Tenerife beach

Where are the best places to stay in Tenerife?

With beautiful volcanic beaches for those looking for relaxation and pampering, imposing peaks and natural parks for adventurers, and multiple activities for families and solo travellers, Tenerife, the island of eternal spring and the biggest of the Canary Islands, awaits its visitors all year round.


Whether looking for a tranquil family or romantic holidays with sandy beaches, lavish hotels and five-starred restaurants spread around Costa Adeje and Puerto de Santiago, or you want to dive into exciting water activities and join the party lovers in Los Cristianos and Las Américas, the southern part of the island is a perfect choice. Meanwhile, San Miguel de Abona welcomes golf enthusiasts with stunning courses, and for the daring, the beautiful village of El Médano awaits, with fantastic weather and schools for windsurfing.


To feel the island's heartbeat, stay in Santa Cruz, the charming capital filled with cafeterias, quirky shops, museums, and a busy city centre, always boasting happy cruisers and visitors. And for a history lesson beautifully combined with breathtaking mountain trails and natural pools, the north of Tenerife, with its old, vibrant towns like La Laguna, Puerto de la Cruz, or Garachico, is the best option.

Hotel   Avg price
Santa Barbara Golf & Ocean Club
San Miguel de Abona
81€ - 87$
Hotel   Avg price
Be Live Experience Playa La Arena
Los Gigantes
175€ - 187$
Hotel H10 Big Sur
Los Cristianos
202€ - 216$
Adrián Hoteles Colón Guanahaní
209€ - 224$
H10 Conquistador
Playa de las Américas
211€ - 226$
Hotel   Avg price
Europe Villa Cortes
Playa de las Américas
243€ - 260$
Hotel Las Madrigueras
Playa de las Américas
296€ - 317$
IBEROSTAR Grand Hotel Salome
Costa Adeje
630€ - 674$



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Best places to stay in Tenerife


Puerto de Santiago



Couples, Beaches, Families with Kids




Puerto de SantiagoWith a gorgeous black-sanded urban beach, various restaurants, and lush accommodations, Puerto de Santiago is a top choice, especially for families with kids looking for an escapade in a quiet, relaxing area close to all the entertaining attractions.


The all-year-round sunny destination is next to the imposing Los Gigantes, the stunning must-see cliffs sheltering a small, delightful beach and a fishing port with souvenir shops and great restaurants.


The area offers apartments for tourists who opt for self-catering, but lavish hotels are also available. And, though a quiet, family destination, there are plenty of things to do. Hopping on a boat from Los Gigantes to see the whales, enjoying the unwinding coastal walk to Alcalá, jumping into the natural swimming pools, and admiring the stunning sunset over La Gomera island, are some of the activities that attract visitors to Puerto de Santiago.



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Costa Adeje



Luxury Hotels, Restaurants, Water Activities




Costa AdejeCosta Adeje is one of the best places to stay in Tenerife. Luxurious boutiques and hotels for those looking for extravagance, high-end apartments with spectacular views for those who prefer self-catering, and hostels and private rooms for backpackers are waiting to relax and pamper all.


Add great weather, fine beaches, thrilling water activities, chic cafes, top restaurants, casinos, and a world-famous water park, and Costa Adeje makes all dreams come true.


If sipping cocktails and listening to music sounds like a perfect day, choose the beloved Playa Fañabe or Playa del Duque, bordered by deluxe hotels and tempting restaurants and shops. For more active visitors, Costa Adeje has other surprises. Spend a wet and wild day at Siam Park, go for a whale-watching boat tour from Puerto Colón, indulge in relaxing walks to the gorgeous La Caleta village, or choose a rocky adventure at the celebrated Barranco del Infierno.



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Playa de las Américas



Nightlife, Young Crowds, Beaches




Playa de las AméricasPlaya de Las Américas, the spectacular upscale resort that rules over the southwest coast of Tenerife, is a favourite place for friends, new surfers, party goers and groups who come to the island eager to explore the lively and vibrant resort. Younger and older people love the Playa de las Américas, not only because it has everything one can want from a holiday, but because it brings a little bit more.


Luxury restaurants and busy fast foods, large families and excited crowds of surfers, elegant cars and vans; everything around Playa de Las Américas is a gorgeous mix saying welcome.


Whether you want to party in lively clubs like Papagayo, relax in an apartment and enjoy your cerveza admiring the ocean views, stay in renowned hotels or go for affordable hostels and co-living spaces for backpackers or digital nomads, Playa de las Américas is a beautiful mix of everything for everyone.



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Los Cristianos



Water Sports, Beaches, Day Trips




Los CristianosIf someone is not talking about Playa de las Américas in Tenerife, they are talking about Los Cristianos. This popular resort is ideal for travellers who want a satisfying combination of tranquillity, relaxation, warm sun, and real fun.


Multiple accommodation options, from premium hotels to affordable rooms, for everybody to feel at home, sunbathing during the day, breathtaking sunsets and lots of terraces serving delicious foods and cold, tasty drinks make Los Cristianos heaven for visitors all year round.


And, with diversified activities like jet skiing, scuba diving, kayaking, snorkelling, and excursions to Teide, Los Cristianos always satisfies both adults and kids. Also, for a memorable night out, Playa de las Américas is just a short walk away, and to have a unique adventure, hopping on a boat from the port of Los Cristianos to visit the stunning Island of La Gomera is a must.



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San Miguel de Abona



Golf, Hotels, Beaches




San Miguel de AbonaGolf aficionados should go no further than San Miguel de Abona. A beautiful location welcoming visitors with six fantastic golf courses, stunning views, and the chance to relax and enjoy your favourite sport while immersing in the local culture and cuisine.


Besides the famous courses Golf del Sur and Amarilla Golf, this dazzling area promises to pamper travellers with exquisite amenities in top hotels, charming little gems and historical wonders like the Parish Mother Church of San Miguel Arcángel, local restaurants serving mouthwatering dishes and diverse, fun activities.


La Marina San Miguel offers adventurous tourists the chance to indulge in water sports and underwater activities. If this is not your cup of tea, there are plenty of trails available, all breathtaking and many low in difficulty. Reserva Ambiental San Blas and the protected area of Montaña Amarilla are two must-explore natural marvels while in wonderful San Miguel de Abona.



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El Médano



Windsurf, Beaches, Laid Back Vibe




El MedanoOne of the locals' favourite beaches on the island is in the beautiful village of El Médano. Known for its fine, toasted sand but also its windy weather gathering windsurfers from all over the world, El Médano is a gorgeous destination for people of all ages looking for adventurous watersports, relaxing terraces serving cold beers and delicious foods, and an overall laid back atmosphere that promises to unwind anyone who visits.


El Médano is filled with self-catering apartments but also a few good hotels and is the best place for people who want to try windsurfing. You don't have to be a pro. Just take a few classes or, if you don't feel adventurous, admiring the colourful spectacle of the windsurfers is a free, memorable show.


Don't miss the beautiful trail exploring Montaña Roja, enjoy walking to La Tejita beach, and, of course, the local restaurants. Mouthwatering!



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Santa Cruz de Tenerife



Culture and cuisine, Museums, Shopping




Santa Cruz de TenerifePopular among cruisers and visitors who want to feel the island's heartbeat, Santa Cruz de Tenerife is the capital city and a fantastic choice for both hotel and self-catering apartment seekers. Its most famous building, The Auditorio de Tenerife, welcomes visitors with its spectacular curves and sensational views as they enter the colourful city.


Relax in Plaza de España and wander around admiring the port, enjoy shopping on la Calle el Castillo, or explore the vibrant Calle de la Noria with its many top restaurants. For history lovers, The Museum of Nature and Archaeology is a great option to understand the island's past, as is the Carnival Museum to get close to its culture.


Try some of the most loved local dishes and pair them with award-winning wines in a local restaurant. And for a colourful cuisine encounter, Nuestra Señora de África Market is a must-visit, especially on a Sunday morning.



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La Laguna



History, Hiking, Restaurants




La LagunaLocated in the northern part of the island, San Cristóbal de La Laguna, the first city in the Canary Islands and its former capital, is a lovely choice to stay when visiting Tenerife.


A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the town is a real gem for history and architecture lovers, who can spend their time wandering around the quirky streets, admiring colonial architecture, and enjoying the large pedestrian shopping area filled with busy terraces and cafeterias.


If the town becomes too busy, travellers can get away and enjoy one of the many sensational hiking routes hidden in the Anaga Rural Park. Whether a passionate hiker or an occasional walker, the protected natural area should be explored. Or, skip walking and hop on a bus or rent a car and take a tour of the natural wonder, letting the spectacular mountains and ravines amaze your eyes.



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Puerto de la Cruz



Family and couples, Culture and cuisine




Puerto de la CruzPerfect for families and romantic getaways, Puerto de la Cruz is located in the north of the island, surrounded by green beauty and known for its gorgeous typical Canarian buildings, dark sand beaches, multiple hotels, and of course, the saltwater pools of Lago Martiánez, designed by the famous artist César Manrique.


Without any doubt, Puerto, as the locals call it, is a great place to experience Canarian culture and cuisine. And, if the city gets too busy with tourists, which sometimes happens, you can always get away in the mountains, indulge in a meal at one of the local Guachinches, or wander around the tiny little mountain villages.


Whether a culture or history fan, when in this area, make sure you pay a visit to La Orotava, one of the oldest towns in the Canary Islands, founded in the early 16th Century and located right next to busy Puerto de la Cruz.



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Natural pools, Hiking trails, History




GarachicoFor a beautiful combination of nature, history, and natural pools, Garachico is a perfect choice. With a great, intriguing past that awaits exploration, beautiful pedestrian streets, mesmerizing architectural gems, and a tranquillity that attracts tourists from all over the world, Garachico is a great place to stay in Tenerife, especially if hiking is your cup of tea.


Garachico is small but tourist-friendly, offering hotel options to satisfy all. There are, however, gorgeous self-catering apartments and rural houses around the town, where visitors can completely relax and experience the countryside life of the island.


Enjoy the local restaurants, natural pools, and fantastic views of the ocean and mountains that set this tiny town apart from its neighbours. Make sure you pack your hiking shoes to explore the beautiful routes through natural landscapes such as the Caleta de Interián, the stunning Chinyero volcano or imposing La Culata cliff.



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