Where to stay in Cannes

Where is the best place to stay in Cannes?

The glamorous and luxurious city of Cannes was once a small fishing village not too long ago, which has grown in stature year after year. Cannes has mainly been put on the world map by the Cannes Film Festival, which happens every May and this is when the hottest and most popular actors, celebrities and directors all come to the city as well as the very rich and wealthy. There is much more to Cannes than just the film festival though with many alternatives for all types of budgets including gorgeous architecture, golden beaches, a very famous port as well as museums, excellent shopping and millions of restaurants, hotels and pubs to pick from.


The best area to stay in Cannes is around the port area in the city centre, which is where the film festival is hosted. This area is well connected to the rest of the city and therefore it is easy to other tourist attractions as well as being close to the airport, central bus and train stations. You can go on day cruises and excursions around the city and to islands as well as exploring museums and architecture. There is certainly no shortage of shops, restaurants, hotels, bars and clubs in the area, which are centred around rue d’Antibes.

Hotel   Price per night
Hotel Alizé
29 rue Bivouac Napoleon
94€ - 105$
Hotel   Price per night
Hotel des Allees
6 Rue Emile Négrin
117€ - 131$
Hotel   Price per night
Club Maintenon
14 rue Edith Cavell
126€ - 141$
Hotel Renoir
7 rue Edith Cavell
165€ - 185$
Cannes Croisette Prestige
87 Rue Antibes
230€ - 258$
Hôtel Barrière Le Gray d'Albion
38, rue des Serbes
303€ - 339$
Hotel   Price per night
Grand Hotel
45 Boulevard de la Croisette
406€ - 455$
Hôtel Barrière Le Majestic Cannes
10, La Croisette
566€ - 634$


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Port area, the best area to stay in Cannes

Port-area-CannesThis area exactly sums up when you think of Cannes, with its iconic images of expensive yachts that or more or less owned by the mega rich. One of the most famous festivals in the world is hosted here too, which is the Cannes Film Festival and is held in the Palais des Festivals building, which has the famous 22 steps that lead up to the entrance. The festival happens is May and if visiting the city at this time then expect this area to be absolutely packed with famous people from all walks of life but especially from the filming world including producers, directors and actors.


At this time you can watch some of the newest films, get autographs and photos with your idols and party till the sun comes back up. Another main attraction in the port area, where you will get fabulous views of the sea and the city itself, are the boat and yacht cruises that set off from here and you can go to various destinations including Monaco, IIe Sainte Marguerite, St Tropez and many other destinations.


The area is also home to a number of good beaches including Plage Royale and Baoli Beach with both having clean waters to swim in as well as various water sports to participate in like windsurfing, parasailing, kayaking as well as others. The streets behind the port area are littered with 19th and 20th century typical French villas and houses with articulate balconies, which make for a beautiful stroll with ample photo opportunities. One of the streets that you will find is rue d’Antibes, which is the main shopping area in the city and is full of luxurious shops including globally known brands such as Gucci, Dior, Chanel and Jean Paul Gaultier.


There are also book shops, entertainment complexes, delicatessens, chocolatiers and many souvenir shops. Another excellent shopping street is rue Meynadier, which has a vibrant market atmosphere and is where you can purchase local foods and drinks like various cheeses, jams, breads, fruits, wines, beers and lots of other products.


The best hotels, restaurants and pubs are all located by the waterfront, either in the port or along the beaches with a variety of places to choose from. Most are in the expensive range though if you don’t have the money then just explore the streets behind the seafront as these tend to be cheaper. Other areas to check out are rue Meynadier and rue d’Antibes.


Other neighbourhoods to stay in Cannes

Pointe Croisette

Pointe-CroisetteThe Pointe Croisette carries up the coast from the port area and is claimed to be the heart of the city with some of the most expensive hotels, designer shops and happens to be the main nightlife area. There are plenty of bars, pubs and clubs that overlook the curvy coastline and sandy beaches that sits in front of it, where we can enjoy a lovely swim.


The area is very safe and is easily found with public transportation as it is well connected to the rest of the city. There are also casinos, theatres and concert halls that are lined along the seafront and you are never too far from a top quality restaurant with most cuisines being catered for.





Le Suquet (Old Town)

Le-Suquet-(Old-Town)To the west of the port is the Old Town, which is the old quarter of the city and is beautifully located on a hill, which gives you outstanding views of Cannes. The streets are old and cobbled with most villas and houses coming from the 17th century and line up next to authentic cafes and restaurants. Here, you will find the oldest attractions in the city including the Notre-Dame Gothic church, which dates back to the 14th century.


There is also the medieval Chateau de la Castre built by monks in the 11th century and its museum, which holds spears, masks, uniforms and armour and has a viewing tower, where you can superb panoramic views of the Old Town.


One of the best markets in the city is found here, which is the charming Marche Forville, where you can get all sorts of products like foods, drinks, clothes, jewellery as well as excellent food stalls to try out. However, the main area for restaurants, pubs and hotels is rue St Antoine as the atmosphere is terrific and has plenty of each to pick from. It is a wonderful area of the city, which offers something completely different to anywhere else in the city, which is a particularly safe neighbourhood and is very easy to get to from other areas.