Where to stay in Corfu

Where is the best area to stay in Corfu?

Corfu is one of the beautiful Ionian Islands, situated west of mainland Greece. Corfu has long been a favourite for holiday makers, with a variety of activities to cater for every budget and personality. The island enjoys long hot summers and plenty of rain in winter, meaning it has plush green landscapes all year round, unlike some of the other Greek Islands.


Wherever you stay on the island, you will find rows upon rows of olive trees that help to generate a strong olive export business. Stay in the northern part of the island, in towns such as Corfu, Gouvia and San Stefanos, and enjoy views of dramatic coastlines and towering mountains or head south for a level terrain and a milder beach experience. The southern resorts of Sidari and Kavos offer a more action packed holiday, for those looking to let their hair down.


Wherever you decide to stay in Corfu, you will be met with a rich history that is told via the many galleries, churches and museums across the island. The island is proud of its Venetian influenced heritage and to this day takes on cultural and artistic influences. Tourism has seen Corfu develop dramatically, particular in the North, but there are still plenty of hidden gems to be found on this inspiring island.

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Art Hotel Debono
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Best places to stay in Corfu

Corfu Town

Corfu TownCorfu Town is a charming metropolis that charms visitors with its Venetian inspired buildings and wonderfully contrasting colours within its landscape. Lovers of art and culture enjoy staying in Corfu town year upon year, with dozens of galleries and pop up art shops dotted all around the town. The town looks very regal with its Venetian mansions and grand hotels but it never appears pretentious as the locals are as welcoming as ever. This cosmopolitan town attracts couples looking for a spot of luxury, with no over-crowded beaches and high class restaurants to dine in of an evening.


The famous fortress, Palaio Frourio, is wonderful to explore making Corfu a place where history meets modernity and holiday fun meets new learning experiences. The town has expanded rapidly over the last 40 years or so, due to tourist demand, but it still has an air of authenticity and traditionalists are not put off staying here.



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gouviaGouvia is a relatively unspoilt town on the island, where people can stay if they want a true taste of life in Corfu. Locals and tourists alike enjoy quiet days at the beach and intimate dinners of an evening in one of the family run restaurants that light up the town at night. Situated in the north of the island, Gouvia is reasonably underdeveloped in tourist terms, meaning you can escape from the crowds and soak up the atmosphere with those that live in the town. Walkers will enjoy strolling around the town and visiting the beautiful white washed churches that are so distinctive throughout Greece.


San Stefanos is also a smaller, quieter town for those wanting to get away from it all and enjoy the Greek way of life in its simplest form. Couples looking for a romantic place to stay will enjoy either of these two towns, enjoying privacy wherever they go.



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KavosKavos is a renowned party town and attracts thousands of youngsters looking for a hedonistic holiday experience. If you want all night parties and lots of fun on the beach then Kavos is the place to stay. Beaches are often packed and most bars and restaurants cater for the UK crowds, although you will find traditional tavernas in the few quiet parts of Kavos. As well as drinking, days are action packed with everything from paragliding to bungee jumps on the beach to choose from to help you shake off a hangover.


Those wanting a relaxing holiday are best to avoid Kavos and head to a town that does not attract quite as many youngsters. If you are young, up for a laugh and do not mind a faster pace to your holiday, this could well prove to be the perfect place to stay.



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SidariIf you are wanting a party holiday that is not as ‘full on’ as Kavos, Sidari is the place to stay. Sidari sits on the north coast and is just a 30 minute drive from the airport; so you will be partying, more or less, as soon as you get off the plane. The resort is very popular with tourists, particularly from the UK, which is reflected in its array of modern bars and restaurants and English style pubs. Resort hotels are packed with entertainment shows, activities for children and big screen TV’s and there is a bar within walking distance of most hotels.


Nightclubs will keep you entertained until the wee small hours, then you can shake off your hangover with a swim at the town’s blue flag beach, before taking in the many hours of sunshine Sidari has on offer.



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Corfu is a true delight for all of the senses, with each town having its own part to play in the success of the island amongst tourists. A true mix of tradition and modernity, Corfu takes onboard demands from tourists without losing its sense of old world charm.