Where to stay in Positano

Where is the best place to stay in Positano?

Positano is one of the many gems of the Amalfi coast. A beautiful town, which hangs over the seafront and despite being a popular tourist destination, has managed to maintain its charm and authenticity.


If you want to stay in Positano, the best place to stay in is the lower part of town, near the centre and beach. The many slopes and flights of stairs in Positano are quite daunting, so you will be glad to have chosen a hotel which doesn’t have a torturous climb back up from the beach.


One of the most beautiful aspects of Positano´s hotels are their amazing sea views and views overlooking the town. Most of the hotels, including those lower down (thanks to the steep hillside slope where the town sits), offer great views of the deep blue Mediterranean Sea.


Positano´s hotels are just as picturesque as Positano itself, and for that reason they tend to be expensive, as it is considered a premium destination. Forget about finding large hotel chains and normal hotel standards. If arriving by car you will need to park in one of the car parks specially designated by the hotels, as street parking is impossible.

Hotel   Avg price
Palazzo Talamo
Via Pasitea 117
216€ - 220$
Hotel Il Gabbiano
Viale Pasitea, 310
247€ - 252$
Hotel   Avg price
Albergo Miramare Positano
Via Trara Genoino, 27
349€ - 356$
Buca Di Bacco
Piazza Amerigo Vespucci
370€ - 377$
Hotel Eden Roc Suites
Via G. Marconi, 110
414€ - 422$
Hotel Palazzo Murat
Via Dei Mulini 23
495€ - 505$
Hotel   Avg price
Covo Dei Saraceni
Via Regina Giovanna 5
783€ - 799$
Le Sirenuse
Via Cristoforo Colombo, 30
1829€ - 1,866$


On the map, which shows the best place to stay in Positano, Italy, you can see a selection of some of the best located hotels.


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Lower Positano, the best place to stay in Positano


Lower PositanoTo avoid trekking up and down all of the steep slopes of Positano, we recommend you find somewhere to stay in lower Positano, where you can enjoy a room with sea views, just a few feet from the beach and with easy access on foot down into the centre.


You will find some of Positano´s best hotels here, such as the Palazzo Murat or the Il San Pietro Hotel, and the surrounding streets are bursting with Arabian architecture, full of boutiques, restaurants and cafés. From the pebbled beach which runs along the border of the lower side of town, you can also take day trips to other places such as Ravello, Capri and Ischia.



Hotels in Positano


Other places to stay in Positano



Fornillo PositanoWhilst the main beach in Positano is usually packed with tourists, the small Fornillo beach is much quieter, offering a very different perspective from the town´s frantic pace. There is a wide array of small but top-quality restaurants in the area, and although the offering is not as good as in the centre, you will find everything you need for a day at the beach.


Fornillo is located just 15 minutes on foot from the port´s jetty and offers spectacular views of the bay. If you prefer to stay somewhere you can relax and enjoy the beach during the day, whilst avoiding the crowds, the hotels of Fornillo are the best choice.



Hotels in Fornillo






Nocelle PositanoThis small mountain village, which is relatively isolated and situated beyond Montepertuso at 450 meters above sea level, has some of the most spectacular views of the coast. Nocelle is worlds apart from the touristy Positano, set in a calm and quiet spot, far from the hustle and bustle of the other nearby areas. It´s the perfect place to take an evening walk and explore the famous Sentiero degli Dei (Gods pathway).


To reach Nocelle from the centre of Positano, there are many public buses which take around 20-25 minutes or alternatively, you can take a taxi which will cost around 25€. There is also the option of walking up the hundreds of steps that link the two areas together, but it´s not for the faint-hearted and we would only recommend that you take this option if you are in good physical shape.



Hotels in Nocelle






Montepertuso PositanoThe small village of Montepertuso, located on the hillside in upper Positano, is the perfect place for those who love trekking, as there are numerous great walks that start here and connect the village with the Lattari mountains.


Here you will find the Santa Maria delle Grazie Church and the Fontana Vecchia, an old fountain famous for its clear and pure water. Although Montepertuso is also a calm village with spectacular views, much like Nocelle, it offers many more restaurants than Nocelle and is somewhat closer to the centre of Positano by public transport.



Hotels in Montepertuso