Best area to stay in Seville

What is the best area to stay in Seville?

Seville is Spain’s fourth largest city and is the main tourist and cultural centre of the south of Spain. The city is beautifully set along the Guadalquivir River and is jam-packed with unique cultural and historical attractions that ooze superb architecture in the forms of universities, palaces, museums, towers, cathedrals and much more.


Seville is home of the Flamenco and is very popular throughout the city with numerous festivals dedicated to it as is bull fighting, in which by the end you will want to be learning the language and everything to do with the country.


If you’re wondering where to stay in Seville, the best area to stay is the Old Town, as this area is the most fascinating of the city and there are many tourist attractions in this part of Seville. The Old Town is full of authentic Spanish atmosphere and vibe and is home to one of the largest cathedrals on the globe as well as some of the finest museums and art galleries in the city. There are various markets where you can buy lots of goodies, restaurants that offer the most delicious tapas and hotels of the best quality.

Hotel   Avg price
Corral del Rey
Corral del Rey 12
262€ - 296$
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Adriano Boutique Sevilla
C/ Adriano 12
115€ - 130$
El Rey Moro Hotel Boutique
c/ Lope de Rueda, 14
122€ - 138$
Hotel Amadeus & La Musica
Farnesio, 6
166€ - 188$
Hotel   Avg price
Hotel Inglaterra
Plaza Nueva, 7
117€ - 132$
Hotel Casa 1800
Rodrigo Caro 6
191€ - 216$
Hotel   Avg price
Gran Melia Colon
Canalejas, 1
274€ - 310$
Alfonso XIII Hotel
Calle San Fernando 2
577€ - 652$


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Old Town, the best area to stay in Seville


Seville Old TownSeville’s Old Town is where you’ll find some of the city’s best sights and attractions, which makes it the perfect place to stay if you’re hoping to see everything the beautiful city has to offer.


This area is also home to many of the city’s top hotels, so you’ll have your pick of some of Seville’s best accommodation. Being such a popular tourist area, there are also many budget 3* hotels in Old Town, so whether you look for grandeur or affordability, you’ll easily find the perfect place to stay.


Wherever you stay in this section of the city, you’ll be just a short walk away from most of the city’s major attractions. The incredible 15th Century Seville Cathedral, one of the largest cathedrals in the world and Seville’s most popular attraction, looms impressively over Old Town, and can be seen from almost every street. So for those wanting to admire some of the world’s most impressive gothic architecture, staying in Old Town means you’ll probably get to pass by the Cathedral each and every day of your visit. Whilst the Cathedral’s outwards appearance is already enough to take your breath away, it’s definitely worth taking a trip inside, to the resting place of the great Christopher Columbus. Whether you want to plan a day at the Cathedral, or spontaneously walk in, staying in Old Town means you can easily do either.


The Bell Tower, La Giralda, is an attraction that goes hand in hand with the Cathedral. If you’re visiting the Cathedral, it makes sense to make a day of it, and climb to the top of La Giralda. Once at the top you’ll have an amazing view over the city, you might even be able to see your hotel if you’re staying in the Old Town!


That’s not even everything that Old Town has to offer, in fact there are several more historical attractions dotted around the area. The16th Century Alcazar Palace isa royal residence, and one of the oldest buildings in Europe that is still used by the royal family. The beautiful interior of this Palace is one you don’t want to miss, with ornate ceiling carvings and tile designs.


By staying in Old Town, you’ll also be as close as you can get to many of the city’s museums. The Torre de Oro is a 13th Century tower that has been transformed into a maritime museum, where you can learn about the city’s history. Then there’s the Archivo de Indias, which displays and explains letters sent by Columbus to Queen Isabella, and details his many discoveries and their significances.


Seville is the home of the Flamenco, and Old Town never fails to impress tourists with displays of the passionate dance. The Museo del Baile Flamenco is full of information and exhibitions about the dance and its origins, and they often host dancing events and music, so you can see the local dance performed in its hometown.


The Barrio Santa Cruz is also located in the area and is a popular spot to find souvenirs. There are winding streets filled with cafes, antique shops and market stalls. And if you’re looking for something romantic to do during your stay, take a stroll along the nearby Guadalquivir River at sunset.There are plenty of cafes, bars and restaurants where you can stop for a drink or a romantic evening meal.


Wherever you go in Old Town, you’re never too far away from a restaurant or a good tapas bar. And there’s a lively nightlife scene here too, with most bars staying open until the early hours of the morning. So by staying in this beautiful and historic Centre, you’ll be surrounded by things to do and see almost twenty-four hours a day!



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Other areas to stay in Seville




Triana SevilleTriana lies just across the river from Old Town. This neighborhood is famous for making beautiful ceramic tiles from the mud of the river bank, and most people take a trip to this district after seeing the tiles dotted around the city. Triana’s streets are lined with quaint little shops and workshops where you can see the tiles being made, and maybe even purchase some as a souvenir.


The area also has a few historical attractions of its own, for example the Esperanza de Triana statue, one of the most popular statues depicting the Virgin Mary. This is a landmark that people travel miles to visit, so it’s worth visiting if you’re in the area.


Triana is a more authentic and local feeling neighborhood in Seville, and being slightly out of the Centre, hotel rates are often a little cheaper. The area has a calmer atmosphere, and if you’re looking for a tranquil location to stay, Triana’s waterfront hotels might be just the place. Calle Betis is a popular street in Triana, it runs alongside the river and has several bars and restaurants boasting amazing views of the city.


If you’re interested in seeing Flamenco performances, Triana is just as promising as Old Town on this front. The Plaza de Altozano is where the local Flamenco dancers and musicians meet and begin their performances.



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Alameda SevilleAlameda is a beautiful area in Seville, the area centering around a garden square where locals and tourists alike go for walks and picnics. Roman columns head the promenade, and there are impressive statues of Hercules and Caesar, combining Seville’s historical atmosphere with the natural element of the park. The park element of this area makes it a popular location for families to stay.


This area is perhaps most popular for its nightlife scene though, with plenty of bars and clubs playing alternative music and attracting an edgier crowd than the more central locations. So for those looking to enjoy the local nightlife, Alameda is an ideal location to stay.



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