Where to stay in Curacao

Where is the best place to stay in Curacao?

Welcome to Curacao! This little-known island is quickly becoming the 2019 top vacation destination. Only 70 miles southeast of Aruba, Curacao is easy to get to from the U.S. which makes it the perfect vacation getaway. Often referred to as “the best kept secret of the Caribbean” this gorgeous island is most known for the candy-colored colonial style buildings that line the waterway in the capital Willemstad. Curacao is full of charm and style, white sandy beaches, perfect weather (it only rains 22 inches a year in Curacao), and some of the best snorkeling in the Caribbean. Whether you prefer a private and secluded retreat or a lively beachfront resort Curacao has many wonderful lodging choices.


Not sure if Curacao is right for your upcoming vacation getaway? We understand that planning a vacation getaway is hard when you haven’t visited the destination, so we have compiled a list of the BEST areas to stay in Curacao for you as well as a local’s perspective for the best nightlife, beaches, snorkeling and more.


When booking your accommodations in Curacao it is important to decide if you want to stay in the busy touristy areas to rub elbows with other vacationers, or stay a little farther out in an Airbnb that is located in a quiet, local neighborhood such as Coral Estates Rif St. Marie or Sint Michel. No matter which you choose you will definitely need a car to get around. The island is small but taxis are very expensive and public transportation isn’t too reliable.

Hotel   Avg price
Mustique Suites Curacao
128 Roodeweg, Willemstad
42€ - 50$
Hotel   Avg price
Quints Travelers Inn
8 Corriweg, Willemstad
79€ - 94$
Dolphin Suites
Bapor Kibrá
157€ - 187$
Hotel   Avg price
Hibiscus Beach House
Jan Thiel
98€ - 117$
118€ - 140$
Scuba Lodge & Suites
177€ - 211$
Hotel   Avg price


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Best Places To Stay In Curacao


Mambo Beach Blvd

Mambo Beach BlvThis area is great for families, groups of friends and honeymooners! It is a stretch of beautiful white sand beach and crystal blue waters that is only minutes from the candy-colored Willemstad. The best part about Mambo beach is that not only does it offer a pristine beach it has several lodging choices, a variety of shops, an assortment of restaurants, several beachfront bars (Bonita, Wet & Wild, Hemmingway, Cabana Beach Club and more).


And dining at Mambo Beach Blvd is a foodie’s dream! Walk along the boardwalk and choose from fine dining, seafood, café style food, Subway, pizza, ice cream and more. The kids can run around and play safely while the adults can lounge on the super comfy chairs.


Mambo Beach Blvd also has the best happy hour the island has to offer! Friday night at Bonita happy hour lasts for 2 hours! This is the longest happy hour at any beach bar we know. Most happy hours in Curacao only last 1 hour.


Check out LionsDive Beach Resort for wonderful accommodations at Mambo Beach Blvd.


Travel Tip: Entrance to Mambo Beach is not free (this is true for many beaches in Curacao). Unless you are a guest at one of the local resorts, you will be charged an entrance fee per person plus pay to rent the beach chairs.



Pietermaai District

If you prefer to stay in an area that offers unique, upscale, luxury as well as cozy accommodations along with the best eateries and nightlife within walking distance, the Pierermaai District is for you!


You will quickly be mesmerized by the vibrant candy-colored historic buildings and the warm, tropical breezes. In the Piertermaai District you can choose from Airbnb styled apartments, boutique hotels and luxury resorts. Check out this beautiful boutique hotel. No beaches in this area though. Some hotels and resorts are waterfront but there are no beaches.



This is a charming boutique hotel in one of the liveliest districts of Willemstad, Curacao. Overlooking the most stunning blue waters in the Caribbean, the unique hotel rooms, the women’s fashion store and an exceptional dining experience unlike any other make the BijBlauw a truly amazing vacation or honeymoon destination.


Punda&Otrobanda, Willemstad

The main downtown area of Willemstad is divided into two equally beautiful sections. Punda, meaning “city” &Otrobanda which is simply the “other side”. Both of these areas are rich in nightlife, culinary delights, candy-colored European architecture and wonderful boutique and hotel accommodations. You can easily walk from one side to the other over a beautiful floating bride. Stay on one side and shop in luxurious designer boutiques and dine on the other. Whatever you heart desires is there for you.  Surrounded by water both Punda&Otrobanda are wonderful areas to stay in. Hotels in these areas range from hostels to resorts with casinos.


Jan Thiel

Jan Thiel beach is located on Southeast edge of Curacao and is filled with everything you need for a romantic honeymoon, family vacation or getaway with friends. Quite possibly one of the best areas in Curacao because everything is close, it offers great choices for accommodations, nightlife is thriving with live bands, and many historical attractions are nearby. Jan Thiel beach is always busy with tourists relaxing in beach chairs on the white sand, playing watersports in the bluest water you will ever see or enjoying the fabulous dining options. Truly one of our favs!


Blue Bay Resort

For travelers that don’t want to be immersed in the “touristy” areas, Blue Bay Resort may be the perfect resort for you. A beautiful, 220 acres property that features residential and vacation fun, an 18-hole golf course, stunning 150-meter long white sand beach, and excellent bars and restaurants. A private resort experience perfect for any honeymoon couple and travelers wanting less hustle and bustle in Curacao. And it’s just a short drive to Punda, Otrobanda or Mambo Beach Blvd for dining and nightlife.


Airbnb Rentals In Local Neighborhoods Curacao

If you are considering booking a villa, condo or house through Airbnb in Curacao and wondering what to expect, we have you covered. There are many great areas to choose from like Sint Michel for a home rental in Curacao but what you need to know is you will be what the locals consider “far” from everything. Honestly, Sint Michel is a wonderful, safe neighborhood and is only a 20-minute drive to all of the touristy areas around Willemstad.



Travel Tip: The Island of Curacao is unlike any other Caribbean island. Similar to other islands the beaches are extraordinary but once you venture out of the beach areas into the center of the island, where local neighborhoods and stores are you will see a complete change in terrain. The island of Curacao is similar to a desert. Only getting 22 inches of rain each year, the island is dry and dusty and covered with cactuses. A unique blend of beautiful beaches and desert style landscape make Curacao beauty unlike any other.




What Are The Best Beaches In Curacao?


All of the beaches in Curacao are picturesque with perfect white sand and vibrant blue waters. The best beaches for snorkeling, and sunbathing area 30 - 45-minute drive from Willemstad and the touristy areas so you will definitely need a car. The beaches are small so not much room for long walks but the views are amazing and snorkeling is great! All offer beach chairs for rent and some charge entrance fees as well.


A Guide To The Best Beaches in Curacao


Porto MariPorto Mari – this is a rustic beach that hits all the marks. Great views, beautiful clear blue water, great snorkeling and has wild pigs that roam around. They have a restaurant/bar on the beach for snacks and drinks. You will pay to rent your beach chairs (approximately $5 each) and pay an entrance fee as well. But get there early chairs are limited.


Tugboat Beach – a little off the beaten path is a wonderful rocky beach that has the BEST snorkeling. The beach itself doesn’t offer the best sand for sunbathing but the water is clear and blue. And if you love to snorkel, this a must visit. A submerged tugboat is full of beautiful corals, sponges and a variety of colorful fish.


Daaibooi Beach – this beautiful beach is Free to get in! No entrance fee! It is one of the few beaches on the island that doesn’t charge entrance fees. Daaibooi Beach is a small beach, with white sand and blue waters and they do offer beach chairs for rent (approximately $3.00 each). Snorkeling is also available here.


Curacao is a lovely island that has many modern luxuries like American fast food (Subway, Burger King, Wendy’s, McDonalds), a mall with similar stores to the U.S and movie theatre, people on the island speak English, they have great local delicacies for the adventurous eaters (iguana, cactus &ocra soup) and some of the prettiest beaches anywhere!


When choosing the best place to stay in Curacao you have to keep in mind what amenities are important to you. Selecting the best area in Curacao for your vacation is the beginning of a wonderful experience filled with beauty, nature and memories to last a lifetime! And super easy to get to from the United States! Book your stay in Curacao now.