Best area to stay in Prague

Where is the best area to stay in Prague?

The best area to stay in Prague is the city centre. In this central area, you’ll be within walking distance of the major sights including Old Town Square, St Vitus Cathedral and Prague Castle. Here, as well as the beautiful architecture, you’ll find some excellent little bars to sample the famous Czech beer, and you’ll also come across charming cafes and souvenir shops. The area can be easily walked on foot, making it very convenient for tourists. Travel around town is easy, with plenty of buses, trams and taxis available in the city centre.


Perched elegantly on the Vltava River, Prague is a city that’s famed for its beauty. This “city of a hundred spires” is home to beautiful churches, palaces, towers and bridges, creating an awe-inspiring skyline. It’s a city that you won’t forget easily, with a magical array of history, architecture and art to feast upon. For quaint cobbled streets and traditional pubs, head to Old Town. From Old Town Square, visit the ornate Astronomical Clock and the impressive tower at Old Town Hall. Then, make your way over the Charles Bridge for sweeping views of the river. Next climb the hill to the stunning Prague Castle for more panoramic vistas.

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City Centre, the best area to stay in Prague

In order to really enjoy all that Prague has to offer in terms of great attractions, sights and places of interest, the city centre is a great place to stay. You will find a wide variety of hotels located here, so finding a suitable place to stay won’t be a problem. You will also be able to select from a wide range of eating establishments serving up a variety of different types of cuisine, with something to suit most palates.


The city centre of Prague also provides access to public transport, including the metro, buses and taxis. This means that you can get around with ease, although you will find that exploring this area by foot is the best choice, as it enables you to see the many sights that this destination has to offer. There are also plenty of places to enjoy a drink or soak up the nightlife in the city centre, which includes places such as the Lucerna Music Bar and the Nebe Cocktail and Music Bar.


When you stay in Prague City Centre, you will be able to look forward to a full and exciting itinerary, as there is plenty for you to do here. Some of the key attractions that you will be able to look forward to when you stay in this part of the city include the historical and architecturally fascinating buildings at Wenceslas Square, the Lucerna Arcade with its hanging horse monument inside, the Wenceslas Monument, and the National Museum. This area of the city is packed with history, culture, architecture and entertainment, so you will have everything you need right on your doorstep when you stay here.


For a touch of romance, you can enjoy a visit to the famous Charles Bridge, which dates back to the 14th century and provides stunning views of the city, which has turned it into one of the most popular attractions in Prague. Another attraction you should definitely not miss out on is the fabulous Prague Castle, which dates back to the 9th century and boasts a rich and fascinating history. You can even take a tour of the castle complex and explore many of the buildings within it, including St. Vitus Cathedral and St. George’s Basilica.

Aria Hotel Prague

Other areas to stay in Prague

Prague is by and large a compact city, which means that there are other areas apart from the city centre where you can stay while still enjoying easy access to sights, attractions and amenities. This includes the Prague 2 and Prague 5 areas, both of which are also popular options amongst those visiting this destination.


Prague 2 district

The smallest administrative district in the country, Prague 2 is home to costly residential homes as well as a number of attractions and amenities. You will find a number of hotels in this area, which lies next to the main city centre of Prague. This district was only officially created in 1960 but it boasts a range of historic places of interest to explore, as it is thought to be an area that is historically linked to the establishment of the Czech rulers making it a fascinating place to visit and stay.


This area is home to the Czech national cemetery as well as some medieval fortress ruins. Prague 2 also covers the historical centre known as Vinohrady, which is a costly and attractive area where you will find some of the finest cuisine. One of the most famous parks in Prague, Rieger Gardens, can be found here as can the Vinohrady Theatre and the National House of Vinohrady.


Another part of Prague 2 is Nove Mesto or New Town. This is more of a business based area with good transport links. However, there are also a number of key sights and attractions in this part of the district, which includes the Botanical Gardens, the Baroque Villa America, the Gothic town hall and Charles Square, which is one of the biggest squares in Europe and the biggest in Prague.


Prague 5 district

Situated to the west of the city, Prague 5 is actually one of the largest districts in Prague. There are a number of different areas that make up this district, which has very good public transport links to enable you to get around easily. Andel is considered the centre of this district and has a lot of commercial premises as well as an impressive shopping centre. The former film producing borough of Barrandov is also situated in this district and is home to landmarks such as the Barrandov Film Studios and the Barrandov Terraces.


Smichov is another part of this district and has a strong industrial history. Today it is still a commercial centre, with cosmopolitan offices, entertainment venues and shopping facilities amongst other things. If you are into horseracing one part of the district you should definitely pay a visit to is Chuchie, as this is where the Velka Chuchie racecourse is, which hosts a variety of racing events. You can also look forward to visiting a range of dining and entertainment establishments throughout the various parts of this district.