Where to Stay in Izmir

Which is the best area to stay in Izmir?

Izmir is Turkey’s third biggest city, following the infamous Istanbul, and Turkey’s capital, Ankara. Izmir boasts its own distinctly liberal culture, a combination of historical sites and contemporary attractions, a stunning coastline, and vibrant nightlife. The coexistence of old and new in Izmir is truly unique, and, like Istanbul, Izmir’s contemporary landscape reflects its complex significance for many diverse peoples over thousands of years. Since each neighbourhood in Izmir is distinct, plenty of time can be spent exploring the city alone. Alternatively, Izmir is the perfect place from which to make day trips to Ephesus, the House of Mary, or the beach towns of Dalyan and Çeşme.


Downtown Konak is the best place to stay in Izmir as it is the centre of tourism and commerce, with easy access to the city’s main public transportation: metro, tram, ferry, and bus. Konak is significant to both tourists and locals, making this district a fascinating place to experience Izmir’s eclectic culture. Many languages can be heard on the streets, espresso and cocktail bars mingle with more traditional tea houses and meyhanes, and calmer residential areas are often just minutes from all the action, whether you are looking for historical sites, nightlife, or spectacular views. (95)

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Konak, the best area to stay in Izmir


History, food, seaside, nightlife



KonakKonak alone offers a wealth of unique neighbourhoods to explore. They are all connected by metro and by a scenic tram route, which winds its way along the Aegean coastline before moving through the bustling inland streets. Karataş is a largely residential neighbourhood on the hillside, famous for the Historical Elevator, which connects the sea-level and hilltop districts for tourists and daily commuters alike. Many locals in Karataş know the worth of their seaside views and opt to Airbnb or short-term rent their apartments or single rooms.


A single tram stop, or a 15-minute walk west, is Konak’s iconic Clock Tower, located in the beautiful square directly between Konak Pier and the Kemeraltı, the bazaar district. Alsancak, Izmir’s historic centre, is also found in Konak. Alsancak’s quirky energy is hard to resist, particularly in the colourful, pedestrian-only main square which is packed with clubs, cafes, and food stands.



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Other areas to stay in Izmir




Nature, children, short layover



GaziemirGaziemir is where Izmir’s airport is located, a good place to visit during a short layover. It is a commercial centre, less touristy than Konak or Bornova, but with several notable attractions. ‘Fuar Izmir’ is one of Turkey’s most important international convention centres that, while not in use, offers plenty of pleasant indoor and outdoor spaces to explore. Gaziemir is also a greener district - Sarnıç Picnic Area, for example, is a popular weekend destination, offering Izmir residents some respite from city life.


The abundance of forested area also makes Gaziemir an ideal place to camp or hike. Gaziemir is also home to Space Camp Turkey, the third space camp in the world. Space Camp Turkey is a great way to add variety to all the historical sightseeing in Izmir, and offers children plenty of opportunities to learn, have fun, and burn off some energy. It is about 40 minutes from Gaziemir to the centre of Izmir, by bus.



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History, nightlife, seaside, family



KarşıyakaKarşıyaka is a centrally-located district, a scenic 15-minute ferry trip away from Konak. Like Konak, Karşıyaka has plenty of gorgeous walking space along the seaside; in the evenings almost all year long this area is bustling with people watching the sunset and enjoying the weather. Karşıyaka Bazaar is a pedestrian-only zone, popular for shopping and entertainment. A more modern option is MaviBahçe - a huge mall with stunning outdoor and indoor spaces, perfect for strolling as well as shopping.


Significant historical attractions in Karşıyaka include the mansion of Latife Hanım, wife of Turkey’s founder, Kemal Mustafa Ataturk, and the tomb of Ataturk’s mother, Zübeyde Hanım; both sites provide much insight into the early days of the Turkish Republic. Karşıyaka is full of things to do and see and is considered a convenient place to live, for people of all ages.



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Young people, nightlife, sport, music



BornovaAlongside Konak and Karşıyaka, Bornova is one of the most popular places to stay in Izmir. Because Ege University is located here, the area is full of young Turks and foreigners, most from Eastern Europe and the Middle East, but also many from Central and South America. Central Bornova is busy, full of car and foot traffic during rush hours, and boasts some of the best nightlife in Izmir.


Despite this, the residential areas close to the centre are fairly quiet, as is Aşık Veysel Recreation Area which provides plenty of green space, flower gardens, and paths for running and walking. For sports enthusiasts, Aşık Veysel also includes indoor facilities such as a pool, ice rink, and indoor sports centre. Additionally, Izmir’s State Opera and Ballet is located in Bornova; their seasons usually highlight favourites from the classical western repertoire as well as some contemporary Turkish work and shorter evening concerts.



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Nature, spa/health, family



BalçovaBalçova is a more spacious, relaxed district which relies primarily on buses and shuttles for transport to the city centre. There are also many students in this district because Izmir University of Economics is located here. Balçova is primarily known for beautiful forested areas, such as İnciraltı - a popular picnicking and hiking spot - and Teleferik Tepesi or ‘Cable Car Hill’, where guests can take the cable car up to one of the best views of Izmir and the bay.


Balçova’s Agamemnon Thermal Springs are also famous throughout Turkey; their legendary healing properties date back to use by Agamemnon’s soldiers after the Trojan War, and it is even said that Homer spent time in these waters. Now a hotel and Thermal Treatment Center have been built around the springs offering a range of services inspired by this method of healing.



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