Where to stay in Fort Lauderdale

Where is the best area to stay in Fort Lauderdale?

Nicknamed the Venice of the US, Fort Lauderdale shimmers with canal waterways and fabulous sandy beaches. This is a city where the sun always shines, so outdoor pursuits are key. Whether you’re relaxing on a palm tree lined beach, cruising through the water on a catamaran, or sampling the delicious local seafood, you’ll enjoy a taste of the good life in this Florida city.


This area is teaming with marine life such as turtles and manatees, and you can tour the Everglades, a famous natural wonder, from here. Stroll along the Las Olas Boulevard and you’ll find contemporary art galleries, local shops and excellent dining.


If you want to be where the action is, the best area to stay in Fort Lauderdale is the Central Beach area. Here, you’ll be within walking distance of the sandy shores of Fort Lauderdale Beach, with attractions like Bonnet House Museum and Gardens at your doorstep. Nearby, you can also cycle or stroll the trails at Fort Lauderdale Beach Park. At night, you’ll find a host of vibrant bars and restaurants along the beach strip. This area is served by the Fort Lauderdale Sun Trolley which will take you to the Las Olas shopping area. Port Everglades, one of the world’s busiest cruise ship ports, is also located nearby.

Hotel   Price per night
205 N Fort Lauderdale, Beach Blvd
136€ - 152$
Hotel   Price per night
Hotel   Price per night
The Westin Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort
321 North Fort Lauderdale Beach Boulevard
248€ - 278$
The Pillars Hotel Fort Lauderdale
111 N Birch Rd
252€ - 282$
Hilton Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort
505 N Fort Lauderdale Beach Blvd
262€ - 293$
W Fort Lauderdale
401 North Fort Lauderdale Beach Boulevard,
333€ - 373$
Hotel   Price per night
The Ritz-Carlton, Fort Lauderdale
1 North Fort Lauderdale Beach Boulevard
500€ - 560$


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Central Beach – The Best Place to Stay in Fort Lauderdale

The place that we highly recommend for staying in Fort Lauderdale is Central Beach because it offers the best of this mesmerizing city. Fort Lauderdale is a beautiful city in Florida and is famous for its beaches that attract thousands of people every year. The Central Beach, however, stands-out amongst all other beaches in the city. This beach has a lot to offer to the people staying here. There is so much to this beach that one can spend the entire day exploring it.


The best part about this beach is that it offers a variety of water activities including fishing, snorkeling, boating, etc. You can also take a ride in the boat or cruise to explore the exotic beach and its surroundings. The beach is covered with umbrellas, chairs, pine trees, picnic tables, etc for the people that want to spend their time on the beach. This beach gives a spectacular view at night when the sea wall is lit with colored rope lighting. The night scene in Central Beach is an unforgettable experience and people can enjoy music with wine and cocktails. Central Beach is the center of entertainment in Fort Lauderdale, FL. This area is perfect for stay with family and friends.


There are several restaurants, food stalls, and bars on the sand. Central Beach is a perfect place for families wanting to have some fun. You can also book a stay in one of the luxurious cruises on the Central Beach and take a tour of the majestic beach views and its surroundings. If you have a love for fishing then you can take part in fishing sports by getting on one of the boats on Central Beach. There are luxury electric motor boats available for booking on Valentine’s Day with a loved one. The tour on the boat is entertaining, informative, and exciting. The passengers can also see different wildlife during their ride on the boat. You can also have fun on cruise or water taxi tours in the evening. An amazing live jazz night is held in Casablanca Café every night. You can relax on the beach sand in day time by looking at the beautiful pelicans flying overhead. You can also go for a dive or enjoy snorkeling in the deep water. Overall, the Central Beach area in Fort Lauderdale is one of the most happening places to stay in the city. This place is perfect for families, couples, and singles that want to party and enjoy cruising trips on the beach.

Ritz Carlton Fort Lauderdale Designe
The Atlantic Hotel Fort Lauderdale

Other areas to stay in Fort Lauderdale

Lauderdale by the Sea
Located to the east of Fort Lauderdale, Lauderdale by the Sea is a mesmerizing town on a barrier island. This beautiful location is another must stay spot in Fort Lauderdale, FL. A huge part of this beach is dedicated to scuba diving and snorkeling activities. This three-tiered reef has several romantic resorts, hotels, and restaurants for the entertainment of the people staying in town.


There are several water sport facilities for visitor including Jet Ski, boating, fishing, boat tours, and much more. The top attraction in Lauderdale by the Sea is Scuba Diving. There is something for everyone in this town from historic tours to water activities and amazing food experience. The Datura Avenue Shipwreck Snorkel Trail is an excellent activity in Lauderdale by the Sea. The people registered in the trail can see a variety of wildlife of Florida including colorful fish, sharks, turtles, lobsters, and over 300 species of fish.


Lauderdale by the Sea also offers several other entertainment facilities including the popular Jungle Island where people can see almost any animal found in jungles around the world. This beautiful and exciting place is best for families and children. There are several varieties of plants in the Jungle Island and interested people can also book a part of this land for events.


Kayaking is another fun activity that people can indulge in. While kayaking, you can see jungle species like iguanas and much more. Watching the surrounding jungles while kayaking is an amazing experience in itself. There is a lot that this place offers including Para-sailing for adventurous souls. You can also rent an electric water bike on the beach which is an extremely fun and exciting activity for the people staying in this town.


The beach is covered with cafes, restaurants, clubs, and food stalls that offer local and international cuisine. Moreover, this town has world-class hotels that offer high-end luxury to the people staying in Lauderdale by the Sea.