Where to stay in the Seychelles

Which is the best place to stay in the Seychelles?

The chain of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean, off Africa’s east coast, is one of the world’s great paradises. The stunning palm tree lined, white sandy beaches, crystal blue waters, tropical vegetation and seas teaming with life, draw millions of people in every year. With luxurious resorts, seaside villages and scenery which often features on the cover of magazines, it’s a wonderful place to find pure relaxation.


The largest island, Mahé, and its capital Victoria, is a bustling commercial centre, surrounded by the Morne Seychelles National Park, which is awash with activities for all the family. Nearby, to Victoria’s west, you have the picturesque and popular Beau Vallon Bay, one of the longest beaches on the island. For a more relaxed pace of life head south on Mahé to Baie Lazare, a quieter cove where the iconic turquoise waters meet beautiful beaches.


The second-largest island, further north, is Praslin - a more peaceful island where many romantic settings can be found. It’s here, in places like Grand’Anse and Baie Sainte Anne, where top quality resorts meet expanses of white sandy beaches and quiet coves, which you often have all to yourself. Nearby you have the laid-back, sleepy island of La Digue, where nature and relaxation are the attractions.

Hotel   Avg price
Villa Panoramic Seaview
190€ - 194$
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Le Nautique Waterfront Hotel La Digue
La Digue
270€ - 275$
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Four Seasons Resort Seychelles at Desroches Island
Desroches Island
1037€ - 1,058$
Six Senses Zil Pasyon
2072€ - 2,113$
Denis Private Island Seychelles
2190€ - 2,234$
Anantara Maia Seychelles Villas
Anse Louis
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Best places to stay in the Seychelles


Beau Vallon (Mahé)


Beaches, honeymoon, families



Beau VallonThis stunning bay, just west of Victoria, has the Seychelles longest beach, also one of its most famous. Its golden sands are shrouded by hills and the dense forests of the Morne National Park. Alongside the beach are many popular resorts and beachside eateries and its shallow, clear ocean, which is full of life, is popular with snorkellers and scuba divers.


The size of the bay also allows for many other water sports including surfing, windsurfing, kite surfing and jet-skiing. Its westerly setting makes it a prime location to watch sunsets on the island of Mahé and its restaurants are often bustling with life in the evening. Due to its close proximity to the capital Victoria, it’s also popular with locals and it can often be quite a busy beach.


A perfect spot for families due to the range of activities and only 30 minutes bus or drive away from the nation’s main airport.



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Baie Lazare (Mahé)


Luxury hotels, honeymoon



Baie LazareTo Mahé’s south you can find the picturesque Baie Lazare, a much quieter and smaller cove, which offers a more relaxed pace of life to the busy Beau Vallon. It boasts the typical golden sands and turquoise water which the Seychelles are famed for and the bay’s half-moon shape, surrounded by lush vegetation, makes it an immensely photogenic setting.


Nearby are a number of good hotels and many more beautiful coves to explore, meanwhile there are also locations to rent snorkels and windsurfing equipment. The bay is by far the most peaceful location to enjoy the beach on the island of Mahé and it was once the site where pirate treasure was found by locals – this can now be found in the National Museum of History in Victoria.


A good spot to enjoy a romantic break on the island of Mahé, away from the bustling beaches and streets of Beau Vallon and Victoria.



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Grand’Anse (Praslin)


Beaches, lively, close to the airport



Grand’AnseThe village of Grand Anse is the main location on the Seychelles’ second-biggest island, Praslin. Its large beautiful beach, which runs down the island’s south, is lined with palm trees and surrounded by large forests. The sheer size of the beach means you often have large expanses to yourself, despite the large number of hotels and resorts on the coastline.


People often associate the Seychelles with romantic coastline strolls on white sands and alongside turquoise waters – and in Grand Anse you can find that by the bucket load. A great place for a romantic break, but also close to amenities including tasty restaurants, bars, cafes and the opportunity to take up some water sports if you wanted to.


Unlike some of the popular beaches on Mahé, you’re unlikely to find over-crowding here, and more likely to find peace and quiet. Well-connected with a local airport on the edge of Grand Anse.



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Baie Sainte Anne (Praslin)


Beaches, families, water sports



Baie Sainte AnneAnother peaceful and romantic setting on the island of Praslin. The area is made up of many small coves and secluded beaches, unlike Grand’Anse which features a long stretch of sandy coastline. However, like Grand’Anse, it features wonder locations to enjoy strolls along quiet beaches, enjoy romantic meals by the sea and put your feet up and enjoy some relaxation.


The coves are lined with popular hotels, quiet resorts, and many restaurants and bars. Meanwhile, there are also locations where you can charter boats to explore the coastline and spots to rent paddleboards, snorkelling equipment and go scuba diving, among many other water sports. Its relaxed pace of life means it lends itself better for couple getaways, rather than family trips.


Well-connected with a small local port, which has boat connections to Mahé and the smaller island of La Digue.



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La Digue


Beaches, nature, relax



La DigueOne of the most famous and most peaceful settings in the whole of the Seychelles. This stunning island has a relaxed pace of life, where it feels like time has stood still for many hundreds of years.


With no airport, the island is only reachable by boat, and as a result there is an air of exclusivity about it. It’s almost entirely car free, so people make their way about on bicycle. Nature is king here, and enjoying the beaches and secluded coves by foot or by bike is the best way to enjoy the island. It's a favourite for couples on their honeymoon, and there are many beautiful boutique hotels which cater for romantic getaways.


It’s also a great location to sample local seafood and you can get a wildlife fix at the Veuve Nature Reserve, which is full of rare bird and plant life. Only a 20-minute boat ride to the larger island of Praslin.



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Victoria (Mahé)


Temples, markets, local life



VictoriaThe capital of the Seychelles and biggest town may not be the place to find romantic quiet coves, but it is a place buzzing with life. Among its colourful painted buildings, you can find a bustling market full of tasty produce from the island’s lush forests and surrounding ocean.


It’s also home to the island’s National Museum of History and its stunning Botanical Gardens, and is surrounded by the Morne Seychelles National Park - its wide variety of hiking trails take you through dense forest to the country’s highest point. Wherever you are in the Seychelles you are never far from beautiful beaches and ocean, and Victoria is in striking distance to many stunning spots. The town is full of shops, eateries and bars, and there is more life to the place than some of the quieter locations elsewhere in the chain of islands.


A decent spot to keep the kids entertained, while still soaking up elements of the tropical paradise.



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