Where to stay in Cyprus

Where is the best place to stay in Cyprus?

Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean and has long been a destination for holidaymakers wanting fun in the sunshine. Enjoying a climate similar to neighbouring Greece, Cyprus celebrates long summer season and caters for couples, families and young people looking for the perfect holiday. Busy party towns such as Protaras and Ayia Napa cater for younger crowds; whilst sleepy resorts like Amathus Bay are ideal for tourists looking for a quieter place to stay.


Art and history buffs will enjoy staying in Limassol, Paphos and Larnaca where they can explore the various cultural influences that have impacted Cyprus over the years. In Limassol, you will see Catholic churches, Byzantine monasteries and Islamic mosques come together to form one warm friendly city. Located on the South Coast, the port city of Larnaca reflects the blend of ancient and modern influences with its cosmopolitan beach fronts and ancient monuments.


Cyprus is a place to spend lazy days at the beach and long days walking the cobbled streets of small villages, stopping off for coffee and snacks in the daytime and a chilled glass of wine of an evening.

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Mediterranean Beach Hotel
97€ - 115$
Alexander The Great Beach Hotel
119€ - 142$
Leonardo Cypria Bay
153€ - 182$
Alasia Boutique Hotel
154€ - 183$
Vrissaki Beach Hotel
Protaras, Paralimni
163€ - 194$
The King Jason
180€ - 214$
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The Landmark Nicosia
189€ - 225$
Four Seasons Hotel
221€ - 263$


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Deciding where to stay in Cyprus


LimassolLimassol is a very cosmopolitan town, taking influences from neighbouring Turkey and Greece to create a buzzing atmosphere, especially around the busy cafés and bars of an evening. This busy port can easily be mistaken for being the capital city as it certainly gives Nicosia a run for its money in terms of activities and culture.


Dasoudi Beach is a busy stretch of golden sand that attracts tourists and locals alike; all looking to soak up some sun and swim in the warm Mediterranean Sea. The old town is awash with pavement cafés, family run tavernas and modern European style bars, creating a bustling town in the day time and a steady nightlife of an evening.



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PaphosPaphos is a traditional Cypriot town, laced with cobbled streets, a small harbour, lovely white washed houses and friendly family run tavernas. Legend has it that this is near to where Aphrodite rose from the sea and the area is certainly blessed by the gods if its beauty is anything to go by. Paphos does only have a very small stretch of sand but where it lacks in beaches it definitely makes up for in culture.


The harbour thrives of a daytime, with locals looking to purchase fresh fish from fishing boats coming into port, cafés packed with tourists and locals chatting and sipping a beer. The town’s history stretches back to Neolithic times, so there’s a mixed heritage to explore. The  UNESCO rated Tomb of the Kings (Egyptian catacombs) are a must see, as is the House of Dionysos, making Paphos a great place to stay if sitting around a hotel pool every day is not really your thing. Nightlife is taken at a steady to pace, never too quiet but never too loud and the many hotels in the town follow the same code: something for everyone.



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Setting itself apart from the other cities with its laid-back atmosphere, Larnaca invites visitors to journey through its culturally- rich history against the backdrop of majestic scenery. Whether exploring ancient ruins, lounging on Mackenzie beach or admiring the flamingos of the breathtaking Larnaca Salt Lake, visitors can be assured that they will leave Cyprus with a piece of magic. Best suited for families and history buffs, Larnaca is filled with gems – the most famous being the Church of Saint Lazarus. Being a city of great religious significance, – the Hala Sultan Tekke and the Stavrovouni Monastery are must-sees.


While Larnaca is not a party town, it does offer charming bars for those wishing to enjoy a relaxing nightcap. Finikoudes is a popular beach, featuring a promenade adorned with palm- trees and numerous bars and restaurants. While popular family-friendly hotels are located by the beaches, visitors can also choose between chic hotels in the heart of the city. Larnaca boasts comfortable temperatures and sunny days during its short-lived winters, making it an all-year round destination.



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Protaras is lively without being bolshy and is a good place to stay if you are looking for more of a party atmosphere that does not get too out of hand. Protaras is postcard pretty with olive trees and bright coloured plants lining the walls and gardens around the town; 10 minutes away Cape Greco is even prettier, with many saying it is the most beautiful place in Cyprus. Due to its relaxed and friendly atmosphere and child friendly hotel facilities, Protaras is a hit with families and couples alike.


Fig Tree Bay is the best beach in the area, with a purpose-built resort to cater for every holiday maker’s needs. Beaches are clean and good for swimming and the craggy coastline is good for coastal walks, for those wanting a bit of exercise whilst on holiday.



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Ayia Napa

Ayia NapaAyia Napa is the major party town in Cyprus, with thousands or exuberant teenagers and young people heading to the town to dance the summer away. The main streets of Ayia Napa are lined with bars, nightclubs and karaoke bars that are open day and night. Cafés and fast food restaurants are staples along the main strip but youngsters can find traditional tavernas if they look hard enough.


Whilst Ayia Napa does have a rowdy reputation, it still enjoys pockets of beauty and the lovely Nissi beach, whilst crowded in summer, does offer respite from the mayhem of central Ayia Napa. Nissi beach also attracts families and couples staying in nearby resorts as it does boast long golden beaches and some of the best water-sports and beach activities in the region.



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Cyprus is an island for everyone, a place where families can enjoy a traditional beach holiday, history buffs can explore ancient Greek history and art lovers can enjoy the idyllic landscapes of each region of the island. A true beauty in the Mediterranean, you will leave Cyprus and want to come back again and again.