Where to stay in Norfolk

Which are the best towns and cities to stay in Norfolk?

Located in East Anglia in Eastern England, Norfolk is a fantastic holiday destination that will satisfy any type of traveller. With many charming, towns, a wonderful coastline and famous rivers forming the Norfolk Broads National Park, Norfolk really offers a rich and varied experience. The region attracts both domestic and international tourists and is very-well connected to public transport (both train and bus). You could easily spend a few weeks or more exploring Norfolk, balancing your time between relaxing on the beach, insightful historical sightseeing and pleasant riverside walks. Throughout Norfolk, there are many accommodation options available for all.


It is easy to make a Norfolk holiday itinerary and all destinations are within reach of The Broads. For those who love the beach, there are numerous destinations to stay. You could opt for the charming coastal resort of Great Yarmouth, with its miles of sand and outdoor amusement activities. Or if you prefer a slightly quieter beach town, Cromer and Hunstanton are great places to stay. For those who love a historical city with a lively atmosphere, Norwich is an ideal place to stay. Kings Lynn and Swaffham are also popular historical towns with many interesting sights to explore.

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Stower Grange Hotel
123€ - 130$
The Lodge
158€ - 167$
Briarfields Hotel
163€ - 173$
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Hotel Ocean
Great Yarmouth
131€ - 139$
Greenbanks Hotel Norfolk
Great Fransham
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Best towns and cities to stay in Norfolk





Norwich is arguably the most famous city in Norfolk and somewhere you should definitely stay when visiting the region! This is one of the most iconic, well-preserved medieval cities in the whole of Britain. In Norwich, you can easily spend several days sightseeing and immersing yourself in the city’s history and culture. It is home to a fantastic Norman cathedral and church, as well as numerous museums and points of interest. It is also just a stone’s throw away from the Norfolk Broads.


Norwich also has a vibrant and youthful vibe which makes it almost a city of contrasts. Indeed, there is a large student population and lively nightlife scene here. Norwich also boasts many delicious international restaurants, traditional British pubs and cafés. There is no shortage of places to eat and drink out after a day of sightseeing, and a wide range of accommodation to choose from for the night.



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Great Yarmouth


Great Yarmouth

Just 20 miles east of Norwich lies the lovely seaside resort of Great Yarmouth. It really epitomises Norfolk’s beautiful coastline and makes for a great holiday destination. Although an easy day trip from Norwich, it is well worth staying a few nights in Great Yarmouth to fully relax and enjoy this splendid seaside resort. There are numerous seafront hotels and inns to choose from, and you have great access to the Broads.


Great Yarmouth is home to 15 miles of pristine beaches and coastal walks. It is a destination that attracts holidaymakers all year round, although summer is naturally the best time to visit when the weather is better. Amongst the beautiful beaches, some of the highlights are Great Yarmouth Central Beach, California Beach and the more tranquil Scatby Beach. Also, Great Yarmouth has many family-friendly activities, including Pleasure Beach Gardens, where you can enjoy outdoor amusement activities and much more.



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Kings Lynn


Kings Lynn

Another interesting town to stay in when in Norfolk is Kings Lynn. This important maritime town in Western Norfolk has a rich history and is fascinating to explore. There are many great hotels, BnB’s and guesthouses to choose from here.


Walking around Kings Lynn, you almost feel like you are going back in time. The delightful old merchant’s houses and historical buildings that stretch along down to the harbour really make you feel like you’re in medieval maritime England. You can also enjoy a nice pleasant stroll along King Lynn’s beautiful waterfront and even take an hour day trip to the Broads. Kings Lynn is also home to several interesting museums, churches and even a bustling marketplace that comes alive every Saturday. Given its popularity with tourists, there are a number of boutique stores and a large shopping area. Kings Lynn also hosts annual entertainment festivals which attract many visitors.



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Cromer is another of Norfolk’s pretty seaside towns that makes for a great holiday destination. Located on Norfolk’s North Coast less than an hour from The Broads, Cromer is a destination to be enjoyed by all. As well as its beautiful beach, it is home to a famous seafront pier that makes for a lovely family walk. This pier is typically Victorian and even has a theatre with annual shows!


For adventurous holidaymakers, Cromer is ideal! It is home to ‘Britain’s Great Barrier Reef’ where you get the adrenaline pumping by going snorkeling. There are also annual festivals here. And for history enthusiasts, Cromer is home to several interesting museums and historical points of interests such as Cromer Church- where you can ascend the tallest tower in Norfolk. Cromer is very famous for its delicious seafood, and there are many great local restaurants to enjoy, many with a delightful sea view.



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Hunstanton is yet another example of the classic Norfolk coastline and it makes for an ideal alternative holiday destination with many lovely seaside hotels and inns to choose from. This peaceful seaside resort is particularly famous for its striking, striped cliffs which dramatically surround the whole coastline and make for unbelievable photos.


As well as making the just over an hour day trip to The Broads, there are a number of things to do in Hunstanton itself for several idays. You can enjoy fun outdoor family activities such as Crazy Golf, amongst many other sporting options. Or if you prefer a peaceful stroll in nature, Esplanade Gardens make for a nice day out. And of course there is the beach: fantastic for family walks, relaxing and maybe even swimming in the warm summer. You can also enjoy walking around Old Hunstanton Village with its quiet centre and authentic British pubs.



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Located in South West Norfolk, Swaffham is a historical market town that makes for a rewarding holiday destination. It is a good stop off point on a trip around Norfolk and is just less than an hour’s day trip from The Broads.


One of the most striking things about Swaffham is its authentic Georgian architecture. This really gives the town an authentic feel, and it is ideal for history buffs. Indeed, there are many monuments to be explored here, such as the iconic 15th century Swaffham Church. This is up there with some of the finest monuments in Norfolk and stands out from miles away! Swaffham is also famous for its market (Swaffham Market) which sells rich local produce and is particularly lively on a Saturday. With an abundance of local pubs, restaurants and cafés and some nice cozy places to stay, Swaffham is definitely worth staying in for a few days.



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