Where to stay in Naples

Where is the best place to stay in Naples?

By Carles Barcelo. Updated October 27, 2023

If you’re wondering where to stay in Naples, the best area to stay is the historical centre. In this central area, you’ll be within easy reach of attractions like the fascinating Museo Archaelogico Nazionale, as well as the spectacular Naples Cathedral (Duomo di San Gennaro) which lies on Via Duomo. In the historical centre you’ll find plenty of excellent seafood and pizza restaurants to suit all budgets, and you’ll also be within a short distance of Via Toledo, a large avenue of boutiques and department stores that offers the best of the city’s shopping. The area as great transport links, with buses, funiculars and metro stations to get you around the city.


Italy’s third largest city has a lot to be proud of. This bustling city sits at the foot of Mount Vesuvius, in the stunning Bay of Naples. It holds the highest number of historical sites for a city anywhere in the world, with a total of 448 historical monuments and churches. Here, you’ll find some of Europe’s best theatre and opera, as well as a tantalising choice of Italian cuisine with all the pizza, pasta and seafood dishes you could dream of. Head over to the Museo Cappella Sanseveroto to gape at the statue of the veiled Christ. Or, walk through the Bourbon Tunnel, known as the Galleria Borbonica, where remnants of World War II can be found.

Hotel   Avg price
Hotel Piazza Bellini & Apartments
Via Santa Maria di Costantinopoli, 101
169€ - 184$
Correra 241 Lifestyle Hotel
Via Francesco Saverio Correra, 241
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Hotel Maison Degas
Calata Trinità Maggiore, 53
202€ - 220$
Hotel   Avg price
Costantinopoli 104
Via Santa Maria di Costantinopoli, 104
261€ - 284$
Il Tesoro Smart Suite & SPA
Via Duomo, 228
285€ - 311$
Relais Della Porta
Via Toledo, 368
337€ - 367$
Santa Chiara Boutique Hotel
Via Benedetto Croce, 23
471€ - 513$

On the map, which shows the best area to stay in Naples, you can see a selection of some of the best located hotels.



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Historical centre, the best area to stay in Naples for sightseeing


First Time / Tourist / Sightseeing



Naples Centro StoricoNaples has one of the world’s largest historical city centres. Boasting 448 historical monuments, it can sometimes feel like walking around a huge open-air museum – only with more graffiti. Visitors wishing to immerse themselves in the heart of this history and culture should look into staying in the historic centre, the Centro Storico as it’s known locally.


The buzzing labyrinth of cobbled lanes here are home to baroque churches, atmospheric piazzas, and a range of hotels to fit any taste, from trendy and boutique to grand and opulent. There are even a collection of hotels housed inside 18th-century buildings.


There is little chance pizza addicts or history lovers will ever tire of wandering around the UNESCO heritage site, but whilst there are a lot of small boutiques it should be noted that it’s not necessarily the best part of town for high-end shopping fanatics. Those who want to splurge should head out to Chiaia.


Naples has something of a reputation as a dangerous city but as long as visitors take sensible precautions with their belongings, and don’t wander on empty streets in the dead of night, they should have no issues in the Centro Storico.



Hotels in Naples Historical Centre


Other areas to stay in Naples




Shopping / Walk to Everywhere / One Night



PlebiscitoIf the tight streets and bustling crowds of the Centro Storico are too much, then Plebiscito is a good alternative. Quieter but still close to the action. It’s possible to walk to the beach, Old Town or Quartieri Spagnoli from here.


The area gets its name from the 25,000 square-metre Piazza del Plebiscito, a vast public space sat between the city and the sea. It’s a pedestrian street, a park, a playground, and the number one destination on every tourists’ itinerary – all rolled into one. It’s a concert venue and gathering point. In a city of tightly packed lanes and alleyways, this massive space is also a place for locals and tourists to sun themselves and breathe in the sea air.


In the streets around the Piazza are a range of hostels, apartments, and hotels. Those with a view over the square will cost a bit more than those on the outskirts of the neighbourhood.


The nearby Quartieri Spagnoli has a reputation as a dangerous area, this may have been the case in the past but now you should have few problems during the daytime. Just don’t go wandering around alone at night.



Hotels in Plebiscito






Luxury Hotels / Sea Views / Upscale Shopping



ChiaiaAn upscale area located close to the seafront, Chiaia is an ideal base for anyone looking for a touch of glamour and to surround themselves with style. This is a decidedly upscale area, home to high-end tailors and well-known luxury brands such as Prada and Armani. The hotels here tend to be on the more exclusive side, so expect to pay a premium. Many are housed in period buildings with rooftop terraces or relaxed gardens.


Separating Chiaia from the sea is the Villa Comunale, the most prestigious – and therefore popular – park in the entire city. Erected in the 8th century by King Ferdinand IV, the park was once the preserve of royals alone, now it’s where everyone goes for their evening stroll. In general, Chiala is considered one of the safest parts of the city and is a great choice for families and couples.


Alongside the high-end clothes stores, Chiaia is also home to a great selection of antique shops, bookstores and independent artisans. In terms of transport, Chiaia is connected to Vomero Hill by one of the city’s four funiculars – a unique and fun way to navigate the city.



Hotels in Chiaia






Promenade / Hotels with Sea Views / 2 Nights



LungomareSeparated from the upmarket neighbourhood of Chiala by the Villa Comunale park sits Naples most-loved waterfront promenade, Lungomare. This is a 2.5km pedestrianised seafront strip extending along Via Partenope and Via Caracciolo. The views of the bay, Mt Vesuvius and Castel dell'Ovo –the oldest castle in Naples – are all sumptuous, especially when experienced at sunset.


No matter where you stay in Naples a trip to the city isn’t complete without an evening stroll along the Lungomare. This waterfront stretch would be the envy of any city, and visitors need not fear going hungry, there are a host of bars, restaurants of various kinds and pizzerias.


Lungomare has a good selection of high-end hotels, many with rooftop restaurants or terraces that look out onto the same superlative view of the bay as the promenade. However, should the prices there be too steep for your tastes the area has good transport links to the rest of the city. The metro line at Mergellina station is about 15 minutes on foot, while both the Chiala and Central Funicular lines are within easy walking distance too.


Naples can be an intense town and Lungomare is the ideal place to come to breathe and regather your senses before delving back into the action of the Centro Storico.



Hotels in Lungomare






With a Car / Sea Views / Nightlife



VomeroLocated on a hilltop above Naples city center, you can find the charming and chic Vomero neighborhood. It is easily accessible from downtown Naples by cable car. Vomero is a luxury traveler’s dream- with many upmarket hotels to choose from, many with fantastic city views. There are also mid-range options if you are on more of a budget, but Vomero is definitely an area where you can splash your cash.


Vomero is also ideal for tourists who love a vibrant nightlife and excellent local cuisine. As well as the high-quality restaurants serving authentic Neapolitan cuisine, Vomero is home to Via Aniello Falcone. This long street is renowned for its nightlife, with many lively clubs, bars and lounges full of young people all week long.


In terms of sightseeing, Vomero is most famous for its historic Castel Sant’Elmo, where you can enjoy sweeping panoramic views of Naples city and the surrounding coast.



Hotels in Vomero

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