Where to stay in Mendoza

Where is the best area to stay in Mendoza City?

The best area to stay in Mendoza for tourism is the historical centre. It´s an area which is framed by the Plaza de la Independencia, the city´s main square which can be found in the centre of four other squares, all worth visiting, which are the Chile, Spain, Italy and San Martín squares. In this area you will find the pedestrian Sarmiento Street along with the Arístides Villanueva Avenue where you can find the city´s best restaurants, bars and nightlife. A bit further out you will find the Las Heras street or the San Martín Avenue which are the city´s main shopping streets.


The Plaza de la Independencia has a very interesting crafts fair and is the starting point for tours around the city. From here you also be able to explore the General Ricardo Park or the Cerro de la Gloria (Glory hill) which boasts some of the city´s most amazing views.


On top of all of that, you can book daytrips in the centre to other places around the city. Among the most popular are guided tours to the region´s traditional bodegas and vineyards or trips to see the Cerro del Aconcagua viewpoint, America´s highest peak at 6959 meters, from which you will be able to access the Horcones Laguna and the Provincial Aconcagua Park.

Hotel   Avg price
Hotel El Torreon
Av. España 1433
27€ - 26$
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Hotel Carollo
25 de Mayo 1184
34€ - 33$
Hotel Mendoza
Av. España 1210
35€ - 34$
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Park Hyatt Mendoza Hotel, Casino & Spa
Chile 1124
176€ - 172$
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Sheraton Mendoza Hotel
Primitivo de la Reta 989
115€ - 113$
Diplomatic Hotel
Avenida Belgrano 1041
163€ - 160$


On the map, which shows the most convenient area to stay in Mendoza, you can see a selection of some of the best located hotels.


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Where to stay in Mendoza Province


With wineries with the snow-capped Andes in the background and the best Malbec in the world, the province of Mendoza is the spectacular setting to tour the vineyards and satisfy the palate. From a dry climate with abundant sun and high altitude, the main towns in the province are located along Argentina's epic Route 40, one of the longest in the world. You can also find the best cellar restaurant in the world. The accommodation out of the city is a mix of country houses to boutique hotels and the experience will depend on the budget and the activities you are interested in: trekking, wines, rafting in the rivers, and even skiing in winter, but we are sure that everybody will find theirs.



Chacras de Coria



Chacras de CoriaChacras de Coria is a small town located about 13 kilometres from the capital city which has very pleasant weather conditions during the summer months and offers thick greenery and places for recreation. It is one of the luxury areas of the Mendoza metropolitan area, with numerous private neighbourhoods where the upper echelons of Mendoza society live.


This area concentrates a huge number of wine cellars open to tourism of a high category, as well as a significant number of museums and historical sites. It is a quiet area, surrounded by vineyards and which in recent years has developed into top-class tourist accommodation and a gastronomic enclave in the province, specialized in lovers of wine and haute cuisine.



Hotels in Chacras de Coria




Luján de Cuyo


Lujan de CuyoJust 20 kilometers from the capital of Mendoza, the area offers tours to the wineries (more than 50) where you can choose from boutique wineries to immense ones, depending on your budget and what you like.


Luján de Cuyo is also known because of canopying with the amazing views of the Potrerillos Valley and horseback riding. The indisputable star is rafting, a real must-see of the place. For the ones who are keen on spas and treatments, you can stay in Termas de Cacheuta, a very popular hotel and a spa that offers excellent thermal waters coming from melting ice and others that reach 50 degrees. The place offers a tour of covered stone pools and others outdoors.



Hotels in Lujan de Cuyo






TupungatoTupungato is located 70 kilometres from the City of Mendoza. There are shops and varied gastronomy in the downtown area for all tastes, wine and homemade sweets, dried and regional fruits in different undertakings. Tourists can stay in hotels, cabins, country houses, mountain refuges, or enjoy camping in natural sites with streams of great beauty.


Its fame comes from its viticulture and wineries of great and high quality with plenty of options and experiences depending on your budget, but there are mostly high-priced places to stay. Horseback riding in the high mountains, fishing, and mountain biking are some other activities that can be done in town. Cerro Tupungato has an incomparable beauty, which makes it a very attractive area for adventure tourism, with ascent, trekking, sighting of condors, ecological and mining tourism. Religious tourism is of great importance too due to the great number of old churches in the area.



Hotels in Tupungato






UspallataAbout 120 km from Mendoza capital, Uspallata is a beautiful town with many tourist spots around, becoming a strategic place to look for accommodation. Everybody wants to hike in Aconcagua National Park where the mountainous landscapes that surround the path are spectacular since it is in the middle of the Andes Mountain Range, and you can be just in front of the Aconcagua mountain, one of the tallest in the world. There is also the famous Inca Bridge, and for those who love skiing, the Los Penitentes ski resort is one of the most important in the country.


And last, but not least, just 6 km away from Uspallata, there is the Villavicencio Nature Reserve, one of the emblems of the province of Mendoza, and the main Argentinian water brand where you can immerse yourself into nature. You can find boutique hotels, but it is generally an inexpensive area to stay.



Hotels in Uspallata




San Rafael


San RafaelSan Rafael is located approximately 220 km from Mendoza, and It's the second-largest city in the province. The surroundings of Kilometer Zero are the best area to stay in San Rafael because it is in the heart of the city and is within walking distance of the main squares and tourist spots. Those who are on a tight budget are more than welcome in town due to the existence of hostels and campings, apart from the traditional hotels. Bianchi house is a historic winery founded by one of the first families in the area which attracts a lot of tourism, but the main attractions of the area are Atuel Canyon and Los Reyunos.


You will enjoy beautiful lakes, and you can go sailing, zip-lining, canoeing, and other activities. There are also several accommodations, and if you have your mobility, it is a good place to stay nearby and be in contact with nature.



Hotels in San Rafael




Las Leñas


Las LeñasLas Leñas is 450 kilometers from the city, but it is recognized as the most important ski and snowboard center in Argentina, with excellent slopes suitable for various levels of difficulty, as well as hotel and gastronomy services of really first level.


Although the snow season and winter sports run from June to September, it can be visited throughout the year, offering adventure tourism activities and a variety of excursions. It is a good option to stay in the area if you have a flexible budget and want to be surrounded by mountains and rivers. Besides, when there is no snow, it has a modern system of artificial snow production with 30 cannons throughout the entire mountain.



Hotels in Las Leñas




Godoy Cruz



Godoy CruzGodoy Cruz is one of the towns in the metropolitan area of Mendoza where you can find significant tourist attractions, green spaces, a large number of representative buildings and icons This town is home to some of the most prestigious wineries in Argentina such as Tomba, Arizu, Escorihuela, Filippini, Calise, or Cremaschi.


Godoy Cruz is a quieter area than the city centre, but it also has a large number of accommodations, especially inns and tourist apartments, making it one of the cheapest areas to stay in Mendoza, which allows you to keep some money aside for drinking even more wine.



Hotels in Godoy Cruz