Where to stay in Naxos

Where are the best areas to stay in Naxos?

If Naxos is your holiday destination of choice, there are a selection of areas where you can stay on this picturesque Greek Island. Choose Naxos Chora if you enjoy delving into local history or opt for the west coast beach resorts of Agia Anna Naxos, Plaka, Mikri Vigla, Stelida or Agios Prokopios. Each area has its own unique charm with golden sandy beaches, laid-back seafront tavernas and activities to occupy families, friends and couples.


Hotels in Naxos Chora cater to all tastes and budgets with a range of characterful boutique guesthouses, aparthotels, budget and luxury accommodations. You will be treated to archaeological sites such as the Portara, Naxos Castle and labyrinth streets sprinkled with shops, bars and tavernas. Naxos Chora is a great choice for anyone seeking a combination of history, beach fun and nightlife.


If you prefer your holidays with a more relaxed vibe, a few kilometres south of Naxos Chora, you’ll find the resorts of Agia Anna Naxos, Agios Prokopios, Stelida, Plaka and Mikri Vigla. Many of the island’s 4 and 5-star Naxos hotels are concentrated around here, and with some of the best beaches, waterparks, bars, tavernas and easy access to the legendary Temple of Demeter, there’s something for everyone.

Hotel   Avg price
Hotel Grotta
Naxos Town
50€ - 60$
Orkos Beach Hotel
Mikri Vigla
60€ - 71$
Hotel   Avg price
Faros Villa
Aliko Beach
143€ - 170$
Melidron Luxury Hotel & Suites
Agios Prokopios
185€ - 220$
Hotel   Avg price
Kouros Art Hotel (Adults Only)
155€ - 184$
Iria Beach Art Hotel
Agia Anna Naxos
189€ - 225$
Hotel   Avg price
Nissaki Beach Hotel
Agios Georgios
288€ - 343$


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Best resorts to stay in Naxos


Naxos Chora

Naxos ChoraNaxos Chora is the capital of the Greek island of Naxos and home to the main ferry port which serves Mykonos, Santorini and Piraeus on the Greek mainland. It’s a charming town with a backdrop of rolling hills and white-washed houses which cascade down the hillside to turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea. The most popular landmarks to visit are the ancient Portara - said to be the doorway to the Temple of Apollo, and the Venetian castle of Naxos which offers incredible views across the town.


The main town is a maze of cobbled streets, with old stone walls and archways draped with bougainvillea. Hidden in the alleyways, you’ll find an array of shops, bars and traditional tavernas serving Greek cuisine, seafood and Mediterranean dishes. The town is home to characterful boutique style hotels, while down by the seafront in Agio Georgios, you’ll find aparthotels, budget and luxury accommodations close to the sandy beach and lively nightlife.



Hotels in Naxos Chora




StelidaA few kilometres south of Naxos Chora is the pretty resort of Stelida. Set on a peninsula with a pebble and sand beach, it boasts amazing views along the coastline. As Stelida is less than 10 minutes’ drive from Naxos Airport, there are no long transfers after your flight or ferry crossing. The resort features a small waterpark suitable for adults and children, and there are tavernas where you can enjoy delicious local cuisine. If you choose to stay in Stelida you can enjoy amenities of two resorts, as it’s possible to walk to Agios Prokopios and its popular 1.5-kilometre-long sandy beach.


Several of the island’s luxury 4 and 5-star hotels are located in and around Stelida, making it the perfect resort for those seeking relaxation and pampering during their stay. However, budget travellers don’t have to miss out either, there are also several cost-effective villas and small and friendly hotels in the resort.



Hotels in Stelida



Agios Prokopios

Agios ProkopiosAgios Prokopios is known to have one of the best stretches of beach on Naxos. Popular with families and couples, it offers a host of water sports and dive centres where you can obtain your PADI certification or explore subterranean wonders beneath the shimmering Aegean Sea. If you choose this area to stay in, you can spend leisurely days sun worshipping on the beach, sipping a cooling drink in laid-back cafes, or sampling tasty local cuisine in one of the many tavernas.


If you wish to explore more of Naxos, walk to nearby Stelida or perhaps jump on the bus into Naxos Chora for the day. Alternatively, you can hire a car or take an excursion to the Monastery of Panagia Drosiani an important place of worship dating to the 6th century.



Hotels in Agios Prokopios



Agia Anna Naxos

Agia Anna NaxosAgia Anna Naxos is a pretty coastal village with a pristine beach surrounded by verdant cedar woods and rocky promontories. This beautiful stretch of beach is particularly popular with families and couples who seek a relaxing holiday. If you choose to stay in Agia Anna Naxos you can immerse yourself in true Greek island living, staying in stylish apartments or low-rise hotels with a traditional Mediterranean feel.


The resort boasts an array of seafront restaurants and tavernas and the small, yet perfectly formed village has all the amenities you’ll need throughout your stay. If you’re looking for local attractions to explore you can walk to Shark Rock, a natural formation set in the shape of a shark on the beach.



Hotels in Agia Anna Naxos




PlakaPlaka is located on the west coast of Naxos around 20 minutes’ drive from the capital Naxos Chora. With 4 kilometres of soft sands and glistening turquoise waters, it’s a popular place to stay for families and couples seeking relaxation and beach fun. The village tavernas offer good value local cuisine and beachfront cafes can bring you snacks and beverages as you soak up the Mediterranean sunshine.


If you want a break from the beach, local landmarks include the Temple of Demeter in Sangri which was built around 530 BC. Take a stroll amongst columns and ruins and imagine what life was like in the temple during ancient times.



Hotels in Plaka



Mikri Vigla

Mikri ViglaMikri Vigla has powdery white sands and crystal-clear blue waters of the Aegean Sea. Just a few kilometres from Plaka, this unspoilt Naxos village offers a tranquil retreat for those seeking a peaceful holiday in Naxos. The cape is popular with photographers, nature lovers and artists with cedar forests and a peninsula which stretches out into the sea.


It’s a beach-oriented resort which caters well to couples, families and water sports enthusiasts. If you enjoy good food, charming tavernas serve regional mouth-watering cuisine which will tempt your taste buds. If you are looking for lively nightlife, this perhaps won’t be the place for you, but if its relaxation and water sports you’re after, Mikri Vigla will suit you perfectly.



Hotels in Mikri Vigla