Where to stay in Montpellier

What is the best area to stay in Montpellier?

By Jo Muller. Sep 05, 2023

The Southern French city of Montpellier is one of the country's most underrated tourist destinations. An international student hub, Montpellier boasts a wonderful, laid back Mediterranean vibe, various attractions and activities such as the impressive Place de la Comédie Square with its famous Opera building, strolling through the magnificent Peyrou Park or the natural beauty of the Rives du Lez area. Montpellier also has quite a lot of fantastic nightlife opportunities and last but not least, its proximity to the coast and to a lot of beaches and beach towns make it a perfect holiday destination.


When it comes to which area to stay when visiting Montpellier, nothing comes close to the city centre. When staying in the city centre, you'll not only be within walking distance from all the attractions the city has on offer, but the city centre itself is by far the most authentic and picturesque part of the city, especially the Historical centre. On top of that, the streets of the city centre are filled with amazing restaurants, trendy bars and nightclubs. From the city centre it is also pretty easy to get to the beach, as the coastal town of Lattes can be easily reached by tram.

Hotel   Avg price
Hôtel Royal
Rue de Maguelone
159€ - 173$
Hotel des Arceaux
Boulevard des Arceaux
171€ - 186$
Hotel du Palais
Rue du Palais des Guilhem
214€ - 233$
Hotel   Avg price
Hôtel Oceania Le Métropole
Rue du Clos René
180€ - 196$
Grand Hôtel du Midi Montpellier
Boulevard Victor Hugo
201€ - 219$
Hotel   Avg price
Hôtel Richer De Belleval
Place de la Canourgue
451€ - 492$

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Montpellier City Centre Areas




Best for Nightlife and Sightseeing



L'EcussonThe L'Ecusson area compromises the authentic and epic Historic centre of Montpellier. The area is characterized by tiny cobblestone streets lined with tons of bars and restaurants, offering a romantic and scenic atmosphere for dinner and nightlife. The Historic centre is also home to impressive churches, the Prefecture building and the Court of Justice, which are all pretty picturesque. Another attraction of the Ecusson area is the Faculty of Law, which is the second oldest in the world.


The Ecusson area is the most Central area of the whole city, and thus you'll be within walking distance of everything. There's also a huge Botanical Garden in the area, right next to the scenic Peyrou Park. Staying in the Ecusson area is therefore perfect if you are only in the city for a few days.


The area is also the place to be at night, as most nightclubs in the city centre are located in this area.






Best for Budget Travellers and Foodies



Saint-RochSaint-Roch is the area surrounding Montpellier's main Central Train Station, making it the perfect spot to stay if you arrive in the city by train. The area is within 5 minutes walking distance of the city centre, and the amazing street leading from the Place de la Comédie to the Central Station is lined with palm trees, which gives the place an authentic Southern flair.


The Saint-Roch area is also the city centre's cheapest area, and therefore the place to stay for budget travellers that want to stay as close as possible to the city centre.


Saint-Roch is also a really diverse area, home to many migrants from all over the world, and therefore offers the most exotic and diverse dine out opportunities, ranging from Middle Eastern to East and South East Asian to African cuisine, making it the perfect place to stay for foodies.




Les Arceaux


Best for Peaceful Atmosphere and Families



Les Arceaux

Les Arceaux is the area just behind Montpellier's famous and wonderful Peyrou Park, which boasts the most tranquil and relaxing atmosphere in the city. This area is perfect for visitors that want to stay close to the city centre, which is within 5-10 minutes walking distance, but don't want to be disturbed at night by the bustling city atmosphere.


Les Arceaux is a residential area, and probably the calmest area in the city centre, and its proximity to the huge Peyrou Park makes it the perfect place to stay for dog owners, who want to spend their mornings walking their dogs in a peaceful and natural environment.


It is also home to the really impressive Roman Aqueduc Saint-Clément, which is one of the Must see attractions in Montpellier, and it's definitely the best place for visitors that simply prefer to sleep in a calm area rather than being exposed to the hustle and bustle of the city's nightlife.





Best for Shopping Queens and Joggers



AntigoneAntigone is the most modern area of Montpellier's city centre. It is located right behind the gigantic and famous Polygone shopping mall, and right between the Comédie Square and the Rives du Lez area, which boasts a lot of natural beauty surrounding the Lez lake. The city centre can be reached within 5 minutes by foot or 2 minutes by tram, and if shopping is your thing then this area definitely is your best place to stay, as the nearby Polygone shopping mall offers by far the best and the most shopping opportunities in the city centre.


Antigone is also the perfect place to stay for joggers, as the proximity to the beautiful Rives du Lez makes it the perfect spot to start the day with a morning run around the lake.


Antigone itself also boasts some really popular nightlife opportunities, so a late night visit to the city centre might not even be needed when staying here.




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