Where to stay in Luxembourg City

What is the best area to stay in Luxembourg?

By Jo Muller. May 04, 2023

Tiny Luxembourg is one of the most underrated tourist destinations in Western Europe. Landlocked between Belgium, France and Germany, not too many travellers consider Luxembourg as a potential destination. It's fair to say though that little Luxembourg pushes above its weight when it comes to attractions and picturesque landscapes. As such, its capital Luxembourg City is one of the prettiest cities in Europe, boasting with authenticity and Medieval flair, while the country offers some incredible hiking possibilities, being blessed with tremendous natural beauty in the countryside. People mostly end up positively surprised when visiting Luxembourg and the little country is definitely worth putting on your European itinerary.


As a tourist and especially as a first time visitor, the best place to stay in Luxembourg surely is the Ville Haute area in Luxembourg City. It is the old town area of Luxembourg's capital and offers by far the best views over the magnificent city of Luxembourg. Its medieval, pedestrianised streets are filled with tons of bars and restaurants, and it is thus also a great spot for nightlife. The Ville Haute area is perfect for history lovers, sunrise and sunset chasers, due to its panoramic views on offer, as well as nightlife enthusiasts.

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Ville Haute, the best area to stay in Luxembourg


Best for history lovers, sightseeing and nightlife



Ville HauteThe Ville Haute area is located right in the centre of Luxembourg City and compromises the city's old town area. It is thus the perfect place to stay for first time visitors to Luxembourg, as it offers proximity to all the main tourist attractions and is home to the best views of the city. At night, especially on weekends, the old town becomes a really vibrant place and transforms into one of the country's most popular nightlife spots. The place also has a pretty international vibe to it, and the medieval old town surrounding it makes it one of the most authentic places in Europe for nightlife.


This area is also home to Luxembourg's most famous tourist attractions such as the Grand Ducal Palace, the Parliament and the “Chemin de la Corniche” viewpoints, dubbed “the best balcony in Europe”. Ville Haute is without a doubt the best area to stay in Luxembourg for sightseeing, nightlife and authenticity.



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Other areas to stay in Luxembourg


Gare area


Best for budget travellers and short term visitors



The Gare area is the neighbourhood of Luxembourg City's Central Train Station, which is located on the other side of the Adolphe Bridge separating the city centre from the Gare area. It is thus, obviously, located centrally, about a 10 minute walk from the old town area, well connected as the Luxembourg's Central Station offers connections throughout the whole country as well as to many cities of its neighbouring countries, as such there's a direct train going from Luxembourg City to Montpellier in Southern France every day.


Therefore, the Gare area is clearly a great choice to stay in Luxembourg City for visitors that are only in the country for a few days and also want to see other parts of the country. The area is also renowned to be one of the city's cheapest and most diverse areas and is filled with various culinary options from all around the world.



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Best for calm and laid back atmosphere



BonnevoieBack in the days, the Bonnevoie area used to have a rather bad reputation as being Luxembourg's most dangerous neighbourhood. It's safe to say that this has significantly changed over the past few years, and the area has become one of the best places to stay in Luxembourg. Bonnevoie is up there with the most affordable areas in Luxembourg City, and the fact that it is located not right in the city centre gives the area more of a village or town flair, as it is really laid back and calm.


When strolling through Bonnevoie, you wouldn't feel like being so close to the city centre, but actually it's just a 20 minute walk or 5 minute drive away. Bonnevoie therefore is the best area to stay in Luxembourg if you prefer to stay in a more calm area but not miles away from the city centre either. Bonnevoie definitely offers both.



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Best for modern art, architecture and variety of food



KirchbergThe area of Kirchberg is definitely Luxembourg's most modern neighbourhood and can be described as the city's business headquarters and international trade and political hotspot. Kirchberg is actually home to many gigantic business headquarters like Amazon for instance, and it's also home to many important institutions like the European Court of Justice and the European Investment Bank. Kirchberg, due to these factors, is thus Luxembourg's most international area, offering the most diverse choices when it comes to food in the city.


Despite not being right in the city centre, the area is well connected by tram and buses, and the centre can be reached from Kirchberg in under 10 minutes by tram or bus. Kirchberg is surely the best area to stay in Luxembourg if you like modern architecture, as it is by far the most modern area in the whole country.



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Best for mixture of calm atmosphere and walking proximity to city centre



BelairThe area of Belair in Western Luxembourg City is renowned to be a rather upper class neighbourhood but for a good reason: it is one of the best areas to stay in the whole country! As such, Belair is really close to the city centre, it can be reached walking from Belair in under 10 minutes, but despite being so close to the centre, just like in Bonnevoie, it doesn't feel like it. Belair is one of the calmest and most laid back areas in Luxembourg, and its proximity to the centre makes it the perfect place to stay if you want to be within walking distance to the city centre but prefer to stay in a calm area.


Belair offers you the chance to feel like staying in a small, remote village, despite being right next to the city centre, making it one of the most liveable areas in Luxembourg.



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Best for tourism and nightlife outside of Luxembourg City



DudelangeWhen it comes to the best places to stay outside of the capital city in Luxembourg, only one comes to mind: the town of Dudelange in Southern Luxembourg. Dudelange is the country's 4th largest city and is located in the Minette region of the country, which used to be the centre of Luxembourg's steel industry and is also definitely a Must visit when in Luxembourg. Staying in Dudelange is a great choice when visiting Luxembourg, as the town is only a 15 minute drive or 20 minute direct train journey away from the capital Luxembourg, and the little city also offers the very best nightlife scene in the country outside of Luxembourg City, as the many bars in the small town centre become pretty packed on weekends!


On top of that, Dudelange is home to Luxembourg's best Italian restaurant called “Gigi l'Amoroso” in the town's area called “Italia” which was entirely built by Italian migrants.



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