Where to stay in Champagne Region

Which is the best place to stay in the Champagne Region?

The Champagne region of France is less than 100 miles east of Paris. It is easily accessible by train from Paris in 1 hour 35 minutes or by car in around 1 hour 45 minutes. If you are flying Aeroport Paris Vatry (XCR) is 28km away. However, it would be easy to fly into Charles De Gaulle Airport in Paris and drive or get the train to your holiday accommodation.


The region is known worldwide as the producer of Champagne, and people flock to the region year after year to visit Vineyards and sample produce.


The Cities of Reims, Troyes and Epernay are the commercial centres of the region, ideal for those who want the very best selection of hotels and places to eat. A quarter of the size of Reims, Charlons-en-Champagne is a beautiful little City with stunning architecture scattered around its streets. Charlons-en-Champagne would be ideal for those not only interested in Champagne, but also the history of the towns and villages in the area.


For those who want a more peaceful experience, then Hautvillers or Verzeney are great choices. As they are both quite small, they have fewer options for accommodation but you will be emersed in the heart of the Champagne region for your stay.

Hotel   Avg price
Chateau de la Marjolaine
125€ - 128$
Hotel   Avg price
Armes de Champagne
119€ - 121$
Hotel Jean Moët
177€ - 181$
Hotel   Avg price
Hostellerie La Briqueterie
207€ - 211$
Royal Champagne Hotel & Spa
782€ - 798$
Domaine les Crayères
785€ - 801$



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Best places to stay in the Champagne Region




ReimsReims is the Capital City of the Champagne Region of France. It is home to some of the best hotels and Champagne tasting in the Region. It is easily accessible as it is only one hour from Paris on the high-speed train. Reims rich history and inspiring architecture have earned it a place on France's list of "Villes d'Art et d'Histoire" (Cities of Art and History).


Although Reims was badly damaged in World War I and II, the City has been rebuilt in a stunning Art Deco style and has retained its charm. One of the most famous sites in the City is the Unesco World Heritage Site, Gothic Reims Cathedral, where French Kings were crowned. Home to some incredible luxury hotels, such as the outstanding domaine les crayères the city of Reims is a perfect place to access the surrounding vineyards.



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Chalons-en-ChampagneChalons-en-Champagne is famous for its hillside vineyards, which produce some of the best Champagne in the region. Overlooking the Marne river and its tributaries, Chalons-en-Champagne is often referred to as little Venice. In fact, to discover Châlons-en-Champagne and its heritage from a different angle, there is nothing like a boat tour on the Nau and Mau rivers.


However, if you’d prefer to stay on solid ground then the 13th Century Saint-Etienne cathedral, which is in a Gothic style, is not to be missed. From the canal footbridge linking the Grand Jard and Jard Anglais walkways, the view of the cathedral is something to behold. The tourist office in the town is a great place to start your trip as it not only has lots of ideas for how to spend your time, but it is situated in a stunning medieval building.



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EperneyEpernay is the self-proclaimed "Capitale du Champagne" and home to many of the world’s most celebrated grand Champagne houses. It is the best place for touring cellars and sampling bubbly, so if this is your main priority situating yourself here would be perfect. The Avenue de Champagne (formerly the Avenue de Commerce) runs for nearly one kilometre, flanked on both sides by magnificent private dwellings lovingly constructed over many centuries by the Champagne Houses. It's a sight to behold and a must-do when visiting Epernay. The Avenue is now a Unesco World Heritage Site.


Epernay is where one of the most famous of the Champagnes, Moët & Chandon, began, when, in 1743 Claude Moët, a wine merchant, founded the Maison Moët. The Moet et Chandon house is located on the famed Avenue de Champagne. However, there are actually 35 Champagne houses in Epernay so plenty to choose from.



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TroyesTroyes is much smaller than Reims, in fact, it can be walked end to end in 25 minutes, but you’ll want to take far longer. It deserves a visit to see its gorgeous half-timbered medieval houses alone, these date back to the 16th Century. At only 1.5 hours from Paris, it is easily accessible and a great location for a weekend break.


You could spend your days just strolling this beautiful City, stopping for a bite to eat or something to drink at one of the many bars and restaurants lining the pretty streets. One of the most intriguing parts of the City is the little Ruelle des Chats (Cats Alley) where you’ll see it is so narrow that the houses lean in and touch via a central gutter at the top and cats could cross from houses on both sides of the roads.



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HautvillersHautvillers in the Marne department of the Champagne region in North Eastern France. Once home to the Benedictine monk, Dom Perignon, whose work in winemaking helped develop Champagne. Dom Perignon is also buried in the Town. Hautvillers is a Unesco world heritage site and home to some of the best cellars for storing Champagne. There are more than 20 cellars in the Town, and the owners are there to welcome you to sample their produce.


Due to its small size, Hautvillers doesn't have any hotels to stay in but does have Airbnb's and Guest Houses. A popular way to spend time in Hautvillers is on a bike ride, either organised by a tour guide or taken at your leisure from one of the bike rental places in the town. This is a fantastic way to see the surrounding vineyards and enjoy the scenery.



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VerzenayVerzenay village is located 17 km southeast of Reims. It is a small village of around 1100 residents and is most well known for its grand cru vineyard of pinot noir. One of the top things to do in Verzenay is climbing the Lighthouse for a stunning view of the surrounding Vineyards. This is truly one of the best ways to see the Champagne Country from above. It is also home to a wine museum, allowing you to explore the fascinating world of Champagne vineyards. At the end of your visit to the museum, you get the opportunity to sample a selection of champagnes from various winemakers.


Cycling tours are also popular in this area and a great place to cycle to is Le Moulin De Verzeney, where you can get lovely views over the surrounding vineyards. As with Hautvillers, due to its size, there aren't any hotels in the village, but there are guest houses and cottages.



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