
Hotel   Avg price
The Reefs Resort and Club
Southampton Parish
288€ - 282$
Pompano Beach Club
315€ - 309$
Royal Palms Hotel
319€ - 313$
Newstead Belmont Hills Hotel
Paget Parish
395€ - 387$
Hotel   Avg price
Hamilton Princess & Beach Club
511€ - 501$
The Loren at Pink Beach
Tucker's Town
524€ - 514$
The St Regis Bermuda Resort
Saint George
605€ - 593$


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Best places to stay in Bermuda


St. George's BermudaSt George is located at the eastern end of Bermuda. The parish has two major islands of similar size - The St. George Island covering the northern and western part of the parish and St. David's Island circling south and east. The town of St. George is the main center of the parish and where you’ll find all the charm.  The historic town of St. George was founded in 1612 and was capital until 1815.


As such, St. George’s is an outstanding example of the earliest English urban settlement in the New World. The town therefore holds much historical significance and is designated a World Heritage Site.


A stroll through St. George’s will take you back in time with its Old English architecture, old forts with artillery still intact, monuments and other things of historical significance. Wandering through the alleys and along the waterfront; visitors take a step back in time, as almost everything here is reminiscent of the sights and sounds of an era that is long gone.


If you choose to stay in St. Georges, you will truly get an appreciation for mainland charm and laid back vibe in this heritage town. Inded, theres much to see here, however it’s a good idea to begin with the Bermuda's World Heritage Center which provides an overview of the town, including its heritage and historical background through depictions, drama, art, interactive videos, pictures and even a short film.



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warwick BermudaLocated towards the western side of Bermuda between the Southampton and Paget parishes, Warwick is famous for its south shore, pink sand beaches, national parks and other great attractions. This district is all about the outdoors being a natural beauty with several sightseeing attractions. Warwick is also the site of some of the best golf and horseback riding options in Bermuda. Visitors come here mostly for the beaches; Warwick Long Bay being one of the finest. With all this allure, over the years Warwick has become one of the top tourist destinations in Bermuda.


On the north side, you will find stunning views of the island while in the popular south; there are the splendid stretches of open shoreline, quiet little coves at Astwood Park, Jobson Cove and Chaplin Bay. These are great options for snorkeling. Here, the reefs are healthy, generally close to shore, and the fish abundant and colorful. Jobson’s Cove is right next door and is one of best places for children to snorkel.



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southampton BermudaSouthampton is located at the lower western end of Bermuda and forms a narrow stretch of land between Sandys and Warwick parishes. This parish is all about beach fun. Whether it’s sunbathing, swimming or snorkeling, there's a beach in the parish to suit you. Beyond that, Southampton offers several excellent hotels and guesthouses with magnificent view of the water and access to south shore beaches.


Expect to see locals and tourists surfing, water skiing, boarding and other youngsters expecting to have fun. Little wonder there are more hotel rooms in Southampton than in any other parish in Bermuda. In addition to beach joys, Southampton offers excellent golfing and nature trail tours offering dramatic scenery for hikers.


Boat tours and scuba diving are popular pastimes here. Boat charters offer scenic views of life below the Atlantic’s surface from glass boats. Aquatic Bermuda can be a great option for such experiences.



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Pembroke BermudaSmack in the center of Bermuda, Pembroke has much to attract visitors. The home of Bermuda’s very first hotel, Pembroke now hosts several lodging choices. Wherever you opt to stay, you are never far away from picturesque water views. The quintessential accommodations on the island are small cottages amid the woods but not far away from open water. This is particularly suited to those looking for seclusion. As such, the island is a popular choice for couples on honeymoons and getaways.


Pembroke also holds the distinction of hosting the island’s capital city, Hamilton. Hamilton is the vibrant hub of Bermuda.  It boasts a wide variety of museums and several exquisite buildings with stunning olden and modern architecture. Staying around the Hamilton area, with its many activities, might be the best idea for a first visit to Bermuda. The city is a great way to see many of Bermuda’s top parks, restaurants and churches.  As an example, Hamilton offers an Anglican cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity.


There are numerous forts, fortifications and bits of Royal Naval heritage here, hinting to Bermuda’s history. There are cinemas, a variety of shops, bars, hotels and restaurants. The city is also blessed with markets, gardens, stalls, beaches, squares and plazas with wide streets and boulevards. Places to visit in the City of Hamilton include the Bermuda National Gallery, Bermuda Historical Society Museum, Queen Elizabeth Park and Bermuda Cathedral.



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