Where to stay in Reunion Island

Where is the best area to stay on Reunion island?

A French Indian Ocean island with rich cultural heritage and natural wonders including white sandy beaches, lush rainforests, waterfalls, lava seashores, and majestic UNESCO-listed “Pitons, Cirques and Ramparts”; Reunion has something for everyone!


Foodies and culture lovers will like the northern capital city of Saint-Denis’ creole architecture, vibrant arts scene, friendly bars, and restaurants. Beach lovers looking for entertainment and holiday activities will prefer the vibe and turquoise water of Saint-Gilles-les-Bains or the nearby Saint-Leu surf and paraglide spot that is also appreciated for its sugar cane museum, and turtle observatory. Both resorts are convenient to explore the west and adjacent highlands. A friendly seaside town, Saint-Pierre will conquer families and nature lovers who can drive up to the volcano, across the wild south, go canyoning, and visit plantations… But, a night in a cirque is a must-try! Authentic Salazie features eastern landscapes and waterfalls while western Cilaos offers a unique feel and thermal spas. Both promise great hikes, unique scenery, and memorable experiences.


Whether you want to explore this hiker’s paradise, delve into its local history and culture, marvel at astonishing panoramas, practice sports, or simply bask in the sun, Reunion island offers endless activities to choose from. Just find your best place to stay!

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Hotel Des Neiges
100€ - 107$
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Sarana Hôtel & Spa
249€ - 266$
Hotel Le Boucan Canot
271€ - 290$
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Palm Hotel & Spa
Petite Ile
305€ - 326$
Blue Margouillat Seaview Hotel
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Best places to stay in Reunion Island




Culture lovers, local lifestyle, creole cuisine



Saint-DenisLocated a few minutes from the main airport, Saint-Denis offers a good overview of culture and heritage that include charming architecture, diverse places of worship, awesome cuisine, and authentic music and dance listed as a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage.


Prepare to stroll through fancy boutiques and colourful markets, admire creole buildings, visit the sumptuous Jardin de l’État and other museums, take a ride on the new aerial cable, cycle along the coast, or head east to explore flourishing plantations, Hindu temples, natural pools, and waterfalls.


Be sure to be back in the evening, though. The friendly walkable capital boasts a thriving culinary scene. Plus, the breezy Barachois waterfront with popular creole food shacks and the hype Quartier cathedral’s bars and restaurants are not to be missed. Saint-Denis also showcases several cultural centres, nightclubs, and a casino.


As regards accommodation you can choose between guesthouses, 1 to 5-star villas, and 1 to 4-star hotels.



Hotels in Saint-Denis






Hikers, rainforest, waterfalls




SalazieNestled in the eponymous cliff-rimmed cirque, Salazie is an enchanting place for those who love wild nature, lush rainforests, and incredible scenery. The cirque, which is accessible from the East, is home to some of the island’s most spectacular waterfalls including the famous Voile de la mariée.


Ideally located in the heart of the island, Salazie offers a wealth of rewarding hikes. You may also visit the village’s ancient spa, play paintball, fish in a local pool, canyon down rivers, crawl through lava tunnels, and, hike runaway slave footpaths to the isolated cirque of Mafate.


While you’re there you should roam colourful Hell-Bourg, one of France’s most beautiful villages, pay a visit to the Museum of music and instruments from the Indian Ocean, dine on creole cuisine, and sample local fruits and vegetables like the cirque’s iconic chayote.


Salazie has many guestrooms and holiday homes to rent as well as a 4-star hotel & spa.



Hotels in Salazie






Beach lovers, holiday activities, popular market



Saint-Gilles-les-BainsIf you dream of turquoise water and holiday activities, look no further, this is your perfect laid-back resort! In this western spot backdropped by the scenic Piton Maïdo, you will find some of the most beautiful white sand beaches and hotels on the island. Plus, Saint-Gilles-les-Bains offers many fun activities including diving experiences and other water activities, visits to the local aquarium, to amazing ethnobotanical Jardin d’Eden garden, or to Villèle an emblematic colonial estate now a museum.


It is also a great base to enjoy nearby attractions: drive up to Maïdo to watch the sun rise on the iconic cirque of Mafate and surrounding ramparts and visit the local Wednesday market or the legendary Saint-Paul market. Saint-Gilles-les-Bains also showcases fancy restaurants and night entertainment.


It is popular with families and couples who can choose from a wide range of guesthouses, beach flats, and up to 5-star villas, hotels, and resorts.



Hotels in Saint-Gilles-les-Bains






Families, nature-based activities, paragliding



Saint-LeuAs you drive down the west coast, you will reach this endearing seaside resort with picture-perfect pristine water and panoramic views. Besides a cool coastal atmosphere, Saint-Leu offers a pleasant countryside feel that is perceptible as you head to the local distillery of essential oils or the Stella Matutina Museum for more insight into the production of sugar cane and its impact on Reunion, its people, and culture.


Saint-Leu strikes a balance between nature-oriented activities offered by the coconut house or the only turtle observatory and extreme sports like mountain biking, surfing, and paragliding. Thrills and spills are guaranteed if this is what you are looking for. Saint-Leu is also a good place to alternate between relaxation, intense activities, and sightseeing. It is conveniently located between the wild South and the thriving North.


The resort displays a wide range of beach houses and guesthouses as well as 1 to 5-star hotels and villas.



Hotels in Saint-Leu






Sightseers, volcano, tropical gardens




Saint-PierreThe capital of the South is ideally located to visit the Cité du Volcan, drive through lunar landscapes up to the spectacular Piton de la Fournaise volcano, or down along the wild south’s craggy seashores. From there you may meander through impressive gardens of Curcuma, tea, vanilla, and spices, and experience a typical Reunion picnic on a Southern beach, near a coastal pool, by the river, or in the highlands.


Saint-Pierre is also a good base to kitesurf, play golf, cycle, canyon in dazzling cascade Langevin, hike in Les Makes, head to Cilaos, do an escape game in a lava tunnel, or visit the Domaine du Café grillé and the Saga du Rhum Museum.


This friendly resort boasts rich architecture, a popular Saturday itinerant market, great nightlife, and a beautiful beach and waterfront lined by a wide range of bars, restaurants, and food shacks.


Saint-Pierre features beachfront flats and guesthouses as well as 1 to 4-star hotels and villas.



Hotels in Saint-Pierre






Nature lovers, hiking, spa



CilaosVenture up the famous hair-pinned road to Cilaos, you will be highly rewarded. The curvy mountainous road will take you right below the legendary Piton des Neiges, Reunion’s highest peak and oldest volcano. Super-scenic Cilaos which sits in the heart of the eponymic cirque is a paradise for those longing for remoteness and serenity. There, you can choose to relax and indulge in the historic spa resort, enjoy pleasant walks, hike a dormant volcano, ride a mountain bike, or go ziplining or canyoning. You may also rent a bike to explore the village or navigate on the Mare à Jonc pool.


Cilaos is also popular for its embroidery and locally produced lentils and wine. Regardless of your travelling preferences, you should stay overnight to truly experience it and wake up to crisp mountain air and stunning sunrises on the ramparts.


Holiday accommodation ranges from bed and breakfasts to 4-star hotels, some with spa facilities.



Hotels in Cilaos