Where to stay in Sharm El Sheikh

What is the best area to stay in Sharm El Sheikh?

Sharm El Sheikh, located on Egypt's Sinai Peninsula, is a captivating holiday destination. Its pristine beaches and clear waters make it a top spot for snorkelling and diving. The Red Sea's vibrant marine life and coral reefs are a sight to behold. Beyond the sea, visitors can explore desert landscapes on thrilling quad biking adventures or visit historic sites like St. Catherine's Monastery. Luxury resorts offer world-class amenities and relaxation, while Naama Bay provides a lively nightlife scene with restaurants and shops. Sharm El Sheikh is a perfect blend of natural beauty and modern comfort, making it an ideal holiday spot.


Nabq Bay emerges as the best area to stay in Sharm El Sheikh, located just a swift 10-minute drive from Sharm International Airport. This locale, akin to a city within the city, boasts several distinct advantages over other areas. Its beach front is a standout feature, with a unique formation comprising a 1 km stretch of shallow, ankle-high waters before a dramatic drop-off into the deep sea. Nabq Bay is also home to the breathtaking Nabq National Park, an oasis nestled in the heart of the desert and protected since 1992, forming a part of the Ras Mohamed National Park. Its strategic promontory position offers a panoramic vista of the Straits of Tiran at the Gulf of Aqaba's entrance.

Hotel   Avg price
Coral Sea Waterworld Sharm El Sheikh
198€ - 212$
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Pickalbatros Laguna Vista Aqua Park
151€ - 162$
Pickalbatros Royal Moderna Sharm "Aqua Park"
154€ - 165$
Steigenberger Alcazar
225€ - 241$
Rixos Sharm El Sheikh
270€ - 289$
Rixos Premium Seagate
321€ - 343$


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Nabq Bay, the best area to stay in Sharm El Sheikh


Nabq BayNabq Bay in Sharm El Sheikh is a serene escape, known for its tranquillity amidst the bustling city. It boasts pristine beaches and uncrowded waters, perfect for swimming and diving among colourful fish and coral reefs. In terms of activities, Nabq Bay offers diverse options, including day tours, diving expeditions, and golfing at Golf Heights Resort. Sea trips and excursions are also readily available, making it an excellent base for exploration.


For shopping, Al Khan Mall is a unique outdoor shopping area, while La Strada caters to various age groups, with shops, restaurants, and vibrant nightlife. Nabq Bay's dining scene is rich, with options like Onions and Peking House, along with familiar fast-food chains. The area also features an active nightlife, including the Hard Rock Cafe and various hotel bars.


Nabq Bay combines relaxation and adventure, making it an excellent choice for travellers seeking a quieter but still vibrant experience in Sharm El Sheikh.



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Other areas to stay in Sharm El Sheikh


Naama Bay


Naama BayNaama Bay stands as the beating heart of Sharm El Sheikh, making it a prime choice for accommodation. Nestled along the Red Sea's glittering shores, this vibrant area offers a dynamic blend of sun-soaked relaxation and exhilarating nightlife.


The bay itself is a postcard-perfect stretch of golden sand lapped by clear blue waters, perfect for swimming and water sports. Naama Bay's vibrant promenade is the epicentre of entertainment, boasting a myriad of restaurants, bars, and shops. It truly comes alive at night, with a bustling nightlife scene that caters to all tastes, from beach front lounges to energetic clubs.


Travellers looking to explore beyond the shoreline can embark on desert safaris, visit historic sites like the St. Catherine's Monastery, or take part in thrilling water activities such as snorkelling and scuba diving in the nearby reefs.



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El Hadaba


El HadabaEl Hadaba, a charming district within Sharm el-Sheikh, offers a unique and culturally rich experience for travellers seeking an authentic Egyptian escape. Nestled away from the bustling tourist hubs, this area provides a quieter and more immersive alternative.


One of El Hadaba's main draws is its authentic markets, where you can immerse yourself in local culture, haggle for souvenirs, and savoir traditional Egyptian cuisine at local eateries. The district is also home to several mosques, providing a glimpse into daily life and religious practices.


While El Hadaba may not have the expansive beaches of other areas, it compensates with a quaint ambiance, narrow streets, and cosy cafes where you can sip on traditional mint tea.



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Sharks Bay


Sharks Bay

Sharks Bay, nestled along the Red Sea's tranquil shores in Sharm El Sheikh, offers a serene and exclusive escape for discerning travelers. This area stands out for its natural beauty and relaxed ambiance, making it an excellent choice for a peaceful stay.


The bay itself features pristine beaches and calm waters, perfect for swimming, snorkelling, and sunbathing. It's also known for its vibrant marine life, making it a sought-after destination for diving enthusiasts. The coral reefs in Sharks Bay are teeming with colourful fish and other aquatic wonders.


Sharks Bay is home to the famous Soho Square, a vibrant hub of entertainment, dining, and shopping. Soho Square offers a wide range of activities and attractions, making it a must-visit destination within Sharks Bay. Whether you're looking to enjoy a relaxing day on the beach or explore the lively atmosphere of Soho Square, Sharks Bay has something to offer every traveller.



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Garden Bay


Garden BayGarden Bay offers a delightful blend of natural beauty and tranquillity. This charming area is a haven for those seeking a peaceful retreat with easy access to the city's attractions.


Garden Bay's name aptly reflects its lush, landscaped gardens and palm-fringed avenues, creating a serene ambiance for relaxation. The resorts here cater to those who desire a peaceful getaway, with luxurious amenities and private beach access that ensures a quiet and intimate experience.


For travelers seeking a tranquil oasis with proximity to the city's attractions, Garden Bay offers a serene and picturesque base for a memorable stay in Sharm El Sheikh.



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