Where to stay in Monterey

What is the best area to stay in Monterey?

Monterey offers everything you’d expect from a great romantic getaway; from walks along deserted beaches, to freshly caught seafood and biking around the rugged peninsula. The famous Monterey Aquarium is a must-see, with its iridescent jellyfish and stingrays. If you’re keen to see the native wildlife in its natural habitat, why not take a kayak out to sea, where you’ll see everything from otters to dolphins and whales. When you’re finished, take a wander through Cannery Row antique mall or enjoy strolling around Old Fisherman’s Wharf. See some fantastic restored buildings in the city’s old quarter.


If you’re wondering where to base yourself, the best area to stay in Monterey is in the area along Cannery Row. Here, you’ll be at the waterfront, where all the best restaurants and cafes are located. You’ll also be within easy walking distance of the Aquarium, with some great souvenir shopping at your doorstep. This is also the location of Steinbeck Plaza and the Steinbeck wax museum, both named after the writer John Steinbeck, who wrote about the city in his novels. Local buses run throughout this neighbourhood, and boat tours run from nearby Fisherman’s Wharf.

Hotel   Avg price
Cannery Row Inn
200 Foam St
145€ - 173$
Hotel   Avg price
Spindrift Inn
652 Cannery Row
207€ - 246$
Holiday Inn Express Monterey
443 Wave Street
315€ - 375$
Hotel   Avg price
Monterey Bay Inn
242 Cannery Row
208€ - 248$
InterContinental The Clement Monterey
750 Cannery Row
252€ - 300$
Hotel   Avg price
Monterey Plaza Hotel & Spa
400 Cannery Row
330€ - 393$


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Cannery Row, the best area to stay in Monterey

Cannery Row MontereyCannery Row is an interesting place in Monterey. This place is famous for the fishing industry that used to be around the bay. The area has been developed and the old buildings have been renovated. This coastal town attracts thousands of tourists and is a very happening place. There are several activities to enjoy in Cannery Row including water activities, food, shopping, and historic buildings.


The McAbee beach located just in the middle of Cannery Row is a little beach that offers a lot of water activities and fun. The beach consists of two beautiful reefs filled with trees and rocks. People can enjoy diving from the spectacular reefs. Cannery Rows is filled with beautiful architecture and buildings from the past. The admirers of John Steinbeck can relate the place to the novel he wrote describing every nit of Cannery Row at that time. This is a fun place that you can explore and admire the historic sites from the past. The place consists of several landmarks and the impressive views of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary.


There are several shops in Cannery Row. You will find branded clothing stores, toyshops, antique galleries, art and crafts galleries, food stalls, restaurants, and much more. The people that want to enjoy some wine can visit the wine tasting shops. There are several spas and salons ready to pamper the people of Cannery Row. If you have a sweet tooth, you can visit the sweet shops that offer a variety of desserts, chocolates, ice-creams, and much more. Relaxing at the beach taking a sun-bath is also enough for having a great time at Cannery Row. The place stays busy throughout the year. There are several other things that you can do here including scuba diving with the fishes, kayaking, bike riding, and much more.


The nightlife of Cannery Row isn’t less exciting and people staying here can enjoy their time in clubs with some music and wine. There are several events held in Cannery Row including Jazz Bash, Steinbeck Festival, Cannery Row Block Party, and Holiday Tree Lighting. Over all, this place is a happening place that offers many entertainment and recreation facilities. Cannery Row is the best and highly recommended place to stay in Monterey.



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Other areas to stay in

North Fremont

North Fremont is a residential district in Monterey. This place is surrounded by greenery, lakes, and beautiful outdoor locations. The residents of this place can enjoy various recreational activities including boating and paddle-boating in the lake. The famous Ardenwood Historic Farm is one of the most visited places in North Fremont district. There is a huge farm, forest, and a beautiful mansion in Ardenwood Historic Farm. The mansion attracts many people that live in this area. The mansion is known as The Patterson House which was owned by George Washington Patterson in 1857. This historic mansion is beautifully designed and its architecture is commendable. The park also consists of a museum known as Railroad Museum. This museum has a collection of historic narrow gauge railroad cars and several other artifacts of the 19th Century.


The Ranch 99 Market is another famous spot in North Fremont. This Asia-American Market offers products that are imported from Asian countries like Taiwan, etc. The stores offer pre-cooked meals, baked items, cakes, and much more. North Fremont also has several award-winning schools. North Fremont is a growing community that is extremely peace loving and that’s why it is a place we recommend you should stay in.



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Munras Ave

Munras Avenue is a beautiful place near the sea. The place is surrounded by beaches, luxurious hotels, top-class hotels, and much more. This refreshing place provides a peaceful living experience to anyone that is staying here. We highly recommend you stay in Munras Avenue if you want to enjoy the fresh wind and sunbaths on the beach. There are several recreational activities that the people of Munras Avenue can enjoy. The place offers a variety of entertainment facility including movie theaters, world-class restaurants, water activities, etc. The climate of this area stays moderate and pleasant, which makes it even more appealing for beach picnics.


The beach of Munras Avenue attracts many people. There are several facilities available on the beach including the most famous sand biking. The beaches have a variety of restaurants that offer local cuisine and amazing seafood. There is a great collection of wine for the visitors to taste and desserts offered by restaurants. The place is full of hotels that offer comfort and luxury at its best. Munras Avenue is a good and fun place to stay in Monterey.



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