Where to stay in Lisbon

Which are the best areas to stay in Lisbon?

Both the capital city and the largest city in Portugal, Lisbon has become one of the continent’s major economic centres over the years and is now a hub for media, finance, commerce, arts, entertainment, education and tourism. As one of the world’s oldest cities, Lisbon does attract many visitors each year and the airport here, Lisbon Portela Airport, sees more than 18 million passengers a year pass through. The city provides a fascinating combination of the old and new and thanks to its economic growth coupled with being home to one of the biggest container ports on the European Atlantic Coast, it has become a thriving and bustling destination. Today, Lisbon offers access to many great attractions, including museums, architectural places of interest, cultural attractions and more.


The best areas to stay in Lisbon are Baixa (historic city centre) and Avenida Da Liberdade (new city centre). Baixa is the old city centre and the commercial heart of Lisbon buzzing with activity. Staying in this area will enable you to enjoy access not only to many of the city’s great attractions but also to a range of amenities such as shopping and dining facilities. Another great place to stay when visiting Lisbon is Avenida Da Liberdade, which is the main avenue in the city and stretches for a mile. This is an elegant and attractive avenue dating back to the 19th century and reminiscent of the Champs Elysees in Paris.

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Hotel Mundial
Praça Martim Moniz 2
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Solar do Castelo
rua das Cozinhas, 2
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Heritage Av Liberdade
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Baixa and Avenida Da Liberdade, the best areas to stay in Lisbon




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La Baixa LisbonIf you want to put yourself at the heart of this unique city, staying in the Baixa area is the perfect solution, as this will put you at what is considered the core of the city. This is the downtown area of Lisbon and forms the commercial heart of the city. Here you will find the main banking and shopping districts along with a variety of cafes, street vendors, pedestrianised streets, and even street entertainment, making it a unique and exciting area to stay in. One of the reasons people decide to stay in this part of Lisbon is because it provides easy access to the major attractions and places of interest in the city. It is also convenient for accessing facilities such as eateries, hotels, shops and public transport such as metro, trams and buses.


This part of the city also has a number of elegant squares, some of which are surrounded by neoclassical architecture. The shop fronts are tiled in Art Deco style while the cafes and bars are often elaborately decorated. All of this combined gives this part of Lisbon an elegant and rather grand appearance. While the area is the commercial hub of Lisbon, it is also a great place to explore history and culture, with a range of places of interest to visit.


You can see the talented silversmiths and goldsmiths in this city at work and browse their creations when you take a trip down the Rua da Prata (Street of Silver) or the Rua Aurea (Street of Gold). You will also find yourself within easy reach of an array of attractions, which are easily accessible on foot or by making use of the good transport links in the downtown area. This includes attractions such as the Praça do Comércio, a large historical square that is also home to the oldest cafe in the city. The oldest church in Lisbon is Lisbon Cathedral, which dates back to 1147 and is an architecturally fascinating place to visit. Located on the highest hill in the historic centre of the city is the Castle of St. George, which can also be reached with ease from Baixa.


Other attractions that are within easy reach from the downtown area include Santa Justa Lift, Carmo Convent, the Chafariz do Carmo fountain, and Restauradores Square, where you will find some beautifully elaborate buildings including Palacio Foz.



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Avenida Da Liberdade


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Avenida Da Liberdade LisbonWhile the downtown area of Baixa provides you with the perfect opportunity to stay in what is classed as the beating heart of Lisbon, you will also find other options available when it comes to selecting the best location for your needs. If you are looking to stay in a place that is attractive, elegant, and provides easy access to a variety of facilities, Avenida Da Liberdade could be the perfect choice.


This is a popular and well-known avenue in the city and might be compared to the Champs Elysees in Paris, as it is also filled with designer shops, banks, grand hotels, and posh eateries. This grand avenue stretches for a mile and is over 300 feet wide. When you stay at the Avenida Da Liberdade, you can look forward to being in an area that is elegant, grand and attractive with the added bonus of offering a host of amenities right on your doorstep. This includes shops such as D&G, Louis Vuitton and Burberry.


The pavement of the Avenida Da Liberdade is adorned with elegant patterns with the fountains and outdoor cafes adding to its elegant appeal. This is also an area that is ideal for those who are into architecture, as you will find that some of the original mansions that lined the avenue have been impressively preserved, so you can still admire their grandeur. Another point of interest on this avenue is the Monument to the Heroes of the Great War.


Getting around from your base at Avenida Da Liberdade is simple, as you can explore on foot as well as by public transport. You will find a wide variety of attractions that are within easy reach of this avenue, such as Rossio Square, the Rua Augusta shopping street, the Conceicao Velha Church, Sao Domingos Church and Edward VII Park. There are several metro stations that are situated along this avenue, so you won’t have a problem getting around in order to explore and enjoy other parts of the city.



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Other areas to stay in Lisbon




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ChiadoIf Baixa is the beating heart of Lisbon, Chiado comes close. It’s a lively, cultural spot, frequented by both tourists and locals who find here trendy restaurants and bars, as well as innovative accommodations to stay in, such as design hotels.


Chiado is within walking distance from most touristic attractions in Lisbon and from the Tagus river which, in this area, offers a broad pavement to walk along while seeing the Cristo Rei on the opposite bank.


Chiado is also home to some of the most famous theatre houses in the Portuguese capital, such as Trindade Theatre or São Carlos Theatre (where you can see opera performances), and iconic coffee houses such as A Brasileira or Pastelaria Benard.


With a small shopping centre and street shops, Chiado offers anything a tourist might need, providing a central and safe location from which to explore the city.



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AlfamaThis is one of the most typical neighbourhoods in Lisbon. Here, you will still find ancient architecture, fairly well-preserved, and that feeling of being in an authentic place, where life unfolds as if no tourists were there observing it — and make no mistake, there are many tourists around.


Alfama is the best place to stay if you want to experience Lisbon at its truest, and that includes spending the evenings at Casas de Fado (Fado Houses). Fado is the national music genre, with guitar arrangements that leave you emotional and lyrics that, as the Portuguese say, make even the cobblestones cry.


Alfama lies on a hill, one of Lisbon’s seven, and while it requires you to either put your legs to work or take public transportation, the elevation also provides with beautiful views over the Baixa, Bairro Alto, Chiado, and further beyond, as well as the river Tagus.



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Bairro Alto


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Barrio AltoIf you want to sleep properly at night, stay away from Bairro Alto. But if nightlife is at the top of your reasons to visit Lisbon, look no further: Bairro Alto is the place for you.


Bairro Alto is like a grid of cobblestone streets full of bars. There are no clubs in this area, but rather places where you can have a drink, chat and listen to some (sometimes live) music.


But the party doesn’t happen only indoors. Making the most of Lisbon’s warm weather, tourists and locals alike take their drinks to the street and hang out until late at night. If you’re in the crowd, it’s a wonderful place to be, but if you’re in a nearby accommodation trying to get rested for the next day of exploration, not so much. If this is your case, you can stay in a nearby area such as Príncipe Real.



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Príncipe Real


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Príncipe RealAs mentioned in the point above, Príncipe Real offers the best of both worlds: enough proximity to a lively nightlife scene, and the quiet needed for a well-rested night of sleep.


Príncipe Real is also where most of Lisbon’s LGBTQ+ bars are located. While the whole city tends to be rainbow friendly, this is a convenient place to stay for any solo travellers or couples wanting to hit that scene.


During the day, this area of the city offers trendy, interesting restaurants, a few museums and theatres, and the Botanical Garden of Lisbon — plenty of spots to explore, for any kind of traveller.


Príncipe Real is also within walking distance to the heart of Lisbon, if you consider that to be the Baixa and Avenida da Liberdade, making it one of the best spots to stay in the city.



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EstrelaEstrela is the calm amidst the chaos. A quiet neighbourhood close to all the central areas, but far enough to feel like you’re away from the buzz of the city.


Estrela Garden is the most iconic place in this area, boasting 47 sq meters of walking, picnicking, and leisure ground, protected by the shade of tall trees, some as ancient as 200 years old.


Within walking distance, there is Campo de Ourique market, a more local version of the Time Out market you find in Cais do Sodré. Here, you can buy local produce during the day and try different restaurants and cuisines in the evening, in a chilled, local atmosphere.


Estrela is mostly a residential area, and very safe, so this is the ideal place to stay if you’re travelling with children and looking for a family-friendly corner of the city.



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BelemAlthough further away from the city centre than any of the other areas mentioned, Belém is also a remarkable area to visit and stay in. You can get to Lisbon’s centre easily by taking trams or buses that run on a regular schedule.


Belém is home to an array of monuments, mostly built in the 16th century, to celebrate the Portuguese Maritime Expansion. Belém Tower, Jerónimos Monastery and Padrão dos Descobrimentos are all a must-visit in this area. And, of course, you can’t skip the famous Pastéis de Belém, probably the most iconic national cake.


All these monuments sit at the bank of the Tagus river, creating a beautiful and chilled atmosphere. The area even offers some accommodation right at the waterfront.


The adjacent streets are filled with embassies and official buildings, making this a quiet, classy area for travellers looking to enjoy Lisbon without the buzz of the city centre.



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Stay on the beaches near Lisbon


Lisbon is the perfect destination for someone looking to combine the city experience with time at the beach. If you’re looking to stay close to the ocean, these are our suggestions:





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CascaisCascais is the main city in an area known as the “Portuguese Riviera”. If you are looking for a fancy spot, very close to the beach, with all the amenities you might possibly need, look no further: Cascais is the place for you.


This is a posh area, so expect prices of restaurants and accommodation to be mostly towards the high-end. But you’re paying for quality. Cascais is a pretty town, with a vibrant atmosphere, and as safe as it gets.


You can easily reach Lisbon, either by car or public transportation. If you’re driving, you can do the 30 km between the two places in 30 mins, going on the A5 highway. Opting for the train will take around 1h, but the journey is worth it, as it goes all the way along the ocean, providing spectacular views over the bay until you arrive at Rossio, right at the heart of Lisbon.



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EstorilAlso in the heart of the “Portuguese Riviera”, Estoril is a great base for any travellers looking to explore Lisbon while staying close to the beach. São Pedro do Estoril, Tamariz, and Azarujinha are some of the best beaches in this area.


Estoril is also home to a casino (Casino do Estoril), one of the largest casinos operating in Europe, that also boasts restaurants, an art gallery, and a concert venue.


The journey to Lisbon is very similar to the one you’d do if you stayed in Cascais. 25 minutes to drive the 24kms that separate Estoril and Lisbon if you go through the A5 highway. If you prefer to take the scenic route, we strongly recommend the road along the coast (the “Marginal”, N6), as you will have spectacular views over the ocean. If you prefer to take the train, count on 55 minutes of a ride along the coast. Trains depart every 30 mins.



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Costa da Caparica



Solo travellers, couples, surfers



Costa da CaparicaLocated on the other bank of the Tagus river, in the parish of Almada, Costa da Caparica offers some of the best beaches around Lisbon.


The locals flock here every summer weekend, so expect it to be busy. But it’s still worth it: the long coast provides something for everyone, regardless of the type of beach you prefer. Fonte da Telha, Morena, and CDS are some of the most famous. You can also visit Meco, the most famous naturist beach in the country.

Costa da Caparica is also the perfect spot for surfers because its many beaches allow you to surf all year round.


To go from Costa da Caparica to Lisbon, you can either drive 16 minutes, crossing the 25 de Abril bridge, or take public transportation. In the latter case, there are two options: the TST bus (30 minutes), or the boat departing from Cacilhas (that you can reach by bus). The whole journey takes around 1h10.



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