Where to stay in Johannesburg

Where is the best place to stay in Johannesburg?

The city of Johannesburg is known throughout the world for its unrest and threatening behaviour but more recently the South African capital has been revamped and is becoming more and more visited by tourists and moreover, the same visitors and therefore is now a popular place to go to. The city has a diverse range of tourist attractions including historic and modern types as well as some of the newest shopping malls, parks, a marvellous nightlife, an amazing range of cuisines and of course its many museums with the majority focusing on the tragic apartheid era that will never be forgotten.


The best areas to stay in Johannesburg are Rosebank and Melrose as these are some of the safest areas of the city and are very affluent. These neighbourhoods are largely filled with white people and offer a comfortable atmosphere for first time visitors with all tourist amenities catered for like shops, bars, clubs, restaurants, cafes, and a lot of attractions that are either found in these areas or easily reached by different forms of transport.


Other areas to stay in Johannesburg: Sandton, Melville, Rivonia or Bryanston

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On the map, which shows the most convenient areas to stay in Johannesburgh, you can see a selection of some of the best located hotels.



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Rosebank and Melrose, the best areas to stay in Johannesburg




RosebankThis vibrant neighbourhood is one of the most popular areas in the city to stay in as it provides an abundance of entertainment and tourist facilities in a compact part of the city, making it easy to walk around. As documented, Johannesburg is a turbulent place though this is usually between gangs and if anything the only thing to worry about is pick pocketing, which tends to happen in busy places. Luckily Rosebank is one of the safest areas in the city as it has many undercover police as well as uniformed police and tourist police too. It is also very well connected to other major tourist parts of the city and the airport is easily accessible, which are all served by the superb and rapid Gautrain transit system and was built in time for the World Cup in 2010.


The great thing about Rosebank is that it is always alive with something happening with some of the country’s most famous art galleries including Cherie De Villiers gallery as well as many examples of art deco architecture, which makes for a beautiful stroll. The main other things to see in the neighbourhood include the African Craft Market, where you will find a huge quantity of quality handmade arts and crafts and the Rooftop Flea Market is regarded by many as one of the best in the country as there are around 500 stalls that sell clothing, art, craft, antiques, ceramics and lots of other products. If you prefer visiting upscale shops then you don’t have to walk too far as the Rosebank shopping mall is part of the market and is where you will find a variety of designer shops and brands. It is only a ten minute ride to see some of the city’s main attractions like Constitution Hill, The Apartheid Museum and the South African National Museum.


For eating, drinking and sleeping the best streets are Jellicoe Avenue, Oxford Road and Trywhitt Avenue and between them you are sure to find something that will suit you.



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MelroseJust next door to Rosebank is the peaceful and beautiful area of Melrose, which is another safe area to stay in and is classed as an up-market part of the city. It is well connected to other parts of the city and is full of tree-lined streets, parks, traditional architecture as well as new complexes.


The Melrose Wild Bird Sanctuary provides a great day out and is home to over 120 wild bird species and is where you can relax and enjoy a picnic. There are also world class restaurants offering a wide range of foods, bars that have beers and wines from all over the world and upmarket shops where you can buy products from some of the most well-known brands on the planet.



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Other neigbourhoods to stay in Johannesburg




SandtonThis sophisticated district is the most important financial and business district in the country and is home to the stock exchange, banks and many other corporate companies, in which is a safe neighbourhood to stay in.


There are many art galleries, parks, expensive restaurants, brand new shopping malls, theatres, cinemas, bars, cafes and hotels with the Nelson Mandela Square being at the centre of it all. The Convention Centre is one of the largest of its kind in the world and is home to various events and exhibitions throughout the year.



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This area is frequently visited by students that attend the surrounding universities and therefore is a particularly young and happening place. The Gautrain can get you here fast as well as away with the district having many restaurants, bars, nightclubs and hotels, which are found along Main Street and the majority of the shops dotted along 7th Street. There are also a good amount of parks, gardens, art galleries and museums to explore and the area is generally safe for tourists to come to.



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RivoniaRivonia is one of the most affluent business and residential areas of the city with the primarily focus being The Boulevard and the Rivonia Square shopping complex. This square is one of the most entertaining parts of the city and is home to many shops, nightclubs and diverse restaurants with the Browns Restaurant being one of the most famous in Johannesburg due to its tranquil surroundings and fine wine cellar. One of the major highlights of the neighbourhood is Liliesleaf Farm, which was heavily used by politics and the military for meetings and debates as well as providing shelter for opposite leaders to the Apartheid, which ultimately led to the famous Rivonia Treason trial.


The area is well connected to the rest of the city and there hasn’t been much crime reported and with some excellent tourist attractions close by, it makes for an adequate place to stay in.



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Another upper class area of the city and again is particularly safe to stay in and is where you will find a number of attractions including the Country Club, where you can do a range of sports like tennis, football as well as trying your hand at the golf club and there are cinemas, theatres, art galleries and music venues. The Bryanston Shopping Centre boasts many shops and world class restaurants and the hotels here are some of the best in the country.



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