Where to stay in Crete

Where is the best area to stay in Crete?

Crete is the biggest and the most diverse of the Greek Islands, with a resort to suit the needs of every holiday maker. Due to the size of the island and its varying landscapes, there are pockets that are underdeveloped but most of the island caters for the tourist market.


Crete is famous for being a party island, with the resorts of Malia and Hersonissos renowned for their 24 hour party atmosphere. If you are looking for a Greek family holiday that offers more than sun and sand, head to Rethymno and go on a nature exploration and spend quality time together. The northern coast, in general, has superb beaches and is a great place for swimming in the sea.


If you are looking for a more laid back holiday, Elounda and Agios Nikolaos are relatively new resorts that house the more luxurious hotels, restaurants and bars on the island. The whole of the island is steeped in history, with many museums, temples and churches to visit to explore ancient Greek history. The capital, Heraklion is often the first port of call for tourists touring the island and is a great place to take in the local Cretan culture, as is the wonderfully picturesque town of Chania.

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Doge Traditional Hotel
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Pilot's Villas Luxury Suites
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Galaxy Hotel Iraklio
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La Canea
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Deciding where to stay in Crete


The island’s capital is a vibrant city, full to the brim with art and history, making it an ideal place for history lovers to visit. The Minoan Palace of Knossos is a major attraction, as is the Museum of Natural History. During summer and autumn you will be welcomed by crocuses and narcissi adorned against traditional white washed houses and churches that are synonymous with Greece.


The centre is packed with bars, restaurants and traditional tavernas where locals meet with tourists for a relaxed but fun evening. The nightlife in Heraklion can get a little wild but there are plenty of bars to cater for those just wanting a quiet drink to round off their day.


La Canea/ Chania

Chania, also known locally as La Canea, is a beautiful town, where you can stroll around and soak up the Cretan atmosphere and live as the locals do. If you want to stay in a place that is steeped in tradition but still offers you the opportunity to have a beach getaway, Chania is a great place to stay.


You can walk along the harbour and along the lively promenade, dipping in and out of its many cafés to watch locals go about their everyday life. You will find Cretan people very friendly in any town you visit and do not be surprised if people ask you into their homes.



Those looking for a full-on party head to Malia and Hersonissos for a hedonistic Greek holiday. Situated in the Heraklion region, it is close to the airport and has long stretches of sandy beaches to rest and recuperate after a long night of drinking and dancing. Big name DJs fly out to Malia during the summer months, rivalling Ibiza as the number one destination for young people to rave their summer breaks away. Glozanie Beach is an infamous party destination, where the days roll into one and the party never stops.


There is a total of 6 beaches in Malia to choose from, so you will be spoilt for choice as to where you rest your weary head. If there are no hangovers to be seen, a day of water-sports or beach football is on offer and the blue flag beaches mean that a swim in the sea can blow away any remaining cobwebs. There is a little respite in Malia, with the old town still hanging on to some of its traditions, with tavernas serving up tzatziki and Moussaka by night and the quaint cobbled streets welcoming people into their shops and churches during the day.



Rethymno celebrates having the best beaches on the island, making it the place to head if you love spending time on the sand and in the sea. A holiday in Rethymno is all about taking things easy, soaking up the sun and sipping cocktails of an evening. The relaxed pace of life also makes Rethymno a good place for families to stay, as there are no huge crowds and you can partake in as little or as many activities as you want to.


There are large water parks for children to have fun splashing about in and the town centre has many child friendly restaurants and outdoor bars. The surrounding area of the main centre is very hilly and makes for great photographs, as well as the opportunity to stretch the legs and take brisk walks.



Elounda is just over an hour’s drive from Heraklion and is a popular destination for tourists who want a mixture of traditional Greek holiday and modern beach holiday. Along the coast from Elounda is Agios Nikolaos where you can find The Voulismeni Lake, which is said to be bottomless! The lake attracts hundreds of tourists every day, meaning that Agios Nikolaos has gradually become a small resort in its own right.


The pace is very relaxed in both Elounda and Agios Nikolaos, making it an ideal place for couples and young families. Many of the hotels are child friendly and most have family activities to keep everybody entertained. Quiet tavernas and bars can be found along the main streets and there are lots of boutique shops where you can buy unusual trinkets for the family back home.


Crete may be renowned for all night parties and typical beach holidays but there are many hidden gems to be found, if you take time to explore this wonderfully diverse island.

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