Best area to stay in Santa Marta

What is the best area to stay in Santa Marta?

The best area to stay in Santa Marta is the historic centre, a colonial area that encompasses the most emblematic places belonging to South America´s oldest city. With an array of bars and restaurants available nearby, it is located just a few minutes from the Bahia and 10km from the Santa Marta International Airport.


A must see tourist spot is the Parque de los Novios, which is the main meeting point for young residents and tourists. Here you will also find some great restaurants and bars, and you will be able to experience the authentic energy of Santa Marta and its people. You can also visit the Simón Bolívar Park on foot, which forms the centre of the city´s leisure activities. The Santa Marta Cathedral and San Miguel Square are also nearby.


Among the many restaurants this area has to offer, some great options are Ouzo, Carambolo, Lamart, La Canoa and the Ikaro Café. Crabs and Marley Caffee Bar are two highly recommended bars. If you want to dance, head for La Puerta, or alternatively you can walk 15 minutes further out to the La Escollera. All of the Historical Centre´s main points of interest can be visited on foot from here, but if you want to get around the city you can also take the bus or rent a motorbike.


For those interested in some shopping, the Buenavista shopping centre which is just a 15 minute taxi ride away, offers an excellent variety of shopping options, at affordable prices, as well as a supermarket, cinema, food-court and the Juan Valdez cafeteria, where you can try some delicious Columbian coffee.

Hotel   Avg price
Hotel Sierra Nevada
Calle burechito calle 21 # 6 - 73
30€ - 36$
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AC Hotel By Marriott Santa Marta
Calle 23 No 1C-37
57€ - 68$
Casa Bugambilia
Cl. 19 #613
58€ - 69$
Casa de Isabella, a Kali Hotel
Carrera 2 No. 19-20
61€ - 73$
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Casa de Leda, a Kali Hotel
Calle 18 No 4-38
60€ - 71$
Placita Vieja Hotel Boutique Spa
Calle 19 # 2A -09. Calle Tumba 4
89€ - 106$


On the map, which shows the most convenient area to stay in Santa Marta, Colombia, you can see a selection of some of the best located hotels.


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The Old Town, the best place to stay in Santa Marta


santa marta Old TownThe Old Town in the city of Santa Marta, aside from being an architectural jewel, is a colonial-style area that is well worth a visit, to explore its cultural wealth and great party & shopping scene. The tour starts on the main street and runs all the way to the Avenida del Ferrocarril and 22 street, where you can explore an ample offering of places to visit and enjoy a variety of seafood gastronomy.


At the start of your journey, you will come across the Plaza Simón Bolivar, which takes its name from the famous Liberator, and combines a warm, summery climate with views over the bay and vibrant gardens and monuments. To one side of the Square you will find the Casa de la Aduana, which is more than 300 years old and is currently used as the Tairona Gold Museum. After your visit to the museum, take a break and enjoy a delicious Colombian coffee at the Café del Parque.


The tour then continues on to the beautiful Cathedral Basilica of Santa Marta which is known as being the first church to be built in Continental America. Just a few meters away from the Cathedral, you will find the Claustro San Juan Nepomuceno Art Museum, a building that is just as old as El Parque de los Novios, located just in front of the Palacio de Justicia, which is surrounded by restaurants, cafés, bars and a lively nightlife.

The unbeatable location of the Old Town, together with the wide range of tourist attractions on offer, makes this a great place for tourists to enjoy the amazing and friendly atmosphere, and just 15 minutes from the Simón Bolívar International Airport.



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Other places to stay in Santa Marta


El Rodadero


El Rodadero Santa MartaJust ten minutes from the city of Santa Marta you will find the El Rodadero beach, close to the Gaira Bay; its white sand and calm waters make it a great place for doing water sports. Surrounded by hotels, bars, restaurants and nightclubs and just a few minutes from the Museo del Mar, the Aquarium and Taganga, the El Rodadero beach is without a doubt an obligatory stop when visiting Santa Marta.



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Bello Horizonte 


The Bello Horizonte beach is an exclusive tourist area in Santa Marta, situated just 20 minutes by car from the Old Town, where you can find some of area´s the most important hotels as well as a variety of different restaurants and leisure activities. With more than 3 km of pristine beaches, dazzling white sand and blue sea, this is one of the best Samarian destinations.



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