Where is the best area to stay in Kyiv?

Creating the list of the most underrated capitals in Europe, you must definitely add Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. Because of the events in 2022, there is no one who has not heard about Ukraine, but Kyiv can be fairly defined as a secret European diamond. Truly defined as the cultural, economic, and social hub of Eastern Europe, Kyiv attracts tourists due to a special spirit that does not resemble any other city. Although Kyiv has a great number of churches, museums, and monuments, tourist attractions play a secondary role in the city image. The magic is in the unique atmosphere of freedom, youth, and ambitions. So everyone who visits Kyiv once finds him or herself caught by its energy that makes them come back again and again.


The best area to stay in Kyiv is Shevchenkivskyi District due to its richness of historical places and authentic sights. If it is your first time in Kyiv, Shevchenkivskyi District is the number one location for you due to its endless monuments as well as museums and art galleries. At the same time, Shevchenkivskyi District is the center of interesting hipsterish places and nightlife that makes it doubly attractive for the visitors.

Hotel   Avg price
Incognito Boutique Hotel
Pyrohova St, 6
40€ - 42$
Mykhailivs'ka St, 9
61€ - 65$
Hotel   Avg price
Senator Maidan
Tarasa Shevchenka Ln, 8
82€ - 87$
Bohdana Khmel'nyts'koho St, 56А
93€ - 99$
Hotel   Avg price
Premier Palace Hotel Kyiv
5-7/29 T. Shevchenka Blvd
251€ - 266$
11 Mirrors Design Hotel
Bohdana Khmel'nyts'koho Street, 34A
270€ - 286$


On the map, which shows the most convenient area to stay in Kyiv, you can see a selection of some of the best located hotels.


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Shevchenkivskyi District,  the best area to stay in Kyiv


First time, tourists, sightseeing



Maydan Nezaleshnosti squareEven the most demanding tourist would be excited about the street walks in Shevchenkivskyi District. At midday, it is better to enjoy all the love marks that are located in the district. The perfect walk will cover the main street Khreshchatyk and Maydan Nezaleshnosti square as a must-visit for everyone in Kyiv. Long street Khreshatyk, surrounded by chestnuts, resembles the catharsis of the city energy due to the great variety of street musicians, restaurants, and shops. It leads to the wide Maydan Nezaleshnosti square that has fancy fountains, Stella monument, and lawn areas where both tourists and citizens drink their coffees and spend time with friends.


Shevchenkivskyi District covers a significant historic part of the city that primarily refers to three major churches that surprise the tourists with their beauty and greatness: Saint Sophia, Saint Michael, and Saint Andrew. But the sites are not limited to historical value only. The squares near in Shevchenkivskyi District are often the places for fairs and authentic markets where you can buy national clothes, paintings, or even interesting handmade jewelry and accessories. Combining old and new concepts, Shevchenkivskyi District is the favorite place for both tourists and citizens. Stylish coffee shops at midday and conceptual bars at night transform the central part of the city in a new and unique way.



Hotels in Shevchenkivskyi District





Other places to stay in Kyiv


Pecherskyi District


Restaurants, nightlife, chic



Pecherskyi DistrictPecherskyi District is always associated with politics and economics since the area has a great variety of political establishments, banks, business centers, and administrative places. Since Pecherskyi District is defined as the most expensive district, it is a pleasure to take a walk and enjoy the architecture of the city that sometimes resembles New York skyscrapers. By the way, Pecherskyi District is close to The Bessarabka Quarter, the heart of nightlife in Kyiv. Dozens of restaurants, bars, and pubs offer visitors delicious dishes, unique cocktails, and smoky hookahs.


That is why staying in this area, you have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of qualitative accommodation with all the conveniences and chic restaurants of high standards. Imagine you stay in a fancy hotel like Crystal Hotel or even Jack Residence fully equipped apartment with access to the pool on the roof. In the morning, you visit the Frou Frou restaurant for the best breakfast in the district. Fresh and full of energy, you are ready to explore the city and get new unforgettable impressions.



Hotels in Pecherskyi District




Holosiivskyi District


Festivals, parks, family



Holosiivskyi DistrictNo matter when you plan to visit Kyiv, Holosiivskyi District is always ready to offer something special for those who love festivals and markets. On the territory of the huge park VDNKh, there is no place for boredom due to endless festivals: wine, jazz, and even balloon festivals. In winter, VDNKh turns into a winter fairytale with a skating rink, winter attractions, smoky grilled food, and hot mulled wine.


At the same time, Holosiivskyi District is the area usually chosen by families due to its quietness and access to great parks and lakes. The district has a large Holosiivskyi park near the lake with attractions, coffee shops, and family restaurants. Also, you can even feed cute ducks or take a trip on a catamaran. Being close to the main destinations in the city, Holosiivskyi District refers to the calm area of the city, so staying here allows feeling like a local. So the area has a wide range of accommodation options starting from fully furnished apartments to great hotels like Ramada Encore Kyiv.



Hotels in Holosiivskyi District




Podilskyi District


Architecture, authenticity, market



Podilskyi DistrictPodilskyi District is a historic part of Kyiv that attracts tourists with interesting pre-Soviet architecture and a stylish embankment. Although Podil is that very area with the spirit of authenticity and Ukrainian soul, the district is extremely stylish and trendy. Every day, hundreds of young citizens and tourists chill out in countless squares and parks drinking coffee or lemonades.


The main location of Podilskyi District is Andriyivsky Descent and the neighborhoods. On weekends, the stone-paved street turns into a market with Ukrainian souvenirs, paintings, and hand-made products. It is not a usual touristic place where millions of magnets are sold. Andriyivsky Descent has a special spirit due to authentic locals as vendors and stylish goods that will catch the attention of even the most demanding tourists. Podilskyi District has many options to stay, but one of the best places is the boutique hotel Bursa Hotel Kyiv which will definitely win a special place in your heart.



Hotels in Podilskyi District