Where to stay in Bogota

Where is the best place to stay in Bogota?

Bogota is Colombia’s cultural capital, a busy metropolis surrounded by the peaks of the Andes. In this vibrant city, you’ll be treated to colourful local cuisine as well as a series of beautiful colonial buildings which have been transformed into shops, bars and hotels. Visit the Museo Botero del Banco de la Republica for some stunning Colombia artworks. Head to the Ciclovia on a Saturday, when the city’s roads are closed off so that cyclists, joggers and dog walkers can enjoy the streets. Take a stroll around the beautiful Jardin Botanico Jose Celestino Mutis, or hike up Mount Monserrate for stunning views of the city.


When it comes to where to stay in Bogota, there is one place that stands out: El Chico neighbourhood. This is an upscale area with plenty of excellent tourist facilities as well as plenty of Latin flavour. This area is safer and more tranquil than the city centre, yet it’s just a 10 minute metro ride away. Here, you’ll be within a short distance of attractions like the Chico Museum and Parque 93, a lovely quiet city park. This area also has some excellent restaurants and shopping malls. Getting around is easy, with plenty of inexpensive cabs available in this neighbourhood.

Hotel   Price per night
Hotel   Price per night
Hotel bh Parque 93
Carrera 14 No. 93 A 69
50€ - 56$
Cite Hotel
Carrera 15, 88-10
86€ - 96$
Hotel   Price per night
Celebrities Suites
Calle 74, 10-33
106€ - 119$
Sofitel Bogota Victoria Regia
Carrera 13, 85-80
112€ - 125$


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Chico, the best area to stay in Bogota

The Chico neighbourhood is a particularly upscale area, which is generally quiet though has many tourist-friendly amenities and happens to be one of the safest areas in Bogota. An extremely appealing factor about the district is that it isn’t far from the city centre and is well connected to it, which is only a 10 minute metro or bus ride.


The city centre is obviously where most things happen but can be a little too much for most people, so it is nice to get away and actually stay in a peaceful yet more than adequate set up, which Chico supplies. Chico is also very easy to from the airport as it is only 20 minutes away and other major sights that are dotted around the city can easily be travelled to because of the Transmilenio mass transportation system. There are a number of tourist attractions in Chico with one of the most popular things being Parque 93, which is great in the day as well as at night.


The park is a lovely place to walk, cycle, play games in, have a picnic as well as generally just relaxing in as it is a large green space. From the park, you are greeted with stunning views of the mountains that surround the city and a camera is definitely worth taking. There are regular art shows and exhibitions that turn up for a week or more and the park hosts a good amount of festivals and events like concerts, plays, carnivals and performances. There are also cafes, restaurants, pubs, clubs and hotels that are found in the park as well as surrounding it and it is recommended that you check these places out. Another key feature of the neighbourhood is the Chico Museum, which is a colonial construction and houses a valuable collection of art pieces, antiques, paintings, silverware and various tools that have come from the 18th century.


There are decent shopping options in Chico with various shopping malls including Centro Andino and Unicentro providing several floors each that are home to typical stores that suit tourists, from clothes to food courts and cinema complexes.


Head to Parque 93 for food and drink options at night as it is one of the trendiest areas in the city and has an excellent selection of hotels and hostels.

Other areas to stay in Bogota


The Corferias district is a lovely and delightful area of the city, which is particularly popular with tourists as you are positioned very close to the city centre and have the option of a wide selection of hostels and hotels, which is why it is a great area to stay in. The neighbourhood is safe too and the major tourist highlight is the International Exhibition Centre, which is a venue that hosts local, national and international events as well as companies using it for cultural events too. Art shows, various performances, lectures, talks and films are regular events that are hosted here with the main pavilion holding up to 20,000. There are also a few parks and shopping malls close by to the centre and there are a vast amount of restaurants to select from too.



This neighbourhood is the historic city centre and was where the city was first born, which makes it an ideal place to stay in due to the amount of attractions that are in close proximity and is regarded as a safe district. There are numerous old and beautiful colonial buildings that are found upon the narrow cobblestone streets, which have been turned into some of the most important museums in the country. The most interesting ones are the Gold Museum, which has an impressive collection of gold from the country as well as pre-Colombian artefacts. The National Police Historical Museum tells the dedicated hunt for one of Colombia’s most notorious gangsters, Pablo Escobar, with photos, documents and films about the era. There are also some wonderful art galleries including Donacion Botero, where you find many pieces of work by the Colombian as well as Picasso, Monet, Renoir and many others.


Another amazing art gallery is the Museum of Colonial Art, which contains various treasures like art, cutlery, documents and other items and are housed in one of the oldest buildings in the country. You are never too far from the shops with the main shopping street being Calle 11, which is also where you will find outdoor markets that sell local produce. Candelaria has a fun nightlife with a good selection of traditional bars and restaurants that can be found on most of the streets though Carrera 4 has the highest concentration of each and there are lots of hotels and hostels dotted around the area.