Where to stay in Skiatos

What is the Best Town to Stay at in Skiathos?

By Ashlyn Willis. Jun 04, 2023

Skiathos, an island located to the east of mainland Greece, is a popular destination filled with a rich history, a beautiful culture, and stunning scenery. Many people flock to Skiathos to enjoy snorkeling, bar-hopping, relaxation, and other fun beach or nightlife activities.


Towns such as Skiathos Town and Vasilias are great places to visit for history buffs, as there is a deep history within Skiathos. There is also a great deal of mythology in Skiathos as well, as the ancient people worshipped the Greek God “Dionysus”, or “Skianthios”, which is where the name of the island originates from. These areas can get a bit crowded during peak tourist season; however, it is an amazing time for those who love natural beauty, perfect beaches, great nightlife, and wonderful locals.


For those who enjoy water sports or having fun after the sun goes down, the towns Megali Ammos, Kolios, and Koukounaries are the places to be. As Dionysus was the Greek God of partying and wine, it’s no wonder these towns in Skiathos are now known for their lively nightlife! There are many things to do, including beach lounging, water sports, bar-hopping, and clubbing!

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Best towns to stay in Skiathos


Skiathos Town

Skyathos townWhen staying in Skiathos, many chose to stay in the biggest town: Skiathos Town. First colonized in the 7th and 6th century BC, there is a deep, rich history involving the Persian War within Skiathos Town that history buffs will find enticing. This town is also a wonderful place for people who love a great nightlife as there are plenty of bars, such as the Coachella Bar, which is known for its drinks as well as dancing. If you’re a foodie, you may enjoy To Palouki, a restaurant that serves Mediterranean and Greek cuisine.


For those who are looking to sit back and relax, there are beach cafes that can double as bars, such as Bourtzi, which is located right at the water’s edge. At the water, you can also enjoy attractions such as Sail With a Dolphin, a boat tour promising you the amazing experience of seeing wild dolphins up close.



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Megali Ammos

Megali Ammos“Megali Ammos”, literally meaning “big sand”, is another area that lives up to its name. This small town has direct access to its beautiful beach, making it perfect for those who want to spend their day lounging by a drop-dead gorgeous sea. With winds that travel from the northwest, it is the perfect destination for the sporty type as you can easily do some wind sailing. The water, being crystal clear, also makes it a great spot to do underwater fishing. You can even use a boat hire service such as Megali Ammos Watersports to get an even greater experience in the water!


When you get hungry, or are ready for a beer or two, Exantas Bar Restaurant is located right at the water’s edge, making it a great spot to take a break from all your swimming and exploring. You can enjoy a beautiful view as you take in the sights, all from the comfort of the restaurant.



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KoliosOn the southernmost part of the island of Skiathos lies the town of Kolios. This town, too, has a very fitting name as “kolios” is the Greek word for the fish we call “mackerel” in English. With only about 170 locals residing in Kolios, this small town is great for those looking for the Greek experience without as many people. With beach access, you can sunbathe on the beach or go swimming as you please. It is also a great area for fishing or snorkeling, making Kolios perfect for people of all ages.


It is a great spot to relax for the entire family together! You can also rent a boat using the local GR Boat Rental, allowing you to explore the waters without needing to get wet! While it doesn’t have its own restaurant, there are restaurants that are only a short distance from the beach.



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KoukounariesOnce known as Maratha, Koukounaries, meaning “stone pines”, is located just 13km southwest of Skiathos Town. Its name refers to the pine forest that separates its beach from Lake Strofilia. Known for its many awards that call it one of the “most beautiful beaches in the world”, families and sports people will enjoy camping in the woods, water sports such as scuba diving, sandy beaches, and even a diving school.


When you get hungry, Koukounaries has its very own restaurant that doubles as a bar: La Bussola Bar. There you can dine outside in the beautiful weather during the day. When the sun goes down, it’s time to party, as people flock to the bar in search of a good time. There’s music, drinks, dancing, and overall fun, making it perfect for those who enjoy a lively nightlife after a day of exploring and swimming!



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VasiliasLiterally meaning “king”, Vasilias (sometimes written as “Vassilias”) is another place that lives up to its name, but this time in a different way entirely, as it gets its name from the history of the area when emperors used to choose to be buried in Vasilias. This place is great for history buffs, sport-lovers, and families, as it not only offers a wide variety of outdoor activities and opportunities to learn, but it also has a smaller beach named “Small Vasilias Beach” for those who may not enjoy a larger crowd.


When it’s dinnertime, enjoy the fast food experience with Vasilias’ very own Pinikis Michvlis, a fast food restaurant that can double as a small bar. As Vasilias is a smaller beach, it is perfect for people who a looking for a quieter evening, as less partying takes place here. With a little less nightlife, it is great for families wanting to relax after a day of swimming and fun.



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Growing up in America, I was starting something new and exciting when my now husband asked me to come to Greece. He wanted I see what his country had to offer. I quickly fell in love with Skiathos: its scenery and potential. It will always have a place in my heart and writing. It was our first adventure together.